05/25/22 • Worldwalker

Kinkou's Call image
Kinkou's Call image
Nagakabouros' Tentacle image
Nagakabouros' Tentacle image
Nagakabouros' Tentacle image
Answered Prayer image
Strategic Execution image
Strategic Execution image
Harbinger of Thralls image
Harbinger of Thralls image

05/24/22 • Worldwalker

The Gray Apothecary image
Paparo the Great image
Obedient Drakehound image
Petricite Pillar image

05/23/22 • Worldwalker

Tybaulk image
Ravenbloom Conservatory image
Disintegrate image
Annie's Disintegrate image
ability Pyroclastic Arrival image
Tibbers image
ability Molten Shield image
ability Molten Shield image
Annie final level image
Annie image

05/22/22 • Worldwalker

Celestial Trifecta image
Dragon Roost image
Haunted Tomb image
ability The Wandering Caretaker image
ability Stiffened Sinews image
The Prefect image
Wings of the Cryophoenix image
Manasoul Student image
Baccai Witherclaw image
Bard's Traveler's Call image
Cosmic Binding image
Bard final level image
ability Magic Embers image
Spell Slinger image
Strategic Execution image
Dragon Ambush image
Bard image
Traveler's Call image
Maduli, The Gatekeeper image

05/19/22 • Worldwalker

Proximity Puffcap image
Mystic Vortex image
Esmus, Breath of the World image
Byrd, The Bellringer image
trap Chime image
Answered Prayer image
Shuriman Tellstones image
Noxian Tellstones image
Targonian Tellstones image
Demacian Tellstones image
Ionian Tellstones image
Bandle Tellstones image
Bilgewater Tellstones image
Shadow Isles Tellstones image
Piltovan Tellstones image
Nagakabouros' Tantrum image
Nagakabouros' Tentacle image
Nagakabouros image
Eye of Nagakabouros image
Tentacle Smash image
Illaoi's Tentacle Smash image
Illaoi final level image
Illaoi image
Answered Prayer image
The Sea's Voice image
Buhru Lookout image
Watchful Idol image
Buhru Leader image
Tentacle image
Consult the Heavens image
Discreet Invitation image
Sands of Time image
Undergrowth image
Inspiring Light image
Wharf Rat image
Gruesome Theater image
ability Lotus Trap image
ability Curtain Call image
Second Bounce image
Jhin's Dancing Grenade image
Dancing Grenade image
ability Deadly Flourish image
ability The Virtuoso image
Jhin final level image
Jhin image
ability Peerless Artistry image
The Maker image
Harbinger of Thralls image
Kinkou's Call image
Protective Broodfather image
ability Stunning Performance image
The Stagehand image
The Winding Light image
Chamber of Renewal image
Revna, the Lorekeeper image
ability Obeyed Order image
Captive Greyback image
Storm of Blades image
Megatusk image
Sputtering Songspinner image
ability Kashuri Gauntlet image
Lord Broadmane image
Hunting Boar image
Harrowing Return image
Blood in the Water image
Legion Deserter image

04/26/22 • Empires of the Ascended

ability Rockslide image

04/26/22 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Might of the Vanguard image
For Glory! image
Inner Beast image

03/30/22 • Empires of the Ascended

Quicksand image
Quicksand image

03/29/22 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Celestial Wonder image
Rocket Barrage image
Desert Duel image

02/17/22 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Yuumi middle level image
Yuumi final level image
Yuumi final level image
Yuumi middle level image
Rainbowfish image
Rainbowfish image
Papercraft Dragon image
Papercraft Dragon image
Quick Quill image
Quick Quill image
Blastcone Seedling image
Blastcone Seedling image

