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Guide: Which Champions to Focus on in The Path of Champions - Chapters 3, 4 & 5

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In this article, we'll discuss the best champions to focus on The Path of Champions and the Chapters 3, 4 and 5. This is a follow-up to our TPoC walkthrough!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Welcome to the sequel!

Now we'll move on to Chapter 3, and if you've read my previous guidelink outside website, you're probably with me so far. In case you haven't seen it yet, just click on that link!

Chapter 3 - Starting our Midgame

Most likely, by now, you either have a Yasuo or a Lux with 2 Stars.

In my case, I starred up Lux because I prefer her game style and because in the next 2-Star adventure we must face Zed with a Demacia champion. I recommend you enhance Lux also because it's just plain good management.


Anyhow, now that you have a 2-Star champion, we can complete the quest "Seizing Victory", which asks that we win 3 2-Star adventures.

To complete this quest, we'll do two adventures from Lux's own personal Campaign. After we beat Ezreal, we'll get some Legend Points, and we'll get the Rare Relic "Luden's Tempest", but we need to be at Level 8 to equip it. Well, if you've managed to beat Ezreal on your first try, that will bring Lux to Level 6, which is already enough to complete 2/3rds of the quest "A Test of Strength".

Let's complete a few adventures with Yasuo, so he can reach Level 6 too, as that will guarantee us a Gold Vault.

Notice that the Vault we'll get will give us 20 Random Fragments, which means, you'll probably not be able to unlock a new champion, depending on your luck. But we'll already have this one down in our quest tab.

After that, you'll have to beat one of the 1,5-Star adventures to free the next adventure's quests.

Do that with Lux, which you've put 2 Stars on, as Nautilus and Zed, which we unlocked now, aren't as trivial as past adventures, and with 1-Star champions, you'll have a mana disadvantage when facing them.

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Beat one of those two adventures, and our Lux will reach Level 9. Equip "Luden's Tempest" on her to get 5 more Lux Fragments and complete another quest. Now, we'll need to beat another adventure with Lux to unlock another Rare Relic, from the quest "Seizing Victory", which we mentioned right at the beginning of this article.

After beating it, we'll have completed more quests. To continue, we'll only need to level up another champion to Level 10. We'll get a random Relic, but we'll talk about that later. Anyhow, level up Jinx to 2-Star to unlock her new power.

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Her new power, "Wreak Havoc I", gives you +1 starting mana, and, when a champion levels up in each match, a Super Mega Death Rocket! is created in your hand.

The important part is to have 2 starting mana. Getting that upgrade is huge for any champion you play for obvious reasons.

Let's then complete her 2-Star Campaign against Darius, as that will give us another guaranteed Relic, which is "Stalker's Blade" (which isn't all that great), but it will be enough to complete Chapter 3.

You'll get more Wild Fragments and a Bilgewater Champion Gold Vault. If that champion turns out to be Miss Fortune, be happy, but if it's another champion, they won't be useful for now. In my case, I got Jack, which will delay me a bit, but no worries! And now, let's move on to Chapter 4, when things get a bit more complex!

Chapter 4 - How to Choose which Champion to Focus On

Now that we're on Chapter 4, we'll need to farm for a few days the Daily Quest which gives us Wild Fragments to continue. For starters, we have to beat one of the 2-Star World Adventures.


For that, we'll need to beat them with Jinx and one other champion. Unfortunately, our Yasuo is very weak without his 3-Star powers and the Relic which he gives us is also not that great. That creates a somewhat big resource management problem. But let us calm down for a bit.

Try to beat a Shadow Portal, which we freed up by reaching Legend Level 10 with Jinx, so we can get another Silver Vault. Afterward, farm up every day to guarantee Wild Fragments, because that will be important. Beat Nautilus and Zed with Jinx.

After that, we'll need to star up another champion to 2-Star to continue the World Quests and have another champion for the next World Quests.

Like I said, Yasuo is quite weak without his 3-Star powers, which makes him depend a lot on good RNGs and a lot of patience in the next adventures, which are harder. That being said, here we already need to have a good sense of planning at a long-term to continue to optimize our progression.

Let's consult the table below, which shows the relics which can be obtained through champion's personal Campaigns:

Guaranteed Relics

Relic NameEffectWhere to get it

The Gravedigger's Spade

Round Start: Draw a Card and give it Fleeting.

Illaoi's 2-Star Campaign

Riptide Battery

Plunder: Play Cannon Barrage a number of times equal to my cost.

Yasuo's 2-Star Campaign

Archangel's Staff

Round Start: Refill your spell mana.

Jhin's 2-Star Campaign

Crownguard Inheritance

When I level up, Rally

Darius' 2-Star Campaign

Hymn of Valor

When I'm summoned, create a Redoubled Valor in hand. It costs 3.

Bard's 2-Star Campaign

Stalker's Blade

When I'm summoned, I strike the weakest enemy.

Jinx's 2-Star Campaign

Tempest Blade

When I level up, Stun all enemies.

Miss Fortune's 2-Star Campaign

The Loose Cannon's Payload

When I'm summoned, discard your hand, then create that many Pow-Pows in hand.

Garen's 2-Star Campaign

The Grand General's Counterplan

Round Start: Create a Fleeting copy of me in hand.

Vi's 2-Star Campaign

The Scourge's Stash

Plunder: I cost 2 less.

Lee Sin's 2-Star Campaign

Greenglade Shadeleaf/td>

Support: Grant my supported ally Elusive.

