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Quiz: Which Freljord Champion matches you the most?

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Answer 8 questions and find out which Freljord champion in LoR is most like you!

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Freljord is the region ruled by Winter and everyone is born a warrior. Wars, power disputes, and demigods are common in this place and there is always the eternal warning of an ice witch who says: "Watchers will be back".

Currently, in LoR, there are 10 champions in this region, them being: Anivia, Ashe, Braum, Gnar, Lissandra, Ornn, Sejuani, Tryndamere, Trundle and Udyr.

The opportunity has come for you to find out which of these champions is most like you! For that, just answer the 8 questions we've prepared for you.


Have fun!

Chose a TV Show:

Answer image

VikingsCorrect symbol

Answer image

SandmanCorrect symbol

Answer image

Game of ThronesCorrect symbol

Answer image

HeartstopperCorrect symbol

Choose a Song:

Answer image

Anti-Hero - Taylor SwiftCorrect symbol

Answer image

Bones - Imagine DragonsCorrect symbol

Answer image

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie TylerCorrect symbol

Answer image

Runaway - AuroraCorrect symbol

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What type of person at a party are you?

Oh, the night is young! I dance, drink a lot and am the last to leave.Correct symbol

I go only for the food.Correct symbol

I've barely arrived and I already want to leave.Correct symbol

I don't drink a lot, so I can keep an eye out for my friends and take care of them.Correct symbol

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Are you good at keeping secrets?

Secret? What secret?Correct symbol

I take secrets to my grave.Correct symbol

I keep it secret until it's convenient for me to do so.Correct symbol

I like knowing all secrets! All of a sudden, people get way more... Loyal, after that.Correct symbol

Question image

In a fight, you:

Are in the middle of it.Correct symbol

Only watch.Correct symbol

Break it apart.Correct symbol

I don't have time for this nonsense.Correct symbol

Question image

Which of this strategy fits your LoR gamestyle more:

Always aggro! Face is the place.Correct symbol

I don't even think too much, I just play cards.Correct symbol

I play reactively, answering my opponent's steps and try to keep myself ahead of them always.Correct symbol

My goal is to annoy my opponent! I have answers for everything and I emote at each action.Correct symbol

Question image

In a Slasher movie, you would be:

The first to dieCorrect symbol

The one who isn't afraid of anything, faces the Killer and is one of the last to die.Correct symbol

The joker friendCorrect symbol

Dying? This option doesn't exist. You are the last survivor and you kill the Killer!Correct symbol

To finish, choose an Anivia meme:

Answer image

Peace was never an optionCorrect symbol

Answer image

Imortal AniviaCorrect symbol

Answer image

KDA AniviaCorrect symbol

Answer image

Sadge AniviaCorrect symbol