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Theory: LoR's Ophelia is going to be released in League?

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Check out everything we know about the new Noxian champion that is coming to League and their odds of being Ophelia!

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In one of the videos of the new League of Legends season, there was a teaser for all new champions that will be released in 2023. In it, we are shown a castle in Noxus, and the sentence used to describe this champion was the following: "A hungry jungler".

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We know that this castle theme is very in tune with Vladimir's core and his Crimson followers, and among them, Ophelia Noradi, Crimson Aristocrat, has always stood out. Many have asked for this champion to become a League champion, but will she really be released in the game? Come with me to find out!


What are the odds of Ophelia being the new League champion?

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Ophelia is a vampire and lives in a castle, so she fits the traits of the new champion that will be released in League. Besides that, she is very popular, which justifies her addition to the game. However, we must consider that the role for this new champion is in the jungle, and I believe Ophelia would fit best a mid role as a mage.

Is it possible that they rework this character, so she could fit in the jungle? Yes, but I think this is a hard rework, as Ophelia would always remember Vladimir, and I think we must remember that Corina didn't make it as a League champion precisely because she already resembles Zyra a lot, so considering this argument, I think it is unlikely that Ophelia is released as a champion for League in 2023.

Other Possibilities

Faris Noradi

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Faris Noradis, The Lady of Blood, is Ophelia's mother and besides being a strategic war leader, she works with blood transfusion and resurrection. It was her who taught much of what Dr. Esslanger, Grave Physician, knows, and they work together bringing many Noxian soldiers back to life.

This transfusion and resurrection mechanic could be very interesting in the jungle and this hunger for killing could be a metaphor for the hunger for power The Lady of Blood has. Besides that, Faris is quite different from Vladimir, so I think she is more likely to be released in League.

Crimsom Bloodletter

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The jungle is filled of animalistic creatures, and what sums up best the phrase 'hunger for killing' than the unit Crimson Bloodletter?

In the card's description, Clara, the Crimson Disciple, comments that no one keeps them as pets, as their claws could easily open veins, but she likes it and this way keeps Crimson Bloodletter as a pet.

This way, it lives in a castle, as Clara, its owner, lives in one. Besides that, both the creature's eyes and claws are pink in tone, which match the pink tone in the teaser's image.

Final Thoughts

So, which of these 3 LoR characters do you think are more likely to be released in League as the new jungler? Do you have any other theories regarding this new champion? Let me know in the comment section!