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Name Foundations
Code set1
Type core
Released 05/11/20
Total number of items 441


Sure! Foundations is a set in Legends of Runeterra that delves deep into the origins of the world and its powerful entities. The cards in this set are inspired by the foundational elements of the game's lore, representing the building blocks of creation and the epic struggles that have shaped the world. Mechanics in this set focus on empowering and enhancing units through the use of landmarks, showcasing the importance of establishing a strong foundation to achieve victory in battles. Players can experience epic clashes between ancient forces and witness the pivotal moments that have shaped the world of Runeterra.

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New combos with Foundations

Fiora final level

7663 Eye Solid icon


Commander Ledros

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Ezreal final level
Cloud Drinker

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Commander Ledros
The Dreadway

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