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Top 5 Worst Legends of Runeterra Landmarks

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In this article, we'll discuss the top 5 worst landmarks in Legends of Runeterra. These cards make no sense in any deck or archetype in the game, and I bet you've also never seen them in any match!

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Landmarks are cards that have an inherent issue in Runeterra: they're either too strong, or too weak. For that reason, I brought you a list of the 5 worst landmarks in the game.

5 - Spiral Stairs

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This landmark was introduced to the game as an attempt at giving Malphite some support cards. However, it is an extremely slow card, which intends to give you absurd value after its Countdown is up.

Seed of Strength is an absurdly strong spell, because granting +3+2 and Overwhelm to an ally for zero mana is great. The problem is that you need to pay 3 mana, wait 3 turns, and then get this card.


If you play Spiral Stairs on turn 3, you'll have access to Seed of Strength only on turn 6. And as many decks prefer playing on curve more actively, spending 3 mana to do nothing usually means losing the game.

The other reason this card is one of the worst in the game is that Seed of Strength is a Fleeting spell. That means you're forced to play this card when it is created in your hand, and, if you don't, you'll need to discard it. Even if it is a 0 cost spell, it isn't efficient enough, as you'll have to be sure you'll have a good target for your Seed of Strength on the turn it is created in your hand.

Do you prefer videos? We have an explanation for it in video format:

4 - Void Gate

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This landmark is a part of the package of cards that support Kai'Sa's Evolve archetype. The problem is that this card's effect is extremely useless for this archetype.

Kai'Sa benefits from new keywords that are played on the board, and Void Gate helps you recycle your units' keywords to other units in your deck if you lose your board.

But as this is done randomly, you have no consistency, and probably won't even draw, in your match, an ally with an additional keyword.

Kai'Sa's deck plays quite sequentially, really respecting your mana curve, and paying 2 mana to play a card that might not even create value consumes a lot of tempo in the match.

Another factor that makes this landmark terrible is that you can only recycle keywords if your unit dies. As Kai'Sa's list does everything to keep your units alive, your allies, that usually carry the keywords that you'd want to share with the rest of the deck, stay on board until the end of the game.

3 - Ripper's Bay

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This card is extremely redundant to Lurk lists. This landmark's effect transforms the ally on the top of your deck into a Lurker, so that you can activate Lurk in your deck more consistently.

It might even look like a strong effect, but the problem is that the Lurk deck already does that, but with Predict effects. Which means, you'll already be putting a Lurker unit on your topdeck very often during your match.

The idea behind Ripper's Bay is to create value when you attack, even when you don't have a Lurker unit on top. But if you look really close, you'll realize there are only two non-Lurker units in Lurk lists: Forsaken Baccai and Aspiring Chronomancer, which are Predict units.

Which means, there are only 6 cards in your deck that aren't Lurkers, which is an extremely small number, and it isn't enough to consider adding a Ripper's Bay to your list.

Remember that Ripper's Bay only works for units - if you attack with a spell on top, it won't work.

2 - Sandswept Tomb

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Sandswept Tomb is an extremely expensive card, with a very conditional effect. You need to spend 5 mana to have a strong, 5-power attacker any time you attack.


5 mana is a lot, considering we have the card Treasure Seeker in the same region, and it does the same as this other card, but for only 3 mana, counting her own cost. This card gives you the spell Waking Sands in hand, which can be used while attacking. The most significant difference is that you can use your Sandstone Charger as a blocker, if you summon it from Waking Sands - and you can't do that with Sandswept Tomb.

Turn 5 is usually when we transition from mid-game to late-game, and spending 5 mana to have an attacker that brings only 5 additional power to your attack is way too weak. Sandswept Tomb is a card that matches more aggressive strategies with Ephemeral cards, but, the best Ephemeral decks in the game bring other regions. Which means, you have no reasons to bring this card in any deck, not even in its archetype.

1 - The Papertree

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This landmark holds the record for most slow actions you must do to activate its effect. In total, we have 4 actions that the player must do to get only 1 attack point to your Attach unit: you must play the landmark; play a unit; Attach this unit; and attack with it.

After going through all these steps, you'll realize you should have just played even a Prowling Projectile on your unit if you really wanted to buff your attacker by +1 attack.

This card, as it is a landmark, also occupies a slot on the board, which is terrible for these Bandle City aggressive archetypes. Not to mention that, to get the maximum value out of The Papertree, you'd have to have various Attach units on board, which is extremely difficult to have. Even in the most competitive decks we've had that brought Attach units, the average was always around 1 or 2 Attach units on board.

The Papertree is extremely expensive even though it costs 2 mana, and usually doesn't do anything in the match. This card is also one of the worst cards in the entire game, and makes no sense in any archetype.

Final Words

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If you've read this far, now you know which are the top 5 worst landmarks in Legends of Runeterra.

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