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About Standard Norra // Heimerdinger

Belonging to the metagame from Standard, Norra // Heimerdinger is a deck with the following key cards: with an overall win percentage of 100.0% in 2 games in the last 6 months. . In recent appearances Wonkru#BR1 made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 336 - 6.600 Moedas and Hokage Grael #jutsu made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 307 - 4.600 Moedas.


The "Norra // Heimerdinger" deck in Standard format in Legends of Runeterra is a versatile and strategic deck that combines the synergy of both Targon and Piltover & Zaun regions. The main strategy of this deck is to control the board, generate varied effects, and overwhelm the opponent with a mix of creature summons, spells, and skill cards. The good points of this deck include its flexibility to adapt to different situations, great synergy between Norra and Heimerdinger for generating value, and access to removal spells like Vengeance and Ceaseless Sentry. The deck also excels in creating a wide board presence with cards like Portalpalooza and Portal Pioneer, as well as providing card draw and value through cards like Glimpse Beyond and Eclectic Collection. However, the deck does have some weaknesses. It can be vulnerable to aggressive decks due to its slower pace and reliance on setting up combos. The high cost of some cards like The Ruination can also make it difficult to recover from a losing position if not managed properly. Additionally, the deck may struggle against heavy removal or disruption strategies that can disrupt its game plan. Overall, the "Norra // Heimerdinger" deck is a fun and engaging deck to play in Standard, offering a mix of control, board presence, and creativity that can lead to exciting and unpredictable matches.

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