02/15/22 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Udyr's Spirits Unleashed image
Spirits Unleashed image
Stance Swap image
Bear Stance image
Boar Stance image
Ram Stance image
Wildclaw Stance image
Hyara Allseer image
Vulpine Wanderer image
Shaman's Call image
Wrath of the Freljord image
Teenydactyl image
Terrordactyl image
Spotted Toad image
Giga Gromp image
Bitsy Lizard image
Lava Lizard image
Chief Nakotak image
Gnar image
Mega Gnar final level image
Wallop image
Minitee image
Megatee image
Primal Strength image
Gnar's Wallop image

02/12/22 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Udyr final level image
Udyr image

02/11/22 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Murkwolf Shaman image
Murkwolf Rager image
Mammoth Shaman image
Mammoth Rager image
Bone Scryer image
Tusk Speaker image
ability Dance of Tusks image
Winds of War image
Gorlith the Unscalable image
Mountain Drake image
Shield of Durand image
Galio's Shield of Durand image
Galio final level image
Galio image
Petricite Stag image
Durand Architect image
Durand Sculptor image
Durand Protege image
Petricite Broadwing image
Petricite Hound image

02/09/22 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Mushroom Ring image
Quick Quill image
Papercraft Dragon image
Rainbowfish image
Best Pals image
Best Buddies image
Friendship! image
Scholarly Climber image
Assistant Librarian image
Prowling Projectile image
Yuumi's Prowling Projectile image
Yuumi final level image
Yuumi image
Grandfather Fae image
Blastcone Seedling image
Gleaming Lantern image
Fae Aid image
Fae Sprout image
Yordle Portal image
Spirit Portal image
Heroic Refrain image
Transposition image
Hothead image

12/09/21 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Ahri image
Ahri final level image
Ahri's Charm image
Charm image
Windsinger image
ability Gust image
Sai'nen Thousand-Tailed image
Children of the Forest image

12/07/21 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Rumble image
Rumble final level image
Flamespitter image
Rumble's Flamespitter image
Arena Mechacaster image
Arena Promoter image
Bilgerat Rascal image
Fix-Em-Uppers image
Electro Harpoon image
Yordle Explorer image
The Mourned image
Woodland Keeper image
Pathless Ancient image
God-Willow Seedling image
Memory's Cloak image
Nine Lives image
Liminal Guardian image

12/05/21 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Squeaker image
Scrapheap image
Bouncer & Bolt image
Furyhorn Crasher image
Geode Mechaforcer image
Salty Spinner image
Smash & Dash image
Professor Von Mech image
Shadowtech Walker image
Dunehopper Mech image
Trumpetecher image
Earthshaker image
Lil Dipper image

12/04/21 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Against the Odds image
Freed Colossus image
Camphor, the Doubt image
Shield Vault image
Pantheon's Shield Vault image
Pantheon final level image
Pantheon image
We Stand Together image
Wounded Whiteflame image
Blinded Mystic image
Iula image
Saga Seeker image
Stormcloud image
Rissu, The Silent Storm image
Ember Monk image
Lightning Rush image
Kennen's Lightning Rush image
Mark of the Storm image
Kennen final level image
Kennen image
Masa, Crashing Thunder image
Thunder Fist image
Quicken image
Tornado Warrior image
Cloud Stance image
Gust Monk image
Minion image
Yordle Captain image
Grumbleslug image

11/11/21 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Hextech Handler image
Ferros Skycruiser image
Hextech Anomaly image
Forge Chief image
The Forge Of Tomorrow image
Ferros Financier image
Acceleration Gate image
Jayce final level image
Jayce middle level image
Jayce middle level image
Jayce's Shock Blast image
Jayce final level image
Jayce final level image
Jayce image
Shock Blast image
ability Ferros' Dividend image
Albus Ferros image
Forge Worker image
Assembly Line image

08/24/21 • Beyond the Bandlewood

Bouncing Bomb image
Bouncing Bomb image
The Arsenal image
Pokey Stick image
Bomber Twins image
Scrappy Bomb image
Inspection Passed! image
Safety Inspector image
Yordle Contraption image
Yordle Contraption image
Yordle Contraption image
Mega Inferno Bomb image
Bouncing Bomb image
Hexplosive Minefield image