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Analysing Legends of Runeterra's July 2023 Patch (4.7)

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In this article, we'll analyze each change in Patch 4.7.0. This Patch is one of the most expected patches of all time, due to the dominance of the card Siren Song, so let's see if the new changes will shake up the metagame from now on.

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Full Analysis of Patch 4.7.0

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Patch 4.7.0 is here, finally! The community was thirsty for changes, and they have arrived. Many were claiming for Siren Song to be hotfixed, as the card was way too strong, but because of numerous reasons, such as Riot's off days, a change in the World Championship schedule moving everything up a week, and the Runeterra Open dates, the changes for this card were pushed back.


Patch 4.7.0

This Patch was relatively short: the excuse for a smaller number of changes was Riot's off days, which makes sense. For that reason, some changes might seem a bit dated, even more so because the game's meta is very volatile and changes fast, making it hard for developers to precisely hit what they need, even more so with many of them on vacation.

Regardless, right out of the bat I can say that these changes hit the mark, at least, on a few important factors which needed to be changed. Let's head to the analysis.


Crimson Pigeon

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Old Text: I'm granted +1 | +1...

New Text: ...give me +1 | +1 this round.

This effect was expected, because this change had temporarily been done during the Early Access event one day before the release of the Heart of the Huntress expansion. So, we already knew Riot was thinking about changing this card.

It is a quite solid change which prevents lists from abusing this card's snowball capability. The follower still remains strong in the first few rounds.


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Old Speed: Burst.

New Speed: Focus.

This is one of the most expected changes of all time. Devs were quite reluctant to nerf Karma Sett lists in the past few patches, and the deck has dominated the meta very heavily since then. This change influences this archetype's game style severely, as it is no longer possible to combo as an answer to a removal, which forces players to be a bit more careful when they're developing their key cards.

I believe this nerf is more than fair, and it doesn't kill Karma Sett's archetype, but it certainly scares it off from lineups of players who are not that inclined to the Control play style.


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Removed Quick Attack on both levels.

This nerf is one that doesn't make as much sense, and it seems to be an idea that would make sense a while ago. Unfortunately, removing a keyword from Kai'Sa, it being Quick Attack, which is very hard to have in Shurima, might just kill this champion.

She was very well-positioned in the meta in a healthy way, seeing competitive play as an A-tier deck without it being broken. From all the changes in the history of the game, this was the one I least liked, and I'm sure Kai'Sa will disappear from players' radars for a while.

Powder Pandemonium

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Old Cost: 5 mana.

New Cost: 7 mana.

One minute of silence for Powder Pandemonium. I hereby decree the passing of this card, may it rest in peace.

Jokes aside, this is a very heavy nerf, and a bit unnecessary for this card. It already wasn't seeing that much play any longer, and I think the whole community agreed that it was in a healthy moment in the meta. Samira Fizz as a deck was no longer popular or that strong, and now, with this change, the deck certainly doesn't exist anymore.


Legionary Charge

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Old Cost: 2 mana.

New Cost: 3 mana.

This was the only change to a card in the Eternal format. This nerf aims at removing some strength from Samira Seraphine decks, the most dominant deck in that format.

Plaza Guardian

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Old Status: 6/6.

New Status: 5/5.

Though this card is a part of the Standard set, this nerf is focused on the Eternal format as well, as it is part of the main combo in Samira Seraphine lists.

Siren Song

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Old Cost: 4 mana.

New Cost: 6 mana.

This is by far the most expected change of all time in Runeterra.

The whole community spent more than a week speculating how this card would be nerfed, and in the end we reached the not-so-unanimous conclusion that increasing the cost of this card would be enough, maybe to 5 mana. 6-cost, though, is quite expensive, but it makes sense, because the card is indeed too strong, and fits a wide variety of decks in the meta.

This card alone was responsible for bringing to the competitive meta around 6 new decklists or more, and the decks that were strong against it, brought this card themselves. That makes the meta very repetitive and boring to play. It is still uncertain where this card will play, but we can be sure many players will abandon Siren Song lists due to this nerf, and because they are fed up with this deck as well.


Risky Venture

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Old Cost: 3 mana.

Old Text: Deal 2 damage.

New Cost: 4 mana.

New Text: Deal 3 damage.

Though it doesn't look it, this is a buff for this card. Bilgewater as a region has a bit of difficulty removing units directly early and mid-game. This change enhances a bit the damage reach this region has on those units.

Though the cost was increased, the next changes we'll approach will show that it is a bit better to play with the Coin archetype in this region, which will make using this card easier indirectly.


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Old Cost: 3 mana.

New Cost: 2 mana.

This buff, if it was made a year and a half ago, would have been incredibly broken. But the current game state allows this card to cost 2 mana.

Equipment is a very common resource currently, and they aren't affected by silences. As nowadays the most sustainable ways for decks to answer the meta is bringing some resource that has a silence mechanic, this card deserved a bit more attention.

Though it is scary to buff this strongly a card that was already quite popular and common, I don't think it will be broken.

Rimefang Pack

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Old Cost: 1 mana.

