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First Days of LoR's Daily Rumbles: Players Give Their Feedback

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Legends of Runeterra's new format draws in feedback in the game's Beta Tournament Season. Players give their two cents about exhausting times, bugs, and entry fees.

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Legends of Runeterra's new format, the Daily Rumbles, have already drawn in numerous complaints, though the mode has only been up for a few days. The format was announced earlier in the year, in January, as a new way for competitive players to scratch their itch.

Ever since then, however, details regarding the format were already being discussed and debated, notably, the entry fees, its casual x competitive aspect and, now that the format has gone live, players have found yet another possible issue: the long hours of dedication required to actually play in it.


Entry Fees

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In the beta season, to participate in the daily format, an entry fee of 650 Green Shards (a free resource in the game acquired through quests, weekly chests and other reward tracks) is required, but eventually when the actual Tournament Season goes live, the determined price will go up to 2000 green shards.

Before the Rumbles even started, players commented that the price was too high for anyone who hasn't been playing since the game's release. For a more casual player, considering the Rumbles are a daily event, it is impossible to participate in more than 1 or 2 rumbles a week with the current resource acquisition system the game provides.

As a comparison, to acquire a Champion Card in the game, the game's staple cards, for each copy of them, 3000 green shards are required. The weekly chest, besides giving a free Champion Wild Card, another resource to acquire champion cards, gives out an average of 3000 - 5000 shards, which means a casual player who has not played since the game's release will possibly not be able to play the competitive format much more than two times a week without compromising their card acquisition.

Format Issues and Bugs

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This Thursday, players were introduced to the "Standard" Best of 3, 3 decks, 1 ban format in Daily Rumbles.

As Rumbles end when the player gets either 6 wins or 3 losses, this required, at minimum, 12 individual wins for 6 consecutive wins, or double that, 24 matches at a maximum, in case the player got unlucky with their results. Players reported 2 hours minimum to complete the Rumble.

Considering in a few regions of the world this new tournament mode started at around 6 P.M., with some regions even experiencing starting times at 9 P.M. or later, even the most dedicated of players felt the mode needed some tuning.

To make matters worse, some regions experienced trouble getting into the mode early on. The EMEA server, the European server, only had 4 hours of the mode up out of the promised 12 hours, cutting their time to complete the mode to a third of what it should be. Some players also got fewer rewards than they were promised for this mode, another bug that impacted the first days of Rumbles significantly.

Another curious aspect of this mode is the fact it was still closed decklist, which means players couldn't access their opponents' lists. Though this is similar to what Gauntlets were before, many competitive and casual players alike complained about this aspect of the mode.

Casual x Competitive Angle

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Much has been said about the new Competitive Circuit for Legends of Runeterra. Most competitive players have given incredible reviews of the new system, but a few have contested the Daily Rumbles in particular, as their role in the grand scheme has become a bit confusing.

There are a few aspects of Rumbles that cater to the casual players. The new format's schedule has already been announced, containing a few very unusual deck limitations, or rather, the lack of them thereof: players will be able to play with as many champions as they like, as many regions as they like, and even add up to 75 cards in their deck in a few of the modes.


Furthermore, the mode's matchmaking is more or less not completely attuned to players' rank or skill level, lowering the mode's competitive aspect, as high-level players often face low-level players and the difference in skill level is sorely felt by both.

However, the dedication required to play in this format pushes it toward a competitive, dedicated profile of players. To start, the entry fee is something most competitive players can afford, and not something casual players can.

In addition, as we have mentioned before, some of the game formats used in this competitive tourney extend the number of game hours required to acquire full rewards to a whopping 2 hours minimum per day. Even though this should be something the competitive profile of players would enjoy, not even the most dedicated players have found this amount of game time to be adequate.

To complete the transformation, the "Trophies", the game's competitive tokens, it rewards its winners are useful for those who want to get into the game's World Championship, set to happen later this year. Competition to acquire these tokens have pushed most competitive players to try out this mode as much as they can and get their wins.

Where to Give Feedback?

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Players have been vocal on various social media, including Reddit, Twitter and Discord, regarding all these issues, and fortunately, the game developers, and Riot Rubinzoo, particularly, as he is the one in charge of the game's competitive aspect, have been answering questions, fixing bugs and overall collecting feedback regarding Legends of Runeterra's new competitive mode.

Hopefully, all these issues can be straightened out in this Beta season before the actual Tournament Season starts in April.