The Chronicler of Ruin: card review!

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The Chronicler of Ruin: card review!

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Chronicler of Ruin is a very versatile unit, being able to perform various functions within the same deck: drawing, copying, summoning units and some other surprises!

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Hello summoners!

The purpose of today's article is to analyze the Chronicler of Ruin, a unit of the Shadow Isles that, because it is versatile, can perform several functions within the same deck: drawing, copying, summoning units and some other surprises!

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This article is organized as follows:

- Individual analysis of the unit and some parameters (stats analysis, competitors, synergies).

- Combos with the card.

- Common decks it fits into.

I brought here information and some synergies that I think are most important and interesting, limited to current expansion of the game: Rising Tides.


Chronicler of Ruin is a common rarity card, costing 4 mana, with 3 attack points, 3 resistance points and a skill that makes it unique "Play: Kill an ally, then revive it".

Because it costs 4 mana, its 3/3 stats are slightly below average, but are compensated for its ability.

With a cost of 4 manas, we have as main cost competitors:

Champions: Maokai and Twisted Fate.

Units: Wraithcaller, Grizzled Ranger, Vanguard Bannerman and Chump Whump.

Spells: Will of Ionia, Avalanche and Concussive Palm.

Currently in Legends of Runeterra, it is the only unit that makes the effect of "Blink" (remove a unit from the field and then return it), normally beginners do not see potential in this skill, so let's describe its effects! By killing a unit and summoning it again:

- Abilities triggered by summoning and Last Breath will be reactivated.

- Activates 1 die in death counting abilities.

- The unit targeted by Chronicler of Ruin is reset (damage, buffs and debuffs will be removed (silence, vulnerable also).

- Because it has a unique skill in the game (for now), it does not have role competitors. The closest effects are the Retreat /Return spells, which have their limitations, but are able to reactivate summoning effects on cards with a cost of up to 3 mana. Its defect is being dependent on other cards to perform your function, while even without them the Chronicler of Ruin has the value of a 3/3 unit on the battlefield.


Because it is versatile and reactivates the effect of other cards, the Chronicler can make several interesting synergies during the game. Here the cards will be grouped by their synergy functions:

Card advantage (Will create a card in your hand)

- Scribe of Sorrows: Creates an ally who died in the match.

- Commander Ledros: Creates a Commander Ledros in your hand and resets the one that is on the battlefield.

- Vanguard Sergeant: Creates a For Demacia! in your hand.

- Jaull Hunters: Creates a random sea monster.

- Back Alley Barkeep: Creates a random card for each other Back Alley Barkeep summoned.

Summoning units

When using Chronicler of Ruin to summon units, be careful with the limit of 6 units on the battlefield, only use if you have up to 4 units.

Remember that the unit targeted by Chronicler of Ruin will be reset.

Units that summon with the Last Breath effect will still perform another summon upon dying again!

- Wraithcaller: Summons a Mistwraith and gives +1/+0 to the Mistwraiths.

- The Rekindler: Summons the strongest champion who died.

- Cursed Keeper: Summons Escaped Abomination.

- Anivia: Summons a Eggnivia, which will give life to your second Anivia on the battlefield.

- Grizzled Ranger: Summons a Loyal Badgerbear.

- Island Navigator: Summons a random unit costing 1 mana, and grants scout to the unit.


Copying Units

When using Chronicler of Ruin to copy units, be careful with the limit of 6 units in the field, only use if you have up to 4 units in the field.

Remember that the unit targeted by the Ruin Chronicler will be reset.

- The Undying: We will have an undying 2/2 in the current round, and at the beginning of the next round an undying X+1/X+1 will be summoned (depends on the current power of the target undying).

- Shark Chariot: In the next ephemeral attack, you will summon two Shark Chariot.

- Mist's Call (If the only unit that died in the round was the victim of the Chronicler, Mist's Call will revive that unit for sure!).

- Fading Memories and Splinter Soul: When the Chronicler of Ruin targets the ephemeral copy, the "Blink" effect will remove the ephemeral from a unit that does not normally have it, resulting in a copy on the battlefield.

Drawing cards

In the card advantage category, cards are created in your hand. The cards below draw cards from your deck (similar, but different), here the draws are limited to your deck list and are considered for draw counts and the card count in your deck.

- Shadow Assassin: Draw a card.

- Zaunite Urchin: Draw a card.

- Avarosan Sentry: Draw a card.

- Vanguard Redeemer: Draw a unit.

- Babbling Bjerg: Draw a unit with 5 power.

Other synergies

Here I bring some honorable mentions, synergies that are not always focused, but may unusually bring an advantage to the match.

- Mistwraith: Grants + 1 / + 0 to the Mistwraiths globally.

- Legion Grenadier: Deals 2 damage to the enemy nexus.

- Radiant Guardian: In addition to resetting the damage received, she will return with tough and lifesteal.

- Tianna Crownguard: You rally.

PS.: Tianna is a win condition for a deck, if the game does not end in the round it enters, it is possible to execute up to 3 consecutive attacks with this combo. Ex.: Summon Tianna on the opponent's turn and attack, when passing the turn perform your normal attack, summon Chronicler of the Ruin and rally again.

- Lucian, Kalista, Thresh, Maokai: Count 1 die for them to level-up.

- Spiders: reactivates the effects of House Spider, Frenzied Skitterer and Arachnoid Host.

- Shipwreck Hoarder: Toss 2 and add 2 additional treasures to your deck.

We usually see Chronicler of Ruin on decks with the following combinations:

Shadow Islands + Freljord; Shadow Islands + Demacia; or Shadow Islands + Noxus.

- Copy-making decks, focused on: Anivia, Teemo, Karma (not always), Mistwraith, Legion Marauder.

- Ephemeral decks: Hacarim, Kalista, Thresh and Maokai.

- Decks of undying units without champions.

Here are some deck suggestions with the Chronicler of Ruin:

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This article will be updated as the game expands, feel free to add other information and tips in the comments, as well as ask for other deck suggestions!


United community is community that collaborates with the articles! <3

See you!

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