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About Standard Annie // Jhin

Belonging to the metagame from Standard, Annie // Jhin is a deck with the following key cards: Legion Saboteur, Crackshot Corsair, Noxian Fervor, Solari Sunhawk, The Stagehand, Jhin, Manasoul Student, Spell Slinger, Annie, with an overall win percentage of 44.4% in 27 games in the last 6 months. . In recent appearances AT megapuross7#ATJ made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 354 - 6.600 Moedas and AT megapuross7#ATJ made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 353 - 6.600 Moedas.

Main Deck cards Annie // Jhin


The "Annie // Jhin" deck in Standard format in Legends of Runeterra combines the power of both Annie and Jhin to create a strong aggro/control hybrid deck. The strategy of this deck revolves around applying early pressure with cheap units like Legion Saboteur and Tusk Speaker, while also having the ability to control the board with removal spells like Noxian Fervor and Imperial Demolitionist. Annie and Jhin serve as your win conditions, with Annie generating extra value through her ability to summon Tibbers and Jhin dealing massive damage with his leveled-up form. Cards like The Stagehand and Augmented Experimenter help you draw into your key cards faster, while Crackshot Corsair and Crimson Pigeon provide additional damage and board presence. One of the good points of this deck is its versatility, allowing you to switch between an aggressive playstyle and a more controlling approach depending on the matchup. The deck has a good mix of units, spells, and champions that can adapt to various situations. Additionally, the burst potential from Jhin's ultimate ability can catch opponents off guard and quickly close out games. However, one potential weakness of this deck is its reliance on drawing key cards like Jhin and Annie to secure victories. If you don't draw into your win conditions early enough, you may struggle to close out games against more aggressive or combo-oriented decks. Additionally, the deck can be vulnerable to heavy removal or board clears that can disrupt your game plan. Overall, the "Annie // Jhin" deck offers a unique blend of aggro and control elements, making it a fun and engaging deck to play in Standard format. With proper piloting and a bit of luck with your draws, you can take down your opponents in style with this deck.

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