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Predictions about champions who will get Pulsefire skins in LoR

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In this article, we'll look at whether your favorite champion has a chance of getting a skin in the May patch.

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Riot Games announced in the Legends of Runeterra Roadmap that in May there will be a Pulsefire event. With this, we will have an event pass and new cosmetic items for this theme.

So I was excited to bring my predictions for this Pulsefire event, which will arrive next month.

About Pulsefire and the Timeline

Pulsefire is a very complex line that deals with time travel, parallel timelines and has as its protagonists the time fugitives, who walk between one timeline and another, each with their own goal, but they all end up messing the natural order of things.


These time fugitives are hunted by the chronoenforcers, who want to restore the timeline, and finally there are the rememberances, a group that also wants to stop the time fugitives on their own, but has unclear goals, which makes the group suspicious.

Another line of skins that is part of Pulsefire is that of the Praetorians, who are a great threat, focused on destroying everything and everyone. They are responsible for killing Senna and decimating the entire population of the Pantheon timeline.

Now, after knowing the line, let's go to the predictions:

Confirmed champion


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On the LoR roadmap they released this little teaser (pictured above), which is no less than Akshan.

This is the champion's first skin and it's an exclusive skin for LoR. Originally, Akshan is not part of the Pulsefire line, but starting in May, it will.

Predicted Champions


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Ezreal was the first champion in LoL to receive a skin from the Pulsefire universe and almost always when there is a story from this universe, he appears and has a lot of prominence, acting as the protagonist.

Therefore, it is almost certain that he will come to LoR. We know that Ezreal already has a skin in the game, but we have some champions that have two, so there's nothing stopping him from getting his second skin — not to mention the champion is very popular.

Twisted Fate

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Twisted Fate still doesn't have any skins in the game, and although it hasn't appeared that much in the meta lately, it was already quite popular, and occasionally it ends up coming back.

The champion has a legion of fans who will love to acquire this skin. Skin, which in LoL, by the way, is one of the best of the character.


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They always bring skins for more forgotten champions. On the last line was Shen, and I believe that at Pulsefire it will be Lucian.

He also doesn't have any skin in LoR ​​and is quite important in the history of the Pulsefire universe, mainly because of Thresh, who just like in the original LoL universe, in Pulsefire is also the suspect to have taken Senna from Lucian.


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Speaking of which, I also strongly believe that the Thresh Pulsefire skin will also be coming to LoR.

In LoL, she has a lot of prominence and won two versions of Prestige, and when the champion went to Wild Rift, this was the skin that Riot chose for him. While it's not a very popular skin, Riot seems to like it and will possibly bring it to LoR as well.


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Akshan works very well with Sivir, the two are always in the meta and knowing that Akshan will get Pulsefire skin, I dare say that Sivir, who still doesn't have any skin in LoR, will also receive his first skin in the next patch.


We already know that Riot likes to put skins for champions that work together and because I think Caitlyn won't get a skin (more on that later), I bet on Sivir.


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Caitlyn and Ekko are quite important in the Pulsefire line. Caitlyn is one of the top and best chrono-law and Ekko is a friend (and possibly love interest) of Ezreal.

Judging by Lore, they would definitely go to LoR, but the two already have 2 skins and so far there is no champion with 3 skins in the game, which suggests that Riot wants to prioritize those who don't have any skins, to meet all audiences. Could I be wrong and can they show up? Yes, I don't rule out anything. But that was my line of reasoning for not mentioning them. The same applies to Riven.

Pantheon and Shen weren't named because they just received a skin and I don't think Riot wants to give them any other skins anytime soon.

Fiora may come as a surprise and appear in the place of one of the others I mentioned.


So, do you agree with my bets? Who do you most want to get skin from the Pulsefire line in the next May patch? Tell me in the comments! ;)