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Get to know the names of all the units which aren't visible inside their Cards

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Though some units have their names written in their cards, not all of them do. In this article you will kill your curiosity by getting to know the names of those units which you're used to playing!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Recently, while I was playing Taliyah / Ziggslink outside website, I hovered over the Inventive Chemist's card art and, by reading the text that goes with the art, I found out this yordle's name was Giselle! I shared this discovery through a tweetlink outside website which got nice feedback.

Some grassroots tourneys game's casters, such as DanGG and Mah Sgarbi told me that they would begin to say the name Giselle on their castings and Mah suggested that I make an article bringing out the names of other units which aren't yet known by a great portion of the LoR players. Because I like a good challenge, I accepted the suggestion.


Some explanations

Though many known units in the game already have their names written in their cards (as it is the case with Corina, Cithria, Genevieve, Farron, Ledros and many others), the great portion of the cards have only some adjectives to describe them, as it is with even Inventive Chemist, which I talked about previously. That being the case, I opened card by card and read all of their texts, looking for unit names with unknown names. Besides that, I started to listen for the interaction among the cards themselves while I was playing, because in between one interaction and another, the cards themselves call each other by name.

The cards that didn't have their names in their texts or had interactions that revealed their names, are out of this list. The cards that already had their names written in the names of the cards themselves (by obvious reasons), were also excluded from this list, but everything else is here, so I can assure you that this is the complete list with all the unit names which aren't visible ingame.

The list is divided by regions (in alphabetic order), and the units are organized by cost order. Check it out:


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Fortune Croaker - Babs

Boxtopus - Pablo

Marai Warden - Ai'la

Our dear Marai Warden, Ai'la, is like Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. She spends every minute of her day daydreaming about the day she will be free and will meet the world around her.

Marai Songstress - Tama

Lounging Lizard - Leonard

Abyssal Guard - Loto

Mystifying Magician - Marvolio

Avatar of the Tides - Leo'lei

Bandle City

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Yordle Squire - Peppy

Peppy is a mini Poppy (even their names are alike) and has the champion as her big inspiration to be a hero, and that is without mentioning that she also admires Poppy quite a lot.

Inventive Chemist - Giselle

Assistant Librarian - Jelly

Hothead - Otto

Arena Promoter - Karl

Yordle Ranger - Kip

Safety Inspector - Wilfred

The Arsenal - Arnie


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Honored Lord - Barrett Buvelle

Egghead Researcher - Anden Mayne

Ruined Dragonguard - Gregem

Durand Protege - Shireen

Shireen is a student of the Durand sculptors, who created many Petricite creatures (including Galio), which live in Demacia.

Grizzled Ranger - Bertrand

Dragonguard Lookout - Yessenia


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Tusk Speaker - Chuluun

Chuluun is a shaman of the great walrus who foresees and announces the bounty of the sea and its dangers. His family is one of the oldest to serve the Winter's Claw tribe.

Troll Ravager - Hgar

Shadow Isles

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Hapless Aristocrat - Sassen

Burgeoning Sentinel - Maeve

Maeve is a Sentinel of Light from Demacia; She goes through Runeterra with Senna and other sentinels fighting the threats from Shadow Isles.


Mistkeepers - Tek and Kana


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Young Witch - Bri

Bri is a young witch who found Sir Ribery Montague who had gone in search of a big journey. The girl transformed him into a frog and now drags him (literally!) with her in every one of her adventures!

Silent Shadowseer - Shi

Pathless Ancient - Himon'she


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Blade Squire - Erath

Crimson Aristocrat - Ophelia

Ophelia Noradi is the daughter of Faris Noradi, the Lady of Blood, leader of the Gray Legion. The girl has an inseparable friendship with the other crimsons, Kye, Edvin, and it is implied that she has a romantic relationship with Clara, the other Crimson. All of them are very close and only walk together, as a family.

Crimson Disciple - Clara

Grave Physician - Esslanger

Crimson Curator - Edvin

Thorn of the Rose - Auvray

The Lady Of Blood - Faris Noraldi

Wrathful Rider - Thea

Crimson Awakener - Kye

Crowd Favorite - Vessid

Retired Reckoner - Beryn

Incisive Tactician - Milat

Piltover and Zaun

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Forge Chief - Rosa

Dropboarder - Shomi

Shomi is part of Ekko's crew and is great at hoverboarding! One interesting fact about this character is that they are nonbinary, and even Riot changed this card's name in some translations, using gender neutral terms for their name. The description of the card also is very carefully written so as to not use gender exclusive pronouns, and adopts a neutral language, to respect Shomi.

Ferros Financier - Reggie

Veteran Investigator - J.S. Harknor

Sting Officer - Zayne Asako

Practical Perfectionist - Kay

Patrol Wardens - Mir and Kepple

Unstable Voltician - Klas Henwick


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Aspiring Chronomancer - Tai

Rock Hopper - Samir

Vekauran Vagabond - Najah

Esteemed Hierophant - Padjuman

Sai Scout - Zaifa

Vekauran Safecracker - Tena

Desert Naturalist - Kadira

Both Kadira and Samir show up in texts from Zaifa's diary, which goes through all of Shurima. In the passage about Kadira, Zaifa comments that she tends to break a lot of stuff and also mentions the day she found Grumpy Rockbear.


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Spacey Sketcher - Celeste

Saga Seeker - Tor

Star Shepherd - Illy

Starry Scamp - Leo

Broadbacked Protector - Vin

Stargazer - Lidari

Blinded Mystic - Eshyime

Eshyime was once a renowned prophetess who helped everyone who needed, but one day she lost her Vision to the demon Camphor, which is a monster that wanders through Targon taking from its victims the strong traits that define them.

Mountain Sojourners - Emir and Haley


So, did you enjoy figuring out the names of LoR units? Which name did you like the most?

If you have any suggestions for another curiosity article, just tell me down below in the comment section! ;)