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LoR: Challenges and Transformations: The Future of Legends of Runeterra

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Riot cuts 11% of its Legends of Runeterra staff, check out the main changes and future of the game!

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Significant changes to the Game

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Legends of Runeterra (LoR), a praised game developed in collaboration with the community, now faces a new chapter in its journey. Dave Guskin, Executive Producer and Game Director for LoR, shared a crucial message about the financial challenges the game has faced over the years and the significant changes that are coming.

In an emotional statement, Guskin revealed that despite the success and passion of the Riot team and gaming community for LoR, the game has struggled to find solid footing as a business. The need to ensure financial sustainability has led Riot to make difficult decisions regarding the future of LoR.


One of the most impactful changes will be the reduction in the size and scope of the LoR team. This measure, part of a broader reorganization at Riot, aims to create a more focused and efficient team, capable of working on the long-term sustainability of the game. Guskin emphasized that this was not an easy decision, acknowledging the impact on the team, but believes this change is essential for the future of LoR.

The reduction in scope also marks a transition in the game's emphasis. The Path of Champions, an already popular and rewarding experience, will be the core of the business. Eric Shen, known as Riot Shen1138, will lead the new, more focused team. Guskin expressed confidence in Shen's leadership, highlighting his incredible work over the years and his commitment to preserving what makes LoR an exceptional game.

Dave Guskin, who spent five years on the LoR team, shared a nostalgic look at the game's accomplishments during that time. From the diversity of champions to successful experiments like the Lab of Legends, Guskin highlighted the pride in consistently delivering high-quality content.

Despite his departure from LoR, Guskin will remain at Riot, contributing to other projects. He expressed gratitude for the community's patience and understanding amid these challenging times and expressed gratitude for being part of such an incredible community.

To provide more details on the future of LoR, a keynote is scheduled for February 2, 2024. Dave Guskin, Eric Shen, Marc Merrill, and Andrei van Roon will join the conversation, providing additional insight and answering frequently asked questions from the community.

In short, as LoR faces significant changes, Guskin's message is clear: these transformations are essential to ensuring the future of the game, and the team is committed to delivering a sustainable and exciting experience for players for years to come.


With these changes, what are your expectations for the future of the game? Leave in the comments what you think about this new phase of LoR. Also check out our article on how Create Content for Runeterra!link outside website