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Fate's Voyage: Beyond - Top 10 New Decks for the New Expansion

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In this article, we'll discuss the 10 lists I most recommend to all players to test on the first few days of the new expansion, Fate's Voyage: Beyond. We have a few decks that are very competitive, and others that are more experimental - but all are extremely fun.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The new cards are here! As usual, I built some lists with the new cards from the new set for you to test and not get behind on the new trends.

Keep in mind that these decks aren't necessarily going to be meta, but they are cool lists and are considerably strong. You can surely bring them to the ranked queue, and also try to use them in tournaments. You are also welcome to change each one of them in any way you want to.


Heisho, Volibear and Elder Dragon

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Heisho Volibear Elder Dragon - The Elder Dragon is by far the Runeterran champion that enables the widest variety of different decks. These decks can now be built because of this champion's origin, which introduced a new deckbuilding concept for the game.

Heisho, Shell of the World is being considered one of the best cards from this set right now, and is a unit that is part of the Elder Dragon's pool of cards.

By far, this was the deck I played the most in early access, and I can say with certainty it is a list that can be extremely competitive next season. The Elder Dragon is the strongest champion out of the 3 new champions, and this deck is the most optimized version I have for this archetype at the moment.

Ice Karma

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Karma Sett Freljord - Karma Sett's archetype is one of the most classic archetypes in the entire game by now, and, because of how strong Freljord is, and how weak Piltover & Zaun will be next season (possibly), this deck now plays with Frostbites. As most decks nowadays are resistant to direct removal, it doesn't make a lot of sense to pair Ionia with Piltover & Zaun for this archetype, so the Freljord version might be a better choice.

Not to mention this region combination was already being played in the last Runeterra Open, in the Eternal format, and really matches Sett. This version is the one that is best adapted to Standard, and can be a good counter against Elder Dragon lists.

LB Kaiser

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LeBlanc Mordekaiser - Mordekaiser has been better in more aggressive lists (instead of Midrange or Control decks) in Shadow Isles. So, we build a faster Reputation archetype with his followers, and Mordekaiser himself as the finisher for this list.

You can Rally, and also close out games with The Harrowing if everything goes wrong.

Shyvana Dragons

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Shyvana Elder Dragon - The Dragon archetype has been getting buffs for a long time now, and has probably never been stronger with the arrival of the Elder Dragon.

This list is focused on taking advantage of Dragon Boons as much as you can while you prepare a big turn Rallying with Dragonguard Lookout. This deck is a more Midrange version of Elder Dragon decks, because you bring some Demacian removals.

Morgana Akshan

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Morgana Akshan - Morgana really looked like a Control champion, but she has been popular as an enabler for combo lists, and goes really well with Akshan.

This deck is really similar to the old Akshan Samira list, but it is much more responsive and focused on controlling your opponent until you can level up your champions, and, like so, win the match with them.

Morgana Varus

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Morgana Varus - Varus really matches Morgana's game style, and, as he is an extremely consistent champion, he makes this deck quite competitive. It is an incredible option for those who want to control their opponent while playing an archetype that has a very clear win condition: Varus.


Morgana allows the combo player to get more time to make their combo happen because of the Curses, not to mention it can save the game with her Lifesteal and gain even more time.


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Kai’Sa Evelynn and Barbara - Tomb-Raider Barbara is the card that was supposed to revive Kai'Sa Evelynn archetypes.

I tried, as much as I could, to bring the best cards possible to make this deck viable. I can already tell it won't be very strong, because these champions were nerfed very heavily, but it's worth a try, considering they are quite fun.

Gnar Darius Ichor

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Gnar Darius Red-Barbed Razormace - Red-Barbed Razormace is the only card we have so far that brings Ichor, the Curse, and, as it is an Overwhelm unit, I've obviously added it to a Darius deck.

This deck might be ideal for you if you want to get to Masters fast, because we already know this type of archetype really punishes newly built, unrefined, lists, which aren't prepared to deal with this game style.

Warden of the Tribes

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Warden of the Tribes Gnar Jarvan IV - The Warden of the Tribes archetype got the best card of all time for this archetype with the release of this expansion: Yadulski Snowdog. This card is perhaps the strongest card in the entire game, and it buffs this archetype directly. This archetype was already quite strong even after the nerfs, so this card might just become the greatest reason why this list is once again popular in tournaments and even on the ranked queue.

Jax Ornn 3.0

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Jax Ornn - We all know Jax Ornn is the best archetype in the entire game, but, what if I tell you it is even better after the release of the new cards, and we've had no nerfs to this list?

This version is the most optimized of all time for this list, so enjoy and use it with moderation, because you'll get used to winning and forget how to lose.

Final Words

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If you read this far, now you are no longer lost with all the new cards introduced to Runeterra.

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