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Who are the new LGTQIA+ Characters in LoR

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Since last year, we had the release of even more LGBTQIA+ characters in Legends of Runeterra. To celebrate Pride Month, let's get to know them!

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We're once again celebrating Pride Month, and ever since our last article discussing the characters who are part of the communitylink outside website, we have had many new characters introduced into the game. As we mentioned before, Varus was the first LGBTQIA+ character in League of Legends, and now he is already part of Legends of Runeterra as one of the Darkin saga champions, but, besides him, other champions and followers have arrived, and here you can get to know them a bit better.




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As a shapeshifting demon, it is possible Evelynn doesn't have any concept of gender or sexuality, but she refers to herself as a female being in some of her lines, so let's assume that's the case. She is shown having relations with both masculine and feminine figures, so we can assume she is bi or pansexual. Maybe the more pragmatic fans will say she only has relations with people to feed on the suffering she will cause later on, but she has a genuine interest in having fun with Steem, for instance, according to his description:

"Evelynn's first encounter with Steem was a violent, thrilling affair. Evelynn remembered how he smiled with unbridled pleasure as she flayed him, and how he returned the suffering just as eagerly when it was his turn. After finally overpowering Steem, Evelynn chose then not to destroy the lesser demon, but to bind him to her forever. Perhaps, she thought, they could share their mutual love for butchery with the world."

Neeko and Nidalee

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Neeko and Nidalee have spent a lot of time together when Neeko first arrived on the continent, having just left her own home island, and, in the story of the latest expansion, Heart of the Huntress, they are together, fighting against Piltover poachers. Officially, Neeko identifies herself as a lesbian, and she is in love with Nidalee, but the huntress has never returned the curious chameleon's affections, so far.

It is possible Nidalee has feelings for Neeko, but doesn't know how to show them due to her wild nature, as it is possible she might not realize Neeko's advances as well. It is also possible that Nidalee isn't interested in women, as nothing was confirmed from her part, but that would be a waste of potential for their story, as they already have a deep connection, though it is still platonic.

Sett and Aphelios

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When I wrote the last article, there wasn't any confirmation regarding the relationship of these two. Now, however, we know they are part of the community, as they are interested in men. In Runeterra's main universe, they don't have a relationship, but in the Lunar Revel universe they are a couple, and, according to Riot, the sexuality of champions remains, regardless of the universes they show up in.

Besides, from the interactions describing Sett surrendering to Aphelios, we can assume that when they finally meet in the main universe, they will indeed become a couple.

Udyr and Lee Sin

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With the rework of Udyr's story, his relationship with Lee Sin became stronger when the freljordian shaman went to Ionia to enhance his abilities. Though some people disagree that these two have ever been a couple, their interactions in League of Legends suggest otherwise, with Udyr calling Lee Sin a "beloved opponent".


It is possible he says it in a platonic way, but Udyr also compares him to Kalkia, Sejuani's mother, with whom he had a relationship so intense that he still considers Sejuani his daughter. Besides, Udyr wears on his arm one of Lee Sin's blindfolds, which he got as a parting gift when he left Ionia to return to his homeland.


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Varus is one of the Darkin, an ancient Ascendant archer corrupted by the void and imprisoned in his bow. To return to human form, he needed a host. He got that when, during a Noxus invasion in Ionia, Kai and Valmar were attacked and fought against the Noxians.

During the fight, Kai is mortally wounded and taken to the well of Pallas by Valmar, a magical and forbidden place, with the hopes of getting a cure. But it was Varus who was locked at the bottom of the well; he promised to heal Kai in exchange for Valmar's body as a host. During the process, Kai refused to abandon Valmar, and both ended up fusing themselves with Varus.

Now, the three of them inhabit the same body.

Despite the many issues with Varus trying to incite violence and death and almost corrupting Valmar with his thirst for revenge, the couple's love is helping Varus regain his lost humanity.


Samira's Team

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Samira is one of the LGTQIA+ community's favorite characters, and it seems that is also true in LoR. Daring Demolisher and Adroit Artificer, called Miel and Lani, are a lesbian couple, and, through their interactions, we can see that Dashing Dandy shows great interest in Sett.

Buhru Leader

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Buhru Leader has been confirmed to be a trans man. His tattoos represent mastectomy scars, which many trans men have as a gender-affirming care measure.

Wandering Shepherd

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Just like Dropboarder, Wandering Shepherd is a non-binary person. Their description in English uses the neutral pronoun and in other languages it was translated in a way as to not show any gendered pronouns.

Widowed Huntress

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Unfortunately, not every love story has a happy ending. The Widowed Huntress, called Janan, joined Vayne's hunting party after her wife, Laureen, was killed by the Bloodcursed Harpy. We know that through their many interactions with other characters that mention the death of her wife.

Lunari Priestess

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Just like the Widowed Huntress, Lunari Priestess also has a tragic end. This time, however, she was victimized by Evelynn's hands. Evelynn's level 1 artwork shows a moment between them both before Evelynn revealed her true form and end her victim, and it also indicates that Priestess was part of the LGBTQIA+ community.



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As I mentioned before in Evelynn's section, our concepts of gender may not apply to demons, but, anyhow, Steem is shown luring in a man to his waters, and his lines show a lot of sensuality. It is important to remember that, of all Evelynn's demon companions, only Steem seemingly attracts his victims affectionately. Sultur, Domination and Solitude, respectively, impress, dominate or appeal to their victim's empathy, while Vora simply hunts in whichever way she needs.

Honorable Mentions


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Another case of pure speculation, but the community also suspects that Samira might be bi or pansexual. She flirts a lot as part of her standard personality, including with her colleague Elegant Edge, which she states is just her type, and that her own mother would approve.

Seraphine and The Zaun Diva

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Though nothing is confirmed, there is a lot of speculation regarding these two. Throughout their interactions, the two of them have some sort of relationship. Seraphine's dad, Acoustician, tells The Zaun Diva, namely Scratch, that Seraphine can't stop talking about her, and the Diva responds timidly.

We can see, as well, that they look very emotional while looking at each other in their artworks. Both clearly have admiration towards each other, but unfortunately Riot hasn't confirmed if it is just artistic admiration or romantic, though fans have already taken their sides on the matter.

Final Words

We have had a few more LGBTQIA+ characters joining Legends of Runeterra's rooster, but as we have had a few expansions focused on monsters and animals, there weren't that many characters introduced. Besides, considering how the voice acting department has taken a blow lately, it makes it harder for us to get to know a bit more about the characters' personalities, as, for instance, Elegant Edge doesn't have lines to answer Samira's. Fortunately, we still have three confirmed LGBTQIA+ champions to be released: Graves, Rell and K'Sante. And we'll certainly have more followers.

It is important to mention we have also gotten more representation lately as well: Captain Indari is the first wheel-chair user that we have in the game, and we have Anura & Froop showing that the researcher has vitiligo, besides all other characters showing different races and cultures that exist in our world, including Nidalee's redesign, which has removed certain offensive traits from the old interpretation of her character. It is nice to see Riot moving forward in that aspect, but it is also good to see more representation as well.

Did you know these characters already? Is someone missing? Tell us in the comment section.