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Highlights from what we got in patch 1.1

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The update of last Tuesday (12/05), although simple, brought important details that deserve to be mentioned.

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The update of last Tuesday (12/05), although simple, brought important details that deserve to be mentioned. Even without cards being buffed or nerfed (they made it clear that, if necessary, they would do it in the later update) we had important corrections, solving problems that many players had already noticed and complained about.

I will list, with brief comments, what was most relevant. The official statement, with all other information, can be found herelink outside website.


Changes in the expedition are perhaps the most relevant point:

- We had the removal of Legion Rearguard so that the draft of Noxus does not have such a strong early game.

- With the intuition to give a little more space to Insightful Investigator, they chose to remove Rising Spell Force and add Academy Prodigy.

- Last but not least, Unlicensed Innovation, Shady Character and Shadowshift made room for Thermogenic Beam and Statikk Shock, with the goal of adding more solidity through removals.

Among the most relevant bug fixes are:

- Vi temporarily gained +8 de power when leveling up, problem solved.

- The Twisted Fate could not be placed on the field replacing a unit if your field was already full (I experienced this problem on an expedition). I took the test to confirm that it was really solved.

- Now Lee Sin gains Barrier if he level up with the first spell cast in the round.

- Now Sejuani, if at level 2, frostbites enemies when a Round Start trigger damages the enemy Nexus.

- Now Sejuani, if at level 2, can frostbite attacking enemies as it should.

- Visual EXP bugs at the end of the game that we see so many players complaining about have been solved.

- Now Fizz and Lee Sin count the spells that resurrect them to level up. Although it seems simple, having one spell more or less can change the damage calculation and the result of the game.

I highlighted some points, if you have time, I recommend reading the official publication. Anyway, I am available to answer questions.

Good game and until the next patch!