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Name World Ender
Code set7b
Type core
Released 11/29/22
Total number of items 170


World Ender in Legends of Runeterra introduces players to a dark and powerful theme centered around the destructive forces of the Shadow Isles. In this set, players are immersed in the haunting lore of the Shadow Isles, a mysterious and cursed land filled with undead creatures and sinister magic. The mechanics of World Ender focus on the themes of death and decay, with cards that interact with the graveyard and rely on powerful spells to unleash devastating effects. Players have the opportunity to harness the eerie powers of the Shadow Isles to control the battlefield and bring their opponents to their knees with strategic play and clever deck-building.

Top 10 best cards

# Card name Decks
1. Neeko 6 decks
2. Glacial Saurian 5 decks
3. The Poro King 5 decks
4. Deck Hunter 4 decks
5. Bonehide Tri-tail 4 decks
6. Anura & Froop 4 decks
7. Pie Toss 3 decks
8. Form Up! 3 decks
9. Avenging Vastaya 2 decks
10. Falling Star 2 decks

Important dates

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