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Who are LoR's Next Champions Sett, Samira and Jack, the Winner?

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Through a client leak, three new champions were just announced to come for Legends of Runeterra's new set, called "Glory in Navori": Sett, Samira and Jack the Winner!

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Starting off the spoiler season for Legends of Runeterra's next set, which will come March 29th , an in-game Client leak showed the three next champions to come to the TCG: Sett, Samira, and Jack the Winner!

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These champions fit right in to the expansion's theme, called "Glory In Navori", of brawling and fighting rings, as all these three champions are quite skilled fighters of their own. Though cards still haven't been revealed, we can deduce quite a lot of these champions' game styles from their League of Legends counterparts.


Samira, the Desert Rose

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Samira is a Shuriman-born, Noxus-based mercenary whose daring and adventurous spirit are a match to no one. After leaving Shurima with her parents following the attack on their hometown by unknown bandits, Samira took to the streets to perform acrobatic dance feats to try to earn a living, but it wouldn't be long before she realized she needed more than just applause. She joined a Noxus war band and started her bloody story across Runeterra. A few years later, after losing most of her band and almost losing Indari, the war band's captain who was crippled in battle, Samira took to mercenary work with the help of Indari. She is known to take the riskier commissions and never shiver in the face of danger.

In League, Samira is a unique marksman (such as Draven, Caitlyn and Miss Fortune), counting with counter abilities and a grade-point system that unlocks her ultimate through daring and skilled combos of her abilities. Her weapons of choice are two pistols and a sword. Her kit allows her to deal massive damage and have room to move and dash to better position herself against enemies. Her play style resembles a Combo archetype a lot, but we might see her take on an Aggro archetype as well, depending on her region, Shurima or Noxus.

Sett, the Boss

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Sett is from Ionia, but don't be mistaken: he also feels like a Noxian at heart. This champion is a half-vastaya, which means his father, a local pitfighter was a human, and his mother was a vastayah like Ahri, though from a different tribe. After his father abandoned him and his mother, the community, which before feared his father and therefore accepted him through gritted teeth, started to bully him, and Sett, the ferocious spirit he was, turned to fighting to express his frustration with the world. After being drawn to the Noxian pits, where his father had fought, he discovered he had a real knack for fighting with his fists, though he had no martial training of his own. A few fights later, through sheer force of will and muscle, Sett convinced the fighters and the ones in charge they should give him control of the Arena, and so he got it. He is now the Boss.

In League, Sett is a top-laner juggernaut, capable of dealing a lot of damage and being a lot beefier than most, similar to Darius. He uses his fists to deliver powerful blows and go after his opponents. His ultimate allows him to basically throw another opponent on top of others, dealing lots of damage in the process. His play style is aggressive, but fairly sturdy too, which could indicate a 5-cost Noxus champion. Because of his Ionia origin, however, we could finally see an Aggro style coming to the region.

Jack, the Winner

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Jack, the Winner would be the second Legends of Runeterra exclusive champion to be released in the game's whole history, the first one being Norra, and he would also be the second champion to have two versions in-game, a Follower one and a Champion one, as Senna has with Senna, Sentinel of Light (Yone will be the game's third to have two versions when he comes to the game, as he has his Yone, Windchaser already). It would be Bilgewater's first exclusive champion, which makes sense considering Bilgewater is one of the regions to be lacking in original champions to take from League.

From what we know of this big, bad boy, he has plenty of experience in a boxing ring, and his play style suggests Burn in nature, when we look at his card's mechanic. We could be seeing his upgraded version be a much more powerful version of the Jack we already know, including plenty of burns to the face through damaging your own units, or even beefier attack stats.

Jack's flavor text reads:

"Years in the boxing ring taught Jack valuable lessons. He learned that if his opponent can bleed, they can fear. He learned the power of a silent stare. He learned the power of uncontrolled violence."

Keep up with us here at Cards Realm for more details regarding Legends of Runeterra's next set, Glory In Navori, hitting servers on March 29th, 2023!