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LoR: Secret mechanic was sneaked in!

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A Reddit user noticed a secret mechanic that was sneaked in a recent Patch. Take advantage of this new information to win more games!

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Legends of Runeterra is known to reward eagle-eyed players who can spot different interactions, mechanics and "bug fixes" which end up majorly affecting entire cards, game mechanics and archetypes.

In the past, users were able to identify that there was a way to tell which card the enemy player picked from Predictions, Manifests and even Aphelios' Moon Weapons, by looking attentively at the animation when the effect occurred. The Reddit user and community member "PinkGhost" was the one to spot the effect:


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The highlighted card is the one your opponent picked.

Now, an eagle-eyed user going by the name of "Eravar1" noticed that, in Predictions, if you hover the mouse on the card, the game tells you if there are any shrooms in it:

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They also noticed that, a more known fact, it shows if the card was created as well:

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Users in the comments of the post reported that the tooltip shows not only Shrooms, but also Boons, Created Cards and even random effects, such as the addition of a keyword or similar.

The mechanic, which must have been implemented secretly in any recent patch, can be the key to not drawing fatal Shrooms when playing against the Teemo archetype.