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Lux: The Path of Champions Champion Guide

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Lux is a great champion for beginners because she uses relics which are easy to get, has a simple playability and is very efficient. Throughout this guide, we'll get to know everything about her - her deck, her levels, her relics, choice strategies and much more!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Welcome to the first champion guide for The Path of Champions (TPoC). If you've read the past guideslink outside website, then your Lux should be 3 star. The next quests ask for a well-built champion in each region with good relics, and our chosen champion for Demacia will be, initially, Lux.

This champion is great for beginners because she uses relics which are easy to get, has a simple playability and is very efficient. Throughout this guide, we'll get to know everything about her: her deck, her levels, her relics, choice strategies and much more!


So, let's go!

Broad Overview of the Champion

Lux is a combo champion which wants, mostly, to create a good board, so, when we drop her, we create a series of attacks with the enemy board stunned, and this way win the game.

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Have in mind that playing with Lux in TPoC means to create and do anything to maintain units which soon will be buffed and attack multiple times with Rally, which will come from the Golden Aegis from your 2-Star power.

Our whole strategy consists of that, but first we'll check our standard deck and its enhancements as we level up Lux, besides our powers.

Starting Deck and Enhancements









Mageseeker Conservator




Last Breath. Last Breath: Create in hand a random 6+ cost spell from a region other than Demacia.

+1/+1 // When I'm summoned, draw 1.

2 // 27

Mageseeker Inciter




Grant me +2|+2 once you've played a 6+ cost spell this game.

+0/+2 //+1/+1 Fury. I am a Dragon.

6 // 24

Brighsteel Protector




Play: Give an ally Barrier this round.



Laurent Protege







Vanguard Sergeant // For Demacia!

Unit // Slow Spell

3 // 6


When I'm summoned, create a For Demacia! in hand. // Give all allies +3|+3 this round.



Succession // Dauntless Vanguard

Slow Spell // Unit

3 // 3


Summon 1 Dauntless Vanguard

Get an Empty Mana Gem


Mageseeker Inciter




Grant me +2|+2 once you've played a 6+ cost spell this game.



Lux //Lux's Prismatic Barrier

Champion // Burst Spell // Slow Spell

5 // 3 // 0


Barrier. I've seen you play 6+ mana of spells. When I level up, create a Final Spark in hand. // Give an ally Barrier this round.

Create a Lux in your deck. // Overwhelm. Fleeting. Deal 4 to an enemy. If there are no enemies, deal 4 to the enemy Nexus instead.


Slow Spell


I cost 1 less for each ally that died this round. Summon a random 5 cost follower from Demacia.

Grant your Strongest Ally a random common item this game.




Lighting the Way I

Each round, the first time you play a spell, refill spell mana up to its cost.

Pushing My Limits

+1 starting mana. After you play 6+ mana of spells, create a 0-cost Golden Aegis in hand.

Lighting the Way II

Each round, the first time you play a spell, refill mana up to its cost.


Notice that our deck composition consists of units that create spells and spells that create units, and our enhancements, in general, serve to keep our units on board and have better trades, besides enhancing our ability to keep our board.

Level 18 is particularly impactful because it makes Succession "skip" from turn 4 to turn 5, which in turn makes us able to fit in our combo faster. Notice that our 1/3-star powers help us cast spells (create units) and play units, and our 2-star power depend on us having spells to play and units to attack.

This way, our perfect sequence is:

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Obviously, this sequence of turns is very difficult to do exactly in this order, but it translates well to what our deck intends to do. Let's try using other resources, such as support champions and relics, to try and get closer to this curve.


Relics are the guaranteed part of The Patch of Champions. Many champions can carry "by themselves" because they have good relics.

Remember that, in later challenges, there is close to no window to escape this strategy, so we have to think about relics to win either on the turn we play our champion or the next one.

With Lux, this concept is faithfully well-established. Let's take a look at the relics proposed to work with her:

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First Relic: Tempest Blade

"When I level up, stun all enemies": at first, it doesn't seem what we would want the most for Lux, correct? But, at least in TPoC, our Lux is no longer a spell/control champion; she is a board champion which attacks.

