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Top 5 Most Forgotten Noxus Cards That You've Probably Never Seen

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Today, we bring you a little bit of a challenge: top 5 most forgotten cards from a region - it's Noxus' turn! In this article, I brought 5 cards you've probably never seen in your matches, and might not even have in your collections.

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A while ago, I recorded a video on "cards you've probably never seen" on Cards Realm's YouTube channel. This type of content was super fun at the time, but I ended up forgetting all about it, so, today, I will try to revive it.

Here's our challenge: I'll list 5 cards from a region, Noxus in today's case, and you, in the comment section, will tell me if you've ever seen them in one of your matches. (we're excluding AI or Path of Champions matches, okay?!)

I tried, as best as I could, to list 5 horrible Noxus cards that I consider to be the most forgotten cards of all. Let's see if I can get you guys.


What would your own top 5 forgotten Noxus cards look like? Tell us in the comment section.

5 - Black Rose Spy

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This card is fascinating, and its effect is really unique in LoR.

Unfortunately, very few Reputation cards worked out, and we can count them on one hand. Black Rose Spy isn't one of these cards.

Another problem regarding this unit is that Transform doesn't activate play or summon effects. This means Black Rose Spy doesn't reactivate Avarosan Hearthguard's effect, or Incisive Tactician's effect, which would be her best targets, if this effect activated summon effects as usual.

The copy she Transforms into is also identical, which means, your units, after they attack, are usually damaged after your opponent blocks them. And, after testing this card, I realized it is quite common to Transform her into one of your units that has 2 or 1 health, which, despite having many attack points, will probably die soon to any type of removal or block.

To finish, you can only Transform Black Rose Spy into an ally that has Struck something, which means, she is extremely slow and inefficient - which might be the main reason why this card never saw any play.

4 - For Glory!

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In the same sphere as Reputation cards, we have For Glory!, which summons two Trifarian Gloryseekers.

I'll highlight this card's artwork, in which we see Captain Farron fighting side by side with Trifarian Gloryseeker.

Unfortunately, just like Black Rose Spy, this is another Reputation card that has never worked out. As this ranking is based on card popularity and how often players have seen these cards or not, I believe For Glory! deserves our 4th spot because Black Rose Spy's theme is a bit more popular. This card probably popped up in front of you while you messed around with your collection.

For Glory! on the other side, is that type of card you can't even remember its effect correctly, and most likely don't even have it in your account.

In any way, it is an interesting spell which might one day have a goal, considering that, if you really stop to think about it, it gives you +10 attack power on the board and two units. The only problem is that the Trifarians can't block, and have 1 health points, so you'll have to make an effort to keep them alive.

3 - Noxian Defector

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Kayn's Cultist package is quite popular and strong - except for this card.

We use the other Cultists so often that we always forget about Noxian Defector. Which makes a lot of sense, considering this card is terrible.

In his artwork, we see him preparing a raid on Master Yi's Wuju temple, and attacking a guard who yields a huge Wuju weapon. It is a pity this follower has never been popular because his theme is fascinating and adds a lot to the game's universe. Through him, we're introduced to interesting characters with different aesthetics that explore this side of the universe, the Wuju masters side, which is rarely explored in other places.


Now, discussing Noxian Defector's mechanic itself: it is incredibly difficult to make his effect work during matches, and, usually, when you can make the most out of him, he isn't even that strong.

The problem with this card is its mana cost, considering that, on turn 4, your strongest equipped ally usually already has 3 or 4 attack, and a 4 mana unit with 4 attack, besides Quick Attack, is quite mundane.

So, Noxian Defector has always been a card that makes the most out of his effect on later turns, in which you'll already be setting up more complex plays, or playing combos to win the match. So, you never really have enough time to grow your Noxian Defector's attack to the point he becomes a real threat in usual matches. That is why he is so forgotten and deserves a spot in this list.

2 - Arrel the Tracker

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Riven's package of cards has always focused a lot on her cards and her followers that create Blade Fragments, and the other three hunters, Arrel the Tracker, Brutal Hunter, and Wrathful Rider, were completely forgotten.

Wrathful Rider has recently become a Titanic unit. As for Brutal Hunter, she is mostly known for being bald. That leaves us with Arrel the Tracker, which, despite having one of the coolest effects in the entire game, is extremely forgotten, and has never seen play because she costs incredible 6 mana. And the game has never really given her enough support to make her Strike effect work properly.

At the time the hunters were released with Riven, maybe Arrel was the most popular one out of these three cards, but, after so many failed decks, and frustrated attempts to make this card work, she probably isn't even among the cards in new players' collections.

Here's a tip for those who like creating crazy decks: after the 2024 rotation, it might be fun to try and make Arrel work one final time so she can leave this list of forgotten cards, and finally see some play.

1 - Strategic Execution

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If we were to cover the text on this spell, I bet 90% of players wouldn't be able to tell what this card does. And, to be honest, that's why it is on this list. I had to read what this card does because I, myself, didn't know.

The point is that I didn't even remember this card existed, and I had no clue about when it was even released in the game - which was reason enough to add it to our list in our first place.

For those who are curious, this spell was released in the Worldwalker expansion alongside Jhin and Annie's card package.

The greatest issue with this card is that you can spend 6 mana to summon a Legion General, but you'll lose the effect of Stunning two units if you do. Let's be honest that it doesn't make any sense - you should be able to Stun at least one enemy unit even if you did summon Legion General.

Another thing is that Legion General costs 5 mana, and summoning him for 6, as much as you can use spell mana, is a bit odd and relatively weak.


We have several cards which Stun that are much more efficient than this spell in the game, and this is one of the main reasons why this card is extremely forgotten.

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