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Legends of Runeterra: Top 10 Best Champion Artworks (Including Skins)

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In this article, I bring you my list of the best champion artworks in the entire game. We know all Runeterra artworks are gorgeous, but we all have our favorites, isn't it? These are mine!

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LoR is the prettiest card game of all time, and surely the cards' artworks are one of the main factors that hooks players to the history of this universe. They are extremely well-done and made with love, and also express, vigorously, what each character is feeling and living in their stories.

For this reason, I decided to write the impossible list of the prettiest champion artworks in the entire game. This idea came to my mind after I spent hours looking at my card collection, and realized it is almost impossible to say what is the best one of them all. They are all wonderful.


Because of the recent news about the game, I realized the community also needed something to discuss in a healthy way, so I decided to write this wholesome "hot takes" article.

Please keep in mind that this list is based on my opinion and personal tastes, and I would really like it if you left your own list of prettiest champion artworks in the comment section.

Let's go ahead and see the 10 best champion artworks (including skins)!

10 - Level 1 Coven Janna

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"Coven" Janna is our tenth pick. This is the LoR-exclusive artwork that most created debate among the Riot Games communities. Some League players were really upset that "Coven" Janna came to Runeterra before any other game.

As for LoR players, we were thrilled we got this fantastic skin.

In this skin, this champion's wind magic seems to have been translated into some sort of hemomantic magic, with relatively dark, crimson tones, but, at the same time, they are still very vibrant. She also wears a blindfold, which can indicate that, probably, in the "Coven" universe, Janna is blind.

This skin would definitely be higher on this list, but, considering I don't really enjoy her level 2 artwork, she occupies our tenth place.

9 - Level 1 Neeko

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Neeko was released into the game in the Heart of the Huntress expansion with one of the best artworks in the entire game. In her level 1 artwork, we can see her laying down comfortably in Ferocious Fluffs nest.

In Runeterra, this champion's pink and green tones were explored in a much more profound way compared to her League version. It is much more visible, in this game, that this champion's skin is a mixture of human skin with magic chameleon skin.

The best thing about this artwork is Neeko's vibrant colors in contrast with Ferocious Fluffs's white feathers behind her, shown as if they were pillows.

8 - Level 1 & 2 Star Eater Aurelion Sol

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

This skin was released to LoR as part of a skin pack specifically created for Path of Champions. And it was a great success!

It is quite visible why this skin was successful: Aurelion Sol is incredibly gorgeous, and different. This is another Runeterra-exclusive skin as well.

In this version, Aurelion Sol has a crest on his head, some sort of crescent moon, and his blue tones were swapped for pastel tones, purple, more specifically, with a little bit of white.

These two artworks explore this champion's "serpent dragon" side, and he appears to be thinner, or longer, than his original version. The icing on the cake is his level 2, in which he is shown using his "q" ability from League, which has yellow and purple shades that are gorgeous as well.


This is one of those cards that gets prettier when they're prismatic.

7 - Level 1 Pool Party Taliyah

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This Taliyah skin was one of the first to be released in the game, and ever since it has been, in my opinion, one of the prettiest artworks in the entire game.

In the "Pool Party" universe, Shurima seems to be a great beach that has waves big enough to be surfed on. Like so, Taliyah uses a bathing suit with Shurima's symbol, details in red, orange and yellow, and a gorgeous gradient effect.

This artwork's lighting is incredible because it shows, with incredible details, the reflection of the water on this champion's leg, and the green contrast between the sea right below her and her own figure. Taliyah's expression also stands out in this artwork because she seems very peaceful and happy, enjoying the wind and the sea.

6 - Level 1 & 2 Dark Star Zed

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

This skin came in the first skin package ever released to Runeterra, and has always been one of the community's favorite artworks, and mine as well. This skin has sentimental value to me because it was the skin used by one of the first Seasonal champions ever, a tournament which I was privileged enough to cast!

Its animation when Zed levels up is incredible, but the true beauty of this skin is Zed's pink and purple tones, which really matched the galaxy-themed background.

This artwork really toys with this champion's size, and makes it clear that he is gigantic, considering his shuriken easily split a planet in half in his level 2 artwork.

5 - Level 2 Lissandra Coven

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We were all amazed by "Coven" Lissandra's beauty when the last expansion dropped. Unlike other artworks in this list, level 2 "Coven" Lissandra won my heart because of how deep it is.

We can see long rows of soldiers of a huge army, and we can clearly define where each of the Thralls commanded by this champion is. The difference of height between the characters is quite visible, which shows how careful the artist was with this artwork's details.

This artwork makes us imagine, clearly, the scale of the place this champion is standing on, and the huge distance she is from her furthest thralls. This makes us believe her army probably has millions of thralls, and each one of them needed to be drawn one by one, one little purple dot at a time.

4 - Level 1 Soul Fighter Viego

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The Soul Fighter universe has a different style than the rest of Riot's universes. In any case, it really matches the game's current artwork, and, even though it shows more of a cartoon-style, it is extremely detailed, besides incredibly gorgeous.


In this artwork, we can see Viego sitting on his throne surrounded by televisions that lit up the room with their white, bluish screens. This champion wears white pants that blend with the room's lighting, and keeps this artwork's focus on the shiny red glows emanated by his sword.

His sword emanates a strong light that takes over this artwork's upper frames, which makes it clear that it is the star of this skin. We can also see a few creative details in this skin, such as the eye on this champion's chest, and the television wires, that create a sort of frame around this artwork.

3 - Level 2 Solar Eclipse Leona

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To me, this is the most beautiful skin in the entire game. Level 2 Leona sits on a throne with her legs crossed, and, right above, a light shines over this champion, and draws our eyes only to her.

Two rock wheels frame her, keep our focus only on her, and make this artwork's corners darker. The orange details on her sword and the symbol on her chest contrast perfectly with her black armor and the black and gold marble of the throne she is sitting on.

Leona's head aligns perfectly with a sort of stained-glass that is behind her, which makes us believe she is wearing a godly sun-crown.

2 - Level 2 Aurelion Sol

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This is one of the most iconic artworks in the entire game, and it spread throughout the internet beyond LoR's community when Aurelion Sol was released to the game.

In it, we can see this champion at the peak of Mount Targon, and his body creates the shape of the infinity symbol. This artwork's main focus is in the middle of the screen, where Aurelion Sol's face is, and shows his mightiness, crown, and space hair.

Right below this champion, we can see dust, or snow, from Mount Targon, which now orbits Aurelion Sol after it was pulled from the mountain.

We can also see some stars orbiting this champion, which gives a yellow contrast to this artwork's space background.

1 - Level 2 LeBlanc

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In my opinion, the best champion artwork in the entire game is level 2 LeBlanc.

In it, we can see this champion looking at herself in the reflection of the table. We can see her hand and some details of her dress that aren't part of the reflection, and the rest of this artwork is all part of this reflection. And to illustrate this in a coherent way, this entire artwork has a golden tone, or copper tone, which would be the color of the table.

We can see details like LeBlanc's green hair tips, and the lighting of the room on the collar of her dress.

We have a cup, out of focus, in the corner of this artwork, and some documents that help us get that we're looking at a reflection.

In this artwork, we can also see the reflection of the other people who are in this room, but they're all mirror images of LeBlanc herself, which makes us understand that, in her level 1 artwork, she is having an argument with herself.


For me, the best part about this artwork is that this champion is looking directly at us, who are observing the image, with a malicious smirk, as if she was saying to us, "I surprised you, didn't I?". Indeed, anyone who sees this artwork for the first time is always surprised.

Final Words

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If you read this far, thank you! Recently, we got some bad news about LoR, and the entire community is going through a rough time. It has been difficult to write about the game itself because of this. But it is my duty as a content creator to keep on giving you my best every day, and always try to keep everything pleasant, as much as I can. So, I want to thank everyone who is still interested in Runeterra: these hard times will pass.

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See you next time!