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About Standard Jinx // Ekko

Belonging to the metagame from Standard, Jinx // Ekko is a deck with the following key cards: Mystic Shot, Voice of the Risen, Ancient Preparations, Aspiring Chronomancer, Scrying Sands, Feral Prescience, Dropboarder, Time Trick, Ekko, with an overall win percentage of 64.2% in 14 games in the last 6 months. . In recent appearances KeepItUpDrake#GX0 made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 326 - 4.600 Moedas and ABG Drezbo #GAMER made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 306 - 4.600 Moedas.

Main Deck cards Jinx // Ekko


The "Jinx // Ekko" deck in Legends of Runeterra Standard format is an interesting and versatile deck that focuses on combining the quick and aggressive playstyle of Jinx with the disruptive time-manipulating abilities of Ekko. The deck revolves around applying pressure early with cards like Dropboarder, Forsaken Baccai, and Ruthless Predator while controlling the board with cards like Mystic Shot and Rite of Negation. One of the main strategies of this deck is to level up Jinx as quickly as possible to take advantage of her Super Mega Death Rocket! ability, which can deal massive damage to the opponent's Nexus. The inclusion of cards like Scrying Sands and Feral Prescience help protect Jinx and ensure she can level up successfully. Ekko, on the other hand, provides additional control and disruption with cards like Time Trick and Augmented Clockling, allowing you to manipulate the game's timeline to your advantage. Voice of the Risen and Ancient Preparations also help support Ekko and provide additional value to your plays. Some of the strengths of this deck include its ability to apply early pressure, its versatile playstyle that can adapt to different matchups, and its powerful win condition with Jinx's Super Mega Death Rocket!. However, one of the drawbacks of this deck is its reliance on drawing key cards like Jinx and Ekko early on, which can sometimes lead to inconsistent results. Overall, the "Jinx // Ekko" deck offers a blend of aggressive gameplay and disruptive control elements, making it a fun and challenging deck to pilot in the Standard format of Legends of Runeterra.

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