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10 Things to do when your opponent is Roping

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In this article, you'll find 10 things to do when you're being held hostage by someone "Roping". You will learn how to never again be bored waiting for your opponent to play, and how to solve the Roping problem which is plaguing the ranked ladder recently.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Introduction - What does Roping mean?

The origin of the term "Roping" is quite self-explanatory. It is a term originally sprouted by the Hearthstone community, and it refers to the act of taking too long to play, on purpose or not. In Hearthstone, when a player is almost going over the limit of time available to make their play, a rope shows up outlining the board and starts to 'burn', to help players have a visual perception of how much time is left for them to end their turn.

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However, when that happens very frequently, the match ends up being very boring as it starts taking too long. Many times, as well, your opponent might just be taking longer to play as a way to hold you hostage, and therefore they "rope" intentionally every tun, just to mess with you. As many Hearthstone players migrated to Legends of Runeterra, the term came along with them, even though there aren't any ropes in LoR.

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Roping has become a very frequent problem in ranked matches, and as you can't do anything about it to prevent your opponent from "roping", I decided to write a list of 10 things to do while your opponent holds you hostage. Let's go!

10 Things to do while your opponent is Roping

Number 1 - Kill Chip

Nothing in this world brings more peace to your heart than knowing you control the life of a defenseless digital creature in your hands. And with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can end Chip's life, any time you want. I don't know why the game's devs add, in every set of Chip animations, in all of his skins, a death animation. But hold on, he quickly comes back to life... Only for you to do it again... and again... and again...

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Number 2 - Muting and Unmuting your opponent repeatedly in Morse code, in the hopes they somehow get your message: "Please, buddy, just play your cards, I have anxiety." Because, as we know there isn't any way of actively interacting with our opponent, that is our last alternative and desperate attempt we have for them to somehow get this message from beyond.

Well, I think this one is quite self-explanatory. You only need to learn Morse code. There is no confirmation that this works. But it's always worth it to try.

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Number 3 - Rethink a bit all of your life decisions that have led you this far, and wonder why is your opponent playing Ryze.

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Don't play Ryze... Please...

Number 4 - Look up your opponent's name on social media, and ask them GENTLY why they're taking so long.

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Here are some ways of starting that conversation.

"Good afternoon, are you okay, buddy?" Do you want me to play for you?

"Did your wireless mouse run out of battery, my fellow player?" "

"Sorry to bother, I was wondering if your "pass button" is broken?"

"Are you playing solitary? "

"Are you reading the cards, love? "

Remember to be extremely KIND to your opponent. Even though they are holding you hostage.

Number 5 - Scream in despair to release some built up anxiety.

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Let's practice together. 1, 2 and 3.



There, now you're all better. In case the anxiety doesn't get better, scream again, and harder. This will help your mind to prepare for the next 3 minutes, in which your opponent is going to do absolutely nothing.

Number 6 - Walk around the World

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Attention: This tip only works for those who play on mobile, and can run pretty fast.

If that is your case, congratulations, you can now use your time to meet some new places, have amazing experiences, all around the world. While your opponent is roping, you can:

— Have a beautiful breakfast in France.

— Take a selfie at the Great Pyramid of Giza.

— Swim across the 7 seas.

— Find Nemo.

— Jump with kangaroos in Australia.

— Go to a Maid Café.

— Find One Piece.

— Lose Nemo.

— Find him again.

— Eat sushi in a restaurant in Japan. (don't eat Nemo).

— Get sick because you ate sushi and went swimming in the ocean with a full belly.

— Be sorry for the little fishies and never eat sushi in your life again.

— Fund a non-profit organization to help the sea life.

— Sell paper straws to save the turtles.

— Find out turtles aren't fish.

— Sell regular straws. (you only care about fish).

— Go broke, miserably.

— Owe a lot of money to the bank.

— Get depressed.

— Blame it all on Nemo.

— Go to therapy.

— Heal your depression.

— Restart from scratch.

— I know you can do it, champ, nothing in life is impossible!!

And much more!

You can choose!! In case you do all of this and your opponent still hasn't played, it's best you just give up and go to the next match.

Number 7 - Write an article about 10 things to do while your opponent takes too long to play.

Help... They still haven't played.

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Number 8 - Kill Powder Monkey.

I keep wondering why so many guardians have animations in which they are cruelly assassinated. What goes on in the heads of those responsible for animation in Legends of Runeterra? Who approved this? Do you know how many guardians die daily? How does anyone think this decision is ok?

If you kill a digital creature, do you have blood or pixels in your hands? What goes on in the minds of those who innocently have hovered the mouse over their guardians to pet them, and ended up killing them? BY ACCIDENT? There are so many questions...

That being said, nothing in this world brings more peace to your heart than knowing you control the life of a defenseless digital creature in your hands. And with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can end Powder Monkey's life.

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All of these:

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— Take a shower.

— Read a book.

— Read two books.

— Go to sleep.

— Have dinner.

— Work out.

— Write a poem.

— Clean your house.

— Get sick because you worked out right after eating.

— Feed your dog.

— Feed your cat.

— Feed your other cat. (I know you have two).


— Feed your favorite pet. (everyone has a favorite, don't lie to yourself, you know you do.)

— Ask yourself why your pets are fat.

— Do the dishes.

— Do the laundry.

— Clean your yard.

— Clean absolutely EVERYTHING, my opponent will never play, for the love of God, someone needs to tell them it is their turn I CAN'T AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Number 10 - Read my articles here at Cards Realm.

Read my articles. That's it.

If you liked these tips and enjoyed this humorist article, share it on social media and please comment. I write about serious stuff too, I have articles on many card games, in fact. But I mostly write about LoR meta, deck guides, and others.

This article is a joke and shouldn't be taken seriously. See you!