Still not familiar with Cards Realm? Be welcome!

Legends of Runeterra


Still not familiar with Cards Realm? Be welcome!

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Now exploring the world of Legends of Runeterra! Read it to know a little more about us!

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If you haven't seen us before, welcome to our website!

I am Leonardo Pessôa, one of the representatives of Cards Realm, and my goal with this article is to inform you about what content we already have available on the website and what is to come, so that you can enjoy a better experience.

We've recently added Legends of Runeterra to the site, which until recently covered only content from Magic: The Gathering (to change the game just switch the name selected next to the search bar on the top right) . Taking advantage of this change, I decided to give everyone an overview of the features that we have already implemented and things to come.


Probably, if you are a Magic player, you have heard of our website or read some of our articles at some point, but perhaps you had not had the opportunity to explore other tools and content that we provide.

Among what we offer are:

1. A team dedicated to monitoring relevant news and information, with the purpose of maintaining the users who browse our website daily always aware of what is happening. Applies to Magic and, starting this week, to LoR

2. We hire people from different areas of knowledge of the game (such as lore, competitive, budget and art) to write technical articles so that you can learn a little more about everything. Applies to Magic and, in the future, to LoR

3. We work as a tool to register your Magic and LoR collection, as well as your Have and Want lists, making the 'Match' with who has the cards you need. - Trades apply only to MTG

4. We have a great tool for registering Decks of Magic and LoR, allowing analysis of card distribution by cost, color etc. You can view your deck for printing, generate "starting hands" to see if it fits what you expected, among others.

5. We have one of the largest, if not the largest, base of infinite combos for Magic: The Gathering on our website. This functionality will also exist for LoR, a unique place where you can view different combos of the game.

6. Our tournament system is paired in the Swiss format, with all algorithms according to the officials. This type of pairings for tournament development is one of the most used for card games around the world. It is entirely free to create tournaments on our platform.

7. Our Magic Metagame page is one of the most complete in the world, with a lot of information, considering only decks that appear in relevant tournaments. You can find, when opening a deck in our metagame, several variations and percentage of participation of each card. This functionality will exist for Legends of Runeterra soon.

8. We have a team streaming several Magic formats every day of the week. Our Cards Realm team is also expected to soon include a Legends of Runeterra player to stream on the twitch.

9. Our website is available in Portuguese and in English, with the objective of becoming bigger, being able to bring more content and receive more feedbacks to become an even better website.

10. We have a forumlink outside website available for users to chat, exchange memes, ask questions etc. Feel free to publish there.

11. We have a lot of Magic content on youtube and soon we will have LoR - for now only in Portuguese .

12. We always try to keep our spoilers page promptly updated with official information.

13. 14. 15 ... there's a lot to come. You will read lots of news and other relevant content here.

These are some of our initiatives to make your gaming experience even better. We are always listening what our users have to say, so feel free to give us feedback. We will respond it promptly.

I hope you browse all the pages to get to know a little more about us and that following the news and articles around here becomes a habit!


See you!

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Combo player in spare time. Addicted to every and each cardgame. Cards Realm writer.

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