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MillionPugs startup is going to change the gaming industry

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MillionPugs has recently been launched, but it has already started to revolutionize the gaming industry and it is growing fast.

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If you have not yet heard about MillionPugs and their browser extension, it's high time you got to know it as it can equip you with the most valuable game rewards. Those that usually cannot be earned in the standard game modes and, in most cases, are purchased with real money.

In this article, you will find out:

1. What is MillionPugs?

2. How to use the MillionPugs plugin?

3. What game rewards can you get using MillionPugs?

4. How to maximize the MillionPugs plugin’s benefits?

What is MillionPugs?


MillionPugslink outside website is a cashback platform that enables players to get game rewards in exchange for pugs™ and credits.

Pugs™ and credits are virtual currencies that you can get for shopping online at partnered brands.

The cashback for gamers already works with almost 2000 brands from all types of industries, from Beauty, through Finance and Electronics, to Food and Beverages.

MillionPugs users collect reward points and credits simply for ordering food online, or doing shopping. Afterwards, they can effortlessly get hold of the game content of their choice.

The best way to use the service is to download and install the MillionPugs browser extension that will display a notification when you land on any of the affiliated stores.

How to use the MillionPugs plugin?

To start, you should download the MillionPugs extension on MillionPugs.comlink outside website or directly from the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser extension stores.

The installation requires only a few clicks and, once done, you are right away all set to start collecting pugs™ and credits that can be later exchanged for game rewards.

Taking advantage of the cashback for gamers is as simple as the installation. Let's go through the most important steps.

1. Start by checking out the MillionPugs platform. You can find all the stores partnered there, deals they have prepared, a list of games, or game rewards you can get.

2. Shop online as you normally do. The browser extension will automatically notify you that there is a deal prepared for MillionPugs users with an activation option. With almost 2000 different brands affiliated, you must frequent at least a few of them.

3. Collect pugs™ and credits after activating deals while shopping online.

4. Exchange pugs™ and credits for in-game items. Once you collect a sufficient number of points, you can use the MillionPugs games sitelink outside website to get the desired content and activate it in the game.

Pugs™ and credit you will earn can be exchanged for, for example:

  • currencies for the games, for example gold,

  • skins packs,

  • Premium items,

  • subscriptions,

  • packs with multiple game items,

and other valuable game content.

The selection of content is wide and is evolving regularly, so you can see new fancy items added to the list soon.

Is the MillionPugs plugin safe to use?

The MillionPugs plugin is free-of-charge and fully secure.

It highly respects the privacy of users by collecting the minimum amount of data and restricting the sale of any data to third parties. Consequently, it collects only the following information to provide a seamless service:

  • your name, email address, and location to create an account,

  • transactions made and deals activated to equip your account with pugs™ and credits, or send you information about special deals,

  • your preferences to improve the services provided.

If you need, you can read the whole MillionPugs Privacy Policy at MillionPugs.com/Privacy-policylink outside website.


What game rewards can you get using MillionPugs?

MillionPugs startup is going to change the gaming industry, but it is still in the expansion phase. They already offer a diverse selection of game content and games, but both these lists will be prolonged in the upcoming weeks and months.

What games are included in MillionPugs?

Currently, MillionPugs offers fancy game content for titles, such as:

1. World of Warships,


3. World of Tanks,

4. Heroes & Generals,

5. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

In the near future, you can expect to see this list prolonged with games like EVE Online, Valorant, League of Legends, or Legends of Runeterra as well.

Nevertheless, you can make your contribution and suggest to MillionPugs what games and game rewards you need. The startup strongly appreciates users’ feedback, enabling them to improve their services to match expectations. You can reach them out via Discord or Twitterlink outside website.

What game rewards can you get?

MillionPugs has crafted tailored offers for every game listed on their site. They have prepared only fancy game rewards that are usually hard to get in the game.

Some examples of the game rewards you can get include:

  • Doubloons or Premium ships for World of Warships,

  • gold and Premium tanks for World of Tanks,

  • Officer’s Pack or Light and Base Pack for KARDS,

  • Premium Kegs and Meteorite powder for Gwent,

  • Skin packs and powerful weapons for Heroes and Generals.

The above list is just a small part of the cashback platform’s capabilities. What is more, new content is added on a regular basis, so you should see even more top-notch things in the future.

How to maximize the MillionPugs benefits?

Although the same usage of the MillionPugs cashback platform is beneficial, there are also a few tricks that can be done to even maximize these advantages.

Downloading and installing the plugin

Downloading and installing the MillionPugs plugin is not required to exploit the service as you can fully rely on the platform. Nevertheless, installing the browser extension comes with a few benefits, such as:

  • an additional welcome bonus, which is a boost of pugs™,

  • no risk of missing deals,

  • automatic notification with the possibility to activate deals every time you shop at partnered brands.

Using special deals

It is also worth mentioning that MillionPugs prepares special deals for their customers regularly. You can easily check them out at MillionPugs/gameslink outside website under the “special offers” tag. In most cases, they are time-constrained, so you should keep up with the latest ones in order not to miss out on any.

Follow 5 quick steps to earn free pugs™

Moreover, MillionPugs has prepared 5 quick steps to earn free pugs™ for the newcomers:

1. Creating an account (known as a welcome bonus).

2. Visiting a partnered store for the first time.


3. Shopping for the first time at a partnered store.

4. Adding the MillionPugs browser extension (additional welcome bonus).

5. Streak reward after making 5 purchases.

Each step equips you with a different number of pugs™ and they can all significantly speed up the process of collecting reward points and getting hold of the desired items.

Use the MillionPugs browser extension regularly.

MillionPugs cooperates with almost 2000 different brands from all industries. Consequently, you can take advantage of it whether you buy food for your dog, decorate your new house and purchase trinkets, order takeaway for the night, or buy clothes.

Moreover, if you use the MillionPugs browser extension, shop, and activate deals on a regular basis, you can get special rewards which will be assigned to your account.

Summing up, the MillionPugs startup is going to change the gaming industry by facilitating getting the top-notch content for gamers and, as a result, enhancing their gaming experience.

All you need to do to check out the cashback platform is to create a free account, install the browser extension and shop as you normally do. You will find opportunities to get reward points in numerous places and you will see for yourself how quick it is to get a large number of them and effortlessly get the fancy game rewards you need.