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About Standard Yuumi // The Poro King

Belonging to the metagame from Standard, Yuumi // The Poro King is a deck with the following key cards: Daring Poro, Poro Herder, Poro Snax, Lonely Poro, Affectionate Poro, Patched Porobot, Targonian Tellstones, Pouty Poro, Poro Stories, with an overall win percentage of 42.8% in 14 games in the last 6 months. . In recent appearances senpai#6714 made 4V-0L at Runeterra Royale 351 - 6.600 Moedas and senpai#6714 made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 337 - 6.600 Moedas.

Main Deck cards Yuumi // The Poro King


The "Yuumi // The Poro King" deck in Legends of Runeterra mainly focuses on utilizing the Poro tribe synergies and support from Yuumi to overwhelm opponents with a swarm of cute but powerful creatures. **Strategy:** - **Poro Synergy:** Cards like Lonely Poro, Poro Herder, Daring Poro, and more help generate and buff Poros on the board. - **Yuumi Support:** Yuumi provides additional support by granting bonuses to Poros and helping them survive longer in combat. - **Card Draw:** Use cards like Poro Stories and Targonian Tellstones to draw more cards and fuel your hand with Poros and support spells. - **Removal and Control:** Spells like Hush, Culling Strike, and Dark Binding provide removal and control options to deal with threats from the opponent. **Good Points:** - **Fun Theme:** The Poro tribe is adorable and fun to play with, making the deck enjoyable to pilot. - **Synergistic Combos:** The deck has many synergies between Poro cards and support spells, allowing for creative and powerful plays. - **Surprise Factor:** Opponents may underestimate the deck due to its theme, giving you an advantage when they least expect it. **Bad Points:** - **Lack of High-End Finishers:** The deck may struggle in the late game against control decks with bigger threats if it doesn't establish a strong board presence early on. - **Vulnerability to Board Clears:** AOE spells can decimate a board filled with small Poros, leading to setbacks in your game plan. - **Limited Removal Options:** While the deck has some removal options, it may struggle against decks with high-value units that are difficult to deal with efficiently. Overall, the "Yuumi // The Poro King" deck offers a unique and fun playstyle centered around the Poro tribe. It can catch opponents off guard with its quirky theme and synergistic combos, but players should be mindful of its weaknesses against certain strategies.

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