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2023-02-07 03:22 UTC

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Annie // Kennen // Teemo // Zoe // Fizz // Seraphine // Norra // Ahri // Lucian // Diana // Akshan // Zilean // Elise // Vayne // Master Yi // Yuumi // Ziggs // Nami // Tristana // Caitlyn // Kalista // Ezreal // Lulu // Soraka // Aphelios // Riven // Rek'Sai // Irelia // Azir // LeBlanc // Lissandra // Miss Fortune // Katarina // Zed // Draven // Gwen // Illaoi // Gnar // Rumble // Pantheon // Jayce // Xerath // Veigar // Poppy // Tahm Kench // Ashe // Braum // Jinx // Fiora // Shyvana // Nocturne // Viktor // Taric // Ekko // Pyke // Kindred // Renekton // Maokai // Twisted Fate // Shen // Yasuo // Kai'Sa // Udyr // Senna // Thresh // Garen // Lux // Trundle // Leona // Taliyah // Lee Sin // Quinn // Swain // Gangplank // Heimerdinger meta

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Related cards

Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Zoe final level

Zilean's Chronoshift

Zilean's Careful Preparation

Zilean final level

Ziggs' Bouncing Bomb

Ziggs final level

Zed's Shadowshift

Zed final level

Yuumi's Prowling Projectile

Yuumi final level

Yasuo's Steel Tempest

Yasuo final level

Xerath's Rite of the Arcane

Xerath middle level

Xerath final level

Wildclaw Stance


Warlord's Palace

Warlord's Hoard

Viktor's Death Ray - Mk 1

Viktor final level

Veigar's Event Horizon

Vayne's Condemn

Vayne final level


Udyr's Spirits Unleashed

Udyr final level

Twisted Fate's Pick a Card

Twisted Fate final level


Trundle's Icequake

Trundle final level

Tristana's Buster Shot

Tristana final level

trap Poison Puffcap

trap Mysterious Portal

trap Flashbomb Trap

Time Trick

Time Bomb


Thresh's The Box

Thresh final level

The Absolver's Resurrection


Teemo's Mushroom Cloud

Teemo final level

Taric's Blessing of Targon

Taric final level

Taliyah's Stoneweaving

Taliyah final level

Tahm Kench's Bayou Brunch

Tahm Kench final level

Tahm Kench final level


Swain's Ravenous Flock

Swain final level

Supercool Starchart

Super Mega Death Rocket!

Strafing Strike

Stance Swap


Spinning Axe


Spider Queen Elise final level

Soraka's Wish

Soraka final level

Shyvana's Confront

Shield of the Sentinels

Shen's Stand United

Shen final level


Seraphine's High Note

Seraphine final level

Sentinel's Hoard

Senna's Dawning Shadow

Senna, Sentinel of Light

Senna final level

Second Skin


Sandstone Charger

Sand Soldier

Rumble's Flamespitter

Rumble final level

Riven's Weapon Hilt

Riven final level

Resonating Strike

Renekton's Ruthless Predator

Renekton middle level

Renekton final level

Relic of Power

Rek'Sai's Call the Pack

Rek'Sai final level

Ram Stance

Quinn's Blinding Assault

Quinn final level

Pyke's Bone Skewer

Pyke final level

Powder Keg

Poppy's Keeper's Verdict

Poppy final level

Pokey Stick

Parallel Convergence

Pantheon's Shield Vault

Pantheon final level

Paddle Star

Norra's Portalpalooza

Norra final level

Nocturne's Unspeakable Horror

Nocturne final level

Nami's Ebb

Nami final level

Mystic Shot

Mk7: Armored Stomper

Mk6: Floor-B-Gone

Mk5: Rocket Blaster

Mk4: Stormlobber

Mk3: Apex Turret

Mk2: Evolution Turret

Mk1: Wrenchbot

Mk0: Windup Shredder

Miss Fortune's Make it Rain

Miss Fortune final level

Mirror Image

Mighty Poro

Mega Gnar final level


Master Yi's Wuju Style

Master Yi final level

Mark of the Storm

Maokai's Sap Magic

Maokai final level

Lux's Prismatic Barrier

Lux final level

Lulu's Whimsy!

Lulu final level

Lucian's Relentless Pursuit

Lucian final level


Living Shadow

Lissandra's Entomb

Lissandra final level

Leona's Morning Light

Leona final level

Lee Sin's Sonic Wave

Lee Sin final level

LeBlanc's Sigil of Malice

LeBlanc final level

Kindred's Spirit Journey

Kindred final level

Kennen's Lightning Rush

Kennen final level

Keen Blade Fragment

Katarina's Death Lotus

Katarina final level

Kalista's Black Spear

Kalista final level

Kai'Sa's Supercharge

Kai'Sa final level

Jinx's Get Excited!

Jinx final level

Jayce's Shock Blast

Jayce final level

Irelia's Vanguard's Edge

Irelia final level


Illaoi's Tentacle Smash

Illaoi final level

Ice Shard

Ice Pillar

Hex Core Upgrade

Help, Pix!

Heimerdinger's Progress Day!


Heavy Blade Fragment

Gwen's Thread the Needle

Gwen final level


Grand Overseer Veigar final level

Gnar's Wallop

Glinting Blade Fragment

Garen's Judgment

Garen final level

Gangplank's Parrrley

Gangplank final level

Frozen Tomb

Frozen Thrall

Frostguard Thrall

Fount of Power


Flawless Duet

Fizz's Playful Trickster

Fizz final level

Fiora's Riposte

Fiora final level

Final Spark

Ezreal's Mystic Shot

Ezreal final level

Elise's Crawling Sensation

Ekko's Called Shot

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