By Stunning the enemy board, we are looking for a series of precise attacks to win at the exact turn we level up, taking advantage of the board we built and the free Rally's with Golden Aegis, as the following video demonstrates:

If you've been following along the past guides, you probably already have this relic, which you can get from Miss Fortune's 2-Star campaign.


Second Relic: Arcane Comet

Keep in mind that Falling Comet costs 6 mana and is a slow spell: it is useful to guarantee that we have a spell, so we can level up Lux on the turn right after the turn we played her. It also gives us a certain board control in case we can't finish right away (which tends to be quite rare), on the turn we stunned the whole enemy board.

This spell, alongside our Final Spark, can give you control of the creatures played right after Tempest Blade was activated.

Third Relic: Banshee's Veil

Even though it is a common green relic, there is no better choice. One of the main combo principles is to keep your key-card alive; it is fundamental that our Lux stays alive for at least 1 turn, so we can combo.

Other relics can provide small quality of life features, such as "Archangel's Staff", which provides more mana to develop the board, "Chemtech Duplicator", which provides another Golden Aegis and Final Spark, or "Hymn of Valor", which makes one unit stronger, but that isn't that necessary if you can keep a good board.

At the end of the day, the safety provided by Banshee's Veil is a bit better, not to mention the effort and/or luck necessary to get the relics above.

Power Selection and Support Champions

This is the part of TPoC which we don't control, so it's hard to specify anything, because each campaign will happen differently which will depend on what shows up, randomly, for us. Anyhow, there are a few general mechanics which we should look for or avoid.

Mana "ramp", for instance, is a mechanic that will hardly be bad, and excluding cards from your deck will also follow along this line; other mechanics, such as powers and draw items or lowering the cost of card effects, might depend on the champion we're playing.

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As for our Lux, we'll need space in hand to store our Golden Aegis, and we'll have to use spells in a calculated manner, so it is good to avoid powers that draw or add cards to the hand, such as "Bouncing Blades", which creates a Blade's Edge in hand, or "Memory Game", which keeps filling our hand with things we no longer want.

Another mechanic to be avoided is lowering the cost of spells. Powers such as "Quick Draw", which lowers the cost of spells drawn, and "Wild Inspiration", which lowers the cost of created cards, must be avoided at all costs, because they break our spell curve, which must have from 3 to 6 mana.

The only power that really changes the game for Lux is "Slow But Steady", which doubles the slow spells and the copies count as mana spent. That effectively makes a 3-cost slow spell create a Golden Aegis, and a Final Spark, if the Lux is on board. A slow spell, such as Falling Comet, loses its target, but it creates two Golden Aegis.

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"Sorcery", which refills spell mana at match start, is also a power that changes the game, because it allows developing units, playing spells, and playing more units - notice that, even when spending mana spell, the 3-star power "Lighting the Way II" refills regular mana, and it is even better if that spell is Succession, which already "ramps" our mana. This power also allows you to use 6-cost spells on turn 3, such as Remembrance, and any other thing you get along the way.


For champions, most are unwanted and will only be useful to get cards you won't want in your deck. Taric, which copies Golden Aegiss played on him and Udyr, which creates 3-cost spells, slow, which enhance units, are the only cases which add to our strategy. But, in general, we must roll for powers such as "Sorcery" and "Slow But Steady" or some mana ramp, board control, etc.

Final Words and a Glimpse Beyond

By following these tips, you'll easily win against Galio, Kai'Sa and Thresh, and that already guarantees us many extra blue relics.

Our next guide will be based on Gwen, because, with her at 3-star, we can already fulfill another Galio and Kai'Sa requirement, and we complete and kill the quest of winning 3-star battles with a Shadow Isles champion.

Gwen presents a very simple game style, and it is also good for most Weekly Quests.

So, that's it, did you like the guide? Leave a comment if you did. See you next time!