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Legends of Runeterra: 5 New Fun Decks for the Ranked Queue!

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In this article, I bring you 5 rising lists for the Standard ranked queue, which you might find quite fun. Some are entirely new, but some are new versions of old archetypes, built from the cards we have available in Standard nowadays and the new cards from Dreamlit Paths.

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Today, I'll show you 5 rising lists for the ranked queue. They're the newest and most fun lists I could find.

These decks have been slowly coming up in the meta as answers to other lists, and are either popular because of that or because they're just thoroughly different from what we are used to.

Morgana Vladimir Daybreak

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This archetype - Noxus Targon Midrange - isn't new, but it hasn't been in the meta for some time now.

The last time it showed up was mid-April 2023: Leona Samira lists dominated the meta then. That same year, near the World Championship, Riven Morgana popped up. Even though it was more Combo than Midrange, it was also a Noxus/Targon deck.


This Morgana Vladimir list combines the game style of the other two lists I mentioned; it also brings iconic ideas, such as Shunpo and Loping Telescope. These are old cards that have been a part of this archetype for a long time.

This list also includes the Daybreak package, but without Leona. You'll play more aggressively, not necessarily stunning enemy units; instead, you'll grant Overwhelm to your allies. Mainly, you'll do this with Might and Crimson Aristocrat, which will let you deal damage to the enemy Nexus with your big units.

The champions in this deck are entirely secondary. Vladimir is an extra win condition that deals damage to the enemy Nexus directly, and Morgana is a safe alternative to heal your own Nexus and remove a few enemy blockers from the board.

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Currently, this is the list with the highest win rate in the American server in the last 2 days. The best win rate anyone got with it was 80%.

Viego Vex with Airis

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The lack of Elusive options in the meta turns cards like Airis, which were too weak before, into a viable option for Viego decks.

Husks and Viego are a fairly known duo by now, and were really popular in the Siren Song meta. After it was nerfed, this archetype never popped up again, and was forgotten.

Now, in Standard, we can revive this combo, partly, if we add Viego to good, old Ionia, and Airis. The idea is to create Husks by striking the enemy Nexus, and also control their board with your spells at the same time. Eventually, you'll play your Viego on a few Husks, and also activate his effect. This will make you snowball and create a lot of value for you throughout the match.

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This deck has the second-highest win rate in the Americas server in the last couple of days: it has approximately 68% win rate, but some players reached 84% win rate with it.

2024 Rubin's Pile - with Defective Swapbot

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Our third deck is a Targon/Piltover & Zaun deck, which, throughout the years, became known as "Rubin's Pile".

It isn't necessarily exactly the same as the real Rubin's Pile, but it still plays somewhat similarly to this archetype. To be considered a Rubin Pile, before anything, it needs to have been created by Rubinzoo. It also needs Burn, removals, heals, and cards that Evoke Celestials.

Basically, this list features all of this and more - it just wasn't created by Rubinzoo. So we'll call it "Rubin's Pile at home".

What made this list stand out to me was Defective Swapbot, which might be incredibly strong if you pair it with Sumpworks Map or Aphelios' Infernum.

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Currently, this list has around 64% win rate, though some players even brought it to 80%. However, its delta varies downward quite a lot - it even reaches a 48% win rate - because it is quite difficult to pilot. So, this archetype is just like other great decks that only work in the hands of veterans who know how to pilot it.


Gangplank Gnar Burn Bandle City

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When I was looking for rising decks, I stumbled upon this list.

This is a Gnar Bilgewater deck that focuses on dealing damage to the enemy Nexus directly.

It is basically an unusual aggro burn list.

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This deck has, currently, the third best win rate in the Asian server. It had a 59% win rate in the last 2 days.

This list doesn't seem to be performing well in other servers, most likely because the meta in the Americas server is too different. But it is still valuable to refine this archetype and try to make it work in the Americas.

It includes cards like Double Up, a very old spell that was popular a long time ago in Pirates - they're now back at full force in this list. This is also the case for Bitsy Lizard, a frequently revisited follower in Neeko archetypes. It might be an essential piece for this Burn list now.

"Oops, All Units" Elder Dragon Neeko

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To complete our list, we just had to add an Elder Dragon list.

Even though we're all tired of decks with this champion, this is the most fun archetype combination for both it and Neeko.

This version can't use any spells because of their origins, but, still, it makes up for its lack of spells by bringing an absurd amount of stats and effects with their followers.

It has an incredibly strong early game with Precious Pet and the combination of Omen Hawk and Yadulski Snowdog. To finish, we have Warden of the Tribes, Horned Swarmcaller, and also Beguiling Cobra to enable even more combos in this deck.

This list is extremely easy to pilot, and also one of the best decks to climb ranks easily, without any stress or further issues.

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This archetype is currently the best list in terms of win rate for all servers in the last couple of days. It has a 67% win rate, but can reach up to 83% win rate. Its low variant goes to almost 51% win rate, which shows even the most inexperienced players can win many matches with this type of list.

Final Words

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If you read this far, thank you! I hope you had fun and enjoyed reading this article.

Don't forget to share. See you next time!