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LoR Followers who have lines for the victory and defeat screens!

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5 LoR followers are just like champions and also speak at the end of games. Do you want to know who they are? Check it out in this article!

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Most cards in LoR have lines when they go on board, attack, block and die, besides having a few interactions with champions and other cards. There are even some who have lines for when you or the opponent take too long to play and the clock appears, but those lines for the victory or defeat screens are reserved, most times, to champions.

However, there are 5 followers who break this pattern and they also have such lines.

Without further ado, let's find out which are the chatty followers:


Tianna Crownguard

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In LoR ever since the first set, Tianna Crownguard is Garen and Lux's aunt and wife to Lord Eldred, Mageseeker Leader. Extremely respected throughout Demacia, Tianna is authoritarian and fearless.

Her lines when she is on board at the end of a winning match are the following: "We have prevailed"; "All is as it should be"; "Superior tactics, iron will.".

As for the defeat screen, these are her lines: "It was only one battle"; "Follow my lead next time."; "History still arcs toward justice.".

King Jarvan III

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King of Demacia and father to Jarvan IV, King Jarvan III was mysteriously murdered, is very important for the lore of this region and, of course, this importance was translated into the production of his card. Just like Tianna, he also has lines for both the victory and defeat screens.

When you win, King Jarvan III says: "Send for the War Chefs! We feast tonight."; and "The kingdom is secure, my people safe.".

As for defeats, these are King Jarvan III's lines: "Sound the retreat! We are not lost yet." and "Back, soldiers of Demacia! Fall back.".

Cithria, Lady of Clouds

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This one I'm sure you have heard before because there was a time Cithria, Lady of Clouds' deck with Spectral Matron was very popular and there were versions that didn't bring any champions, so it was quite common to hear Cithria speak at the end of games.

Cithria is one of the most loved LoR followers across the community and her character development is told throughout a series of cards, Cithria, Lady of Clouds, being the most important and relevant of these cards. It is a matter of time until Cithria becomes a real champion in the game, but while that doesn't happen, let's check out her lines!

Victory lines: "Fine work, Demacians, fine work." and "Back to the skies, knights of Demacia."

Defeat lines: "To the skies! Regroup at Everpeak." and "Stay strong, Demacians. This is not the end."

Mihira, Aspect of Justice

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Mihira is the Aspect of Justice and is mother to Kayle and Morgana. In the Darkin War saga, the most recent story told on LoR, Mihira comes back to Runeterra with Kayle, so both can fight Xolaani, but Xolaani absorbs Mihira. Among the many Mihira lines, there are lines for the victory and defeat screens.

When you win, she says: "So, my judgement is passed!" and "Their transgressions will be forgiven."

When you lose, Mihira says: "If not justice, they shall know judgement." and "Wickedness cannot be permitted."

Xolaani, the Bloodweaver

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It is obvious the greatest villain in the Darkin war would get differential treatment, right? Besides appearing in many cards, Xolaani is the protagonist in 3, including Xolaani the Bloodweaver, which is the card that has special lines.


For the victory screens, Xolaani says: "Finally, this world can rest" and "Silence, how I will treasure it."

As for the defeat screens, Xolaani says the following: "I still breathe, there is yet time!" and "How many missteps must these fools make?!!

Final Thoughts

So, have you ever heard any of these lines before? Is there another follower I forgot to include in this article?

I give my sincere thanks to Fayllon Lucas (Flayzera) for having suggested this theme. If you also have any other suggestions for cool articles, just leave them in the comment section! See you next time ;)