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Top 10 Characters who can become LoR exclusive Champions like Norra

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With the arrival of LoR's first exclusive champion, a sea of possibilities has opened up. In this article I bring many options for future game champions!

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Norra, the yordle enchantress, who is Yuumi's long-missing master, finally showed up! And she came with news: she is Legends of Runeterra's first exclusive champion! Due to this big event, the whole Riot Games community is euphoric.

Is it possible we might have the chance to see other names which are quite known in Runeterra coming to life and becoming LoR playable champions? We still don't have the answer to this question, but it doesn't hurt to dream and theorize, right? With that in mind, I asked on Twitter which other characters fans wanted to see becoming LoR exclusive champions, and I got quite a few answers!


Before I talk about the characters I've selected, I want to point out that I left out characters such as Cithria Of Cloudfield, Corina Veraza, Genevieve Elmheart, Tyari The Traveler and Commander Ledros, because they are already in the game, in many forms. The idea here is to talk about those characters that were never playable in any of Riot's games. That being said, let's see the list!


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This is probably the most awaited character to become a champion! At the time of the Ruination event, when they announced the new champions, everybody thought it was going to be Isolde, but it was actually Gwen that was released, which created much frustration in the community.

However, Viego and Isolde's story continued on being told, including having a book titled Ruination about to be released soon (the release in the USA is set to the 6th of September 2022). This highlights Riot's desire to keep telling this story, so I wouldn't be surprised if Isolde came to LoR to tell her side of the story!

Mel Medarda

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Without a doubt one of the biggest highlights of Arcane, Mel Medarda has a lot of secrets and won the heart of many fans of the show, who want to know more about this character.

Arcane's second season has already been confirmed, but while it is still not here, we could have this champion in LoR, couldn't we? I think this is very possible to happen, as we already have a Medarda follower in the game: Jae Medarda.


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Still from Arcane's playing field, we have another character that stole the spotlight: Sevika. She is quite powerful and delivered breathtaking fight scenes, and that is without mentioning her connection to Silco, who already was released in TFT!

I think it is a matter of time till Sevika appears in one of Riot's games, and I hope it is in LoR!

Avarosa and Serylda

Everybody knows the story of Three Sisters, we even have a card with their name in LoR, but we only really know the story of one of them: Lissandra.

Avarosa and Serylda, at the moment, are represented by Ashe and Sejuani, but it would be nice to see them in their true form, hear their voices, know their stories and personalities.

Though they are dead (I didn't find any information about Serylda's whereabouts, but I will assume she was killed too), it is worth mentioning that in LoR there are many timelines and we have cards of characters that are already dead, such as Honored Lord and King Jarvan III.

Like so, I believe someday we will have cards for each of the Freljord sisters.

Seal Sister

Speaking of brothers, Ornn, as we are well aware, has many demigod siblings. The most well-known ones that are available as champions are Anivia and Volibear (this one being available only on League).


However, there is another brother in LoR, available as a follower. Ildhaurg, who is a boar, is represented in the card Wrath of the Freljord. But that only begs the question: will we have other Ornn's siblings available as champions? That I don't know, but if one day we do, I believe that the Seal Sister will be chosen to become a champion. Though we do not have an image of her, she is quite known and had influence in Freljord's creation.


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Urf was an April fools' prank by Riot. This manatee was supposed to be a champion in League, but he ended up being killed by Warwick, and was never released. He can be seen in many skin's artworks that have reference to him and in LoR he appears in a board and is also available as a guardian, icon and cardback.

Being a character so loved by Riot's fans, it is quite possible that he is also released indeed as a LoR champion.


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When Aphelios was released in League, many players wanted that Alune, his twin sister, was also released in the game as a support, but so far that hasn't happened.

In LoR, though she appears in many artworks, there aren't any cards with her name, so it also begs the question: what if she comes to the game as a champion? As we know, Targon's champions are already all in the game, so it is quite likely that Alune comes as this region's champion, similar to Norra's case, which was released to Bandle City.


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Nunu was separated from his mother, but still believes today that she will return. The feeling is shared by League players, who believe she will come as a champion to the game.

Considering that there are just a few Freljord champions left (including Nunu himself) to be released in LoR, I believe we will see Nunu and Layka's story end, with a possible meeting between the two.


Another mother quite liked by the community, Amoline was the one who put Tybaulk in Annie's bear, which now acts as the girl's protector.

Recently, with the arrival of Annie in Lor, we have seen her mother's name be mentioned a lot in this champion's set, which might indicate Amoline's release in the game sooner or later.

Master Doran

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Doran was Master Yi's master and the creator of Wukong's staff. He belonged to the Wuju order and everything he learned about being a craftsman he learned with Ornn.

There are several items in League that mention his name and with the release of Equipments, notably Master Yi's and possibly Ornn's in this expansion, it is quite possible that Doran also comes soon, be it as a champion or as a follower card.

Final Thoughts

These were only some of the characters that might become LoR champions. There were many others that were suggested and others that I found in my research that ended up being cut out, but I can bring them in part 2 of this article, in case you're interested.


So, leave your comments with suggestions for part 2!