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LoR: Dave Guskin announces (possibly) in-person tournament event and more

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A recent interview by Dave Guskin, Legends of Runeterra's Game Director, announced the "mysterious event" listed to come late 2023: A (hopefully) in-person event with 16 content creators and competitive players alike. A community card is also in the works, and many more details!

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Today is a big day for the Legends of Runeterra community! The Runeterra Brawl (an event that invited 12 competitive players and content creators to celebrate the new set's releaselink outside website this week on the 29th of March) was happening on the official broadcast channels; Right after we watched a leveled Aurelion Sol conquer a victory for World Champion Aragornn against Seasonal Champion Majiinbae, the game's Director, Dave Guskin, gave an exclusive interview to share a few details about what looks to be Legends of Runeterra's greatest year yet.


He had teased the interview earlier in the week through a Tweet on Thursday, saying :

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Among the exciting news, Guskin revealed Legends of Runeterra's "mystery event", mentioned earlier in a few of the official articles that explained the game's new competitive circuit. Besides that, he also revealed the team's plans for Path of Champions, Expeditions, and announced a new experience for the community: a Community-made new card!

Here's a recap of all the important details given in the interview:

"Mystery Event"

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The "Mystery Event", as it was called before in official articles on the game's main website, was supposed to come as part of the new competitive circuit announced earlier in the year:

"Editor’s Note: The mystery event is… a mystery! This is an experiment we’re running to offer rewards for competitive play that feel prestigious. We’ll reveal more information about this in the future, but at this event there will be an opportunity for participants to interact and even collaborate with the LoR development team."

Well, the wait is over! Dave Guskin revealed the event to be a "16 person event, including competitive players and content creators". The first to be invited to this event are the Glory in Navori Runeterra Open Winners, that is, those who win the Runeterra Opens in this newest season.

The event is also rumored to be an in-person event in Riot's own quarters in California, if all goes well, according to Guskin:

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Expeditions and Path of Champions

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Those who have played the game for longer surely will remember Expeditions, the game's draft play mode which allowed players to craft their deck as they go along 7 rounds. The mode was quietly disabled after two years, as its popularity went down.

Path of Champions, a newest addition, is a PvE rogue-like way to play LoR, and has been immensely popular ever since it came out, in 2021. The game has been updated and improved since then, and recently got its very own leaderboard and "competitive" experience with the Monthly Challenges. The challenges are still in a testing period, but have been well-received by the community.

Both will receive updates in 2023, states Guskin. Path of Champions, or TPoC, as it's called in the community, will have "deep, rewarding end-game content", and Expeditions will be revived later in the year, with a possible re-release in September.

Card Created by the Community

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Something entirely new will happen in Legends of Runeterra this year. Dubbed the "year of the community" by devs before, many of the projects for the game will involve the community itself, and that includes the project of a "Community Card", named "Community Card Kitchen" by devs.


The process will involve a voting phase, in which community players, fans and members will vote on their favorite ideas in a Google Form available on the game's main website and social media, initially, but Guskin confirmed there is the possibility of players being able to send in their own suggestions for the card.

The voting will begin next month, in April, with the card itself probably releasing next year, after all testing is done.

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Are you excited to play Legends of Runeterra in 2023? Don't miss out on your chance to vote for the new card, or play competitively, Expeditions, or PvE!