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New Game Modes in LoR: Unlimited and Free Decks to Discover!

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The Daily Rumbles will break the game's deckbuilding rules, allowing very different decks. Here you will see some ideas of old and new decks to test out and win!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The new competitive mode, Daily Rumbles, will allow the standard deckbuilding rules to be broken. The two new game modes will be the Champions Unlimited and the Free Build.

The first allow you to add more than the standard 6 champions in your build, whereas the second will allow you to create decks with 30 to 75 cards, up to 10 regions and how many champions you'd like.

So that you don't start out the competitive beta season confused, I've brought a few decks that can work and entice your curiosity to create your own.


Decks for the Unlimited Champions mode

With patch 4.1, besides the competitive mode, we will also get numerous buffs and nerfs which can shake up the meta a lot. Some strong decks remain and can still be played, but we can create new decks as well.

Even more so because in this mode we can use as many champions as we'd like. Here, I won't list entirely new decks, but known options that can work well if you add a few champions.

Gwen Katarina Elise

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Elise can bring a more aggressive game start to this deck, and she was included by 1 or 2 copies when the deck just started being created, but she lost space to Katarina, who became the big star. Even still, she is a great champion, particularly now that she doesn't die to Quietus.

Speaking of which, Quietus should remain a viable option, as now you can use the Blade's Edges created by Katarina to slay enemies that have lost enough health.

The nerf Katarina got won't be as relevant in this deck, as she works mostly as a Rally tool and a damage tool with the Blade's Edges.

Norra Veigar Senna

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The presence of Veigar in this deck suffers a little because of one detail: there isn't a lot of Darkness creation. Fortunately, now we can add Senna to the deck without a big downside. This way, you can create a constant threat.

The nerfs to Quietus took out this card from this list, but they also mean Veigar is immune to this spell, just like Norra in her level 2. Besides that, as we create many units, we can add Hate Spike, with its recent buff.

Teemo Lulu Jinx

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This is a deck that I pondered over whether to include here. Though it was nerfed, it was so powerful that it might be able to hang on. Besides that, as we'll see lots of experimentation, Aggro decks tend to go well against jank decks.

Teemo is a good addition to the deck as a turn 1 elusive, particularly after the nerf Poro Cannon got.

Swain Katarina Twisted Fate

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One of the decks used at Worlds, Katarina Twisted Fate applies a lot of pressure while it prepares its powerful late game board state. Though Katarina was nerfed, here she fulfills a role mainly of providing Blade's Edges, but of course Rallying is also good.

The addition of Swain allows you to place a powerful unit on board when he levels up, which happens easily and cost free for this deck.

Sivir Akshan Varus

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One of the few decks that didn't get nerfs already worked using three champions due to Varus' guaranteed draw. With the addition of more Sivirs, the deck gets more strength mid-game, as she is an excellent unit to get buffs and equipment.

Aphelios Pantheon Varus

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Just like the previous deck, this is an already existing deck that works well with the addition of more copies of a champion which was already in it. Now, it's Aphelios who shows up as a 3-of. This helps the deck create more value keeping its cards on the board, because of the Infernum and Severum's buffs, besides the flexibility of the other moon weapons.


Aphelios Leona Diana

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The addition of Diana in this deck allows it to dominate early game, now that Quietus has been nerfed. Aside from that, with Aphelios and Pale Cascade, it is possible to see this champion leveling up and becoming a real threat.

Free Build Decks

As it has been said, the Free Build mode allows you to use from 30 to 75 cards, up to 10 regions with an unlimited number of champions. So, I brought some new concepts and decks which were enhanced with these new rules, as many different options have come up.

Jax Tristana

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This deck went through a bit of experimentation when Jax was released with his multiregion followers, but it never really took off.

As it is possible to use only 30 cards, this deck gets more reliable, as the chance of drawing the necessary cards increases. Besides that, we can now use Fish Fight as part of Jax's region and Divergent Paths as well as an extra copy of The Bandle Tree.


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Maybe Ryze's favorite thing is being able to use any burst spell existing, but he might end up liking the consistency acquired by using a smaller deck. With just 32 cards, it gets much easier to find the Delve Into the Past, besides having more control options available.

Nautilus Twisted Fate

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The most important thing for a Nautilus deck is to reach 16 cards remaining in the deck to activate Deep. With 10 cards less, this gets A LOT easier. However, Maokai becomes a problem, as you don't want to run out of cards.

Fortunately, we have Twisted Fate as a strong option, as he can draw cards with his ability Blue Card or control the enemy board with the other ones.

Zoe Aphelios Seraphine

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This deck is quite experimental, but can be potentially quite fun. You will basically use 1 of each of the best cards possible from the many regions.

This works perfectly with Zoe's level up condition and Seraphine's effects. If you'd like, you can add 2 or 3 copies of Back Alley Bar, but as it was nerfed, it isn't such a viable option.


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Without the region restriction, Kai'Sa and her followers can get plenty of options of cards to evolve quickly. The equipment kit allows you to have new keywords and Momentous Choice.

Besides that, the deck has Entreat as a guarantee for you to draw the champion.

Teemo Caitlyn

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This deck is a little bit of a risk as we can face opponents with up to 75 cards, but, in general, we'll see smaller decks, as they are more consistent.

Enjoy a free, easy victory against anyone who uses only 30 cards. This is a well-rounded deck, but we can add Pale Cascade as a protection for our champions.

Annie Jhin Miss Fortune Twisted Fate

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Two of the main existing Aggro decks are Pirates with Miss Fortune and Twisted Fate and Annie Jhin. Why not combine the two? The deck remains aggressive, but it now counts with more champions, and we can use the best units instead of sticking to regions.


Bardo Norra

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Another deck that benefits a lot from having less cards, Bard can get more chimes consistency if the deck is reduced. Besides that, we can use Eye of Nagakabouros to speed up Norra and get more chimes.

Master Yi Trundle

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Without a region limit, we can combine more control options for this deck. With Master Yi's buff, he levels up faster, being able to slay blockers when he attacks, besides being able to reduce the cost of Feel The Rush early on.

Even though it was nerfed, Quietus can work well if you take advantage of the damage caused by Avalanche or Blighted Ravine to slay the opponents which are left on board.

Final Thoughts

We can expect lots of these new modes during the beta month, particularly for Free Build. We'll have new options and testing every day, and it will be possible to catch many players off guard. Besides we also having new decks coming along through the update's buffs and nerfs.

It is possible we also see these modes becoming permanent as Labs in a near future.

Do you already have a deck you want to try out? Tell me about it in the comment section!