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Patch 4.1 Analysis: Is it the end of Jinx Lulu?

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The Star Guardian deck was the most nerfed one in this balancing patch. Gwen remains unchanged. Will we have Lissandra back into the meta? That and much more you'll see in this article!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Legends of Runeterra has finally given start to the new preparations for the year of 2023, which promises to revolutionize the game. There are a series of programmed changes for the competitive format which are already valid for patch 4.1, but the focus of this article is on nerfs and buffs that have come along with this new update.

What is the final score? Who really suffered, and who came out on top with these changes? Let's find out now:

Nerf Analysis

Lulu Jinx

Unfortunately, this deck took a major L with these nerfs. Poro Cannon costing 1 lowers a lot the aggressive might this deck proposes, and lowering Super Mega Death Rocket!'s damage to 3 also causes Lulu Jinx to take longer to finish matches. I believe this deck will disappear a bit after these changes.



This was a fair change, but it made me sad.

Quietus was one of the best removals in the game, but a 1 cost spell being able to kill champions which cost 5, 6 or even more was extremely unbalanced. With Quietus' target's limitation, this card is now fair.

Eye of Nagakabouros

Another fair nerf! It was quite annoying that a player could get a burst speed blocker right at the moment you had an attacker about to deal the last blow to their Nexus, so now the spell is much fairer.


This change won't affect Red Gwen at all, as the Hallowed stack increases Katarina's attack, but in decks such as Leona Katarina and Yasuo Katarina, it might be a relevant change.

However, as the main deck with Katarina is Red Gwen and Gwen is never nerfed, we'll probably have another meta dominated by this deck. Excited? I'm not.

Kayn e Aatrox

Slowing down the draw speed of Aatrox and Kayn is an okay nerf. I confess I don't know how much this will impact the deck, which is quite strong, but that's something, right?

Buff Analysis

As there were numerous buffs, I won't speak on each one, but those I consider most relevant.


Putting Overwhelm on Jax opens up space for him to use other equipment, which is great, but the best buff to him was adding the Weaponmaster subtype to the spell Fish Fight, as it unlocks him from Demacia and opens up space for him to shine with other champions in other regions.


With the numerous buffs to Ornn and his followers, it is very likely we'll see him return to work with Jax. This was a deck that players tested out when they were released, but it didn't end up really strong.

Now, as we can use the spell Fish Fight in the deck and with the great buffs to the Forge archetype, it is very likely this deck shows up more frequently and consistently.


This buff caught me by surprise and I confess I was very happy with it. I've always enjoyed playing Dragon decks (I loved Zoe Shyvana Aurelion Sol) and the fact that Shyvana can now level up in the deck is very relevant, as often she would die before leveling up and then, when you drew another Shyvana, you had to restart her level up count.

Besides that, lowering the cost of the Strafing Strike Shyvana creates to 2 mana is very nice, as once or twice it would happen that you couldn't use this spell because it was 3 mana, so now you'll have a removal with a more accessible cost.


I believe this buff to Lissandra will cause Taliyah Lissandra to come back into the meta, but the deck won't be as strong as before.

But that's something, right? After many nerfs, the deck disappeared for good, and I am happy with this possible comeback because it is one of my favorite decks.

Albus Ferros

Wow, this one, I think they overdid it. Heimerdinger Jayce will get much stronger, and it is even possible that Jayce Lux returns because it will be too much Nexus damage with Albus Ferros, and leveled Jayce and Lux on board.


Hate Spike

This spell was already used a lot in Heimerdinger Norra and Norra Veigar when it dealt 2 damage, imagine how it will be as it now deals 3 damage. It is a very relevant buff that makes various Shadow Isles decks much stronger!

New Card Analysis

Soul Cleave

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It is impressive how Shadow Isles always gets good cards! I risk saying this card will shape the meta and will allow for many crazy combos. Viego, Anivia, decks with The Undying and even Red Gwen are going to love this card and I can already see players having a lot of headache because of it.


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This is an interesting removal for Shurima, but I believe it won't see as much play as the first one. Probably Taliyah Lissandra and Sundisc will be the decks that will bring a copy of this card, but I might be wrong, and it can surprise us all.

Final Thoughts

I liked most buffs and nerfs, though I think they are taking too long to nerf Gwen and some of her followers that make not only Red Gwen but also many other decks with this champion a bit outside the curve. I've also missed nerfs in decks such as Varus Pantheon and Varus Akshan Sivir and I think LeBlanc, Evelynn and Karma deserve a bit of love.

Other than that, I liked the patch. What about you? Let's talk about it in the comment section! ;)