Annie's 2-Star Campaign

Luden's Tempest

All your spells and skills deal 1 extra damage.

Lux's 2-Star Campaign

We already have "Luden's Tempest" through Lux's Campaign, and we also have "Stalker's Blade" from Jinx's Campaign, besides "Riptide Battery", which we got from Yasuo's Campaign. Unfortunately, these relics aren't very versatile and only work well in certain champions. But the next campaigns need, aside from champions from multiple regions, as we'll see very soon, that they are enhanced and with the right relics.


That being said, we have 3 good options for which champions to level up: Jhin, Miss Fortune and Darius. The relics from Darius and Jhin are good for multiple champions, and Miss Fortune's is more for later builds, but her deck is quite strong, and the next campaigns ask for Bilgewater. Choose one of them which pleases you the most and level them up to 2-Star. I'll choose Darius, so, when I refer to Darius from the on, consider it to be the champion you've chosen.

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If you feel any difficulty in progressing with our new Darius, complete repeated adventures until you level someone up to Level 15, and get some Wild Fragments. Afterward, do his exclusive adventures to get "Crownguard Inheritance". You'll probably hit Legend Level 12 during this process, which completes a quest, and now we have to beat either Nautilus or Zed to unlock the 2,5-Star adventures, which are Viktor and Draven.

Don't forget to beat the other 2-Star adventure with Darius to unlock another relic. We'll talk more about relics in the champion specific guides, but, for now, keep in mind that "Guardian's Angel", "Galeforce" and "The Curator's Gatebreaker" are the most "combable" random relics, and getting one (or more) is already a good sign for you.

2,5-Star Adventures

We now have two quests to finish Chapter 4: beating a Quest, beating four 2,5-Star adventures and levelling up 5 champions to Level 8. Most likely, you already have 3 champions at Level 8: Jinx, Lux and Darius.

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Both new campaigns ask for any random champion; that champion will obviously be Jinx or Lux due to their level and Stars. Let's focus on a Bilgewater champion now, as our Darius fulfills the Noxus condition in Viktor's campaign, and that is one of the reasons we've unlocked Darius first.

For the Bilgewater champion, let's choose Miss Fortune, because we have the relic "Luden's Tempest", which is excellent on her. When we put her at 2-Star, don't forget to beat her Campaign and get "Tempest Blade". Go through the campaigns with her, so she can reach Level 8, and you can equip her with "Luden's Tempest".

Unless the champion you got in the Chapter 3's Gold Vault was Illaoi, which also gives out a relic, ignore the champion you got and level up Miss Fortune, because her relic is part of a few combos you can do in later levels. Illaoi's relic is very weak and doesn't have many uses, but you can save a few days for it if you like. As I got Jack, I'll focus on Miss Fortune for now.

Now put Yasuo also at Level 8, and beat each of the 2,5-Star adventures with Jinx and with Lux to complete the Chapter.

If you've chosen Jhin when I chose Darius, now you'll have to upgrade Yasuo to complete Draven's Campaign instead of Viktor's.

The issue is that Draven is a bit harder, and, like I said before, Yasuo needs 3 Stars to be effective, besides forcing you to level up another champion to Level 8 to complete this Chapter. But I'll consider you've chosen Darius and then Miss Fortune for the rest of the guide.


Chapter 5 - The First 3-Star Champion

When you finish Chapter 4, we'll move on to Chapter 5, which doesn't include anything special; it just requires you to level up some of your champions, and beat 2,5-Star adventures.

Let's take a breath here. First, you've probably unlocked 2 random champions when you completed the quests and got vaults. Put 2 of them at Level 5 to complete another quest and get another Rare Relic. Remember you already have 5 champions at Level 5: Jinx, Lux, Darius, Miss Fortune and Yasuo.

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Now, finish Viktor's Campaign, beating him with Miss Fortune. Equip "Luden's Tempest" on her, as it is the best relic for her, and you probably won't have many issues, even if you are a bit underleveled.

Afterward, put Jinx, Lux and Darius at Level 15, if you haven't done that yet, so you can complete another quest.

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So, we'll put star up our first champion to 3-Star to complete the quest below.

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It is intuitive that we put Jinx at 3-Star, but we must choose Lux now for a simple reason: she's not as dependent on relics as Jinx is.

Though Jinx is quite strong, and we'll make her a deadly machine later on, that requires very specific relics, which requires a few days of farming. I'm not certain, but if I recall correctly, the relic "Arcane Comet" is guaranteed in one of the first Silver Reliquaries you get during your quests, and a Level 18 Lux with "Arcane Comet" easily completes any of the Weekly Adventures that give out a Silver Reliquary. That guarantees us a Rare Relic every week, which is very important.

After upgrading Lux to Level 20 with 3 Stars, all there's left for us to do is beat 6 2,5-Star adventures. That doesn't need to be done with different champions, because you can beat them with the same champion, as you've done in the last chapter. Do that to finish this chapter.

Final Words and a Glimpse from Beyond

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After we complete Chapter 5, and beat Viktor (or Draven), we unlock Galio, Kai'Sa and Thresh, and that completes all regions.

To continue, we need at least 1 champion from each region leveled up and with good relics. From now on, we will take several days to level up our champions and get the necessary relics, because, like I said, campaigns are no longer as trivial here.

Now, we'll pause our progression and focus a bit more on specific champion guides to complete the 3 new quests, and, then, free up The Path of Champions' Final Boss: Aurelion Sol. Keep an eye out, and I'll see you there!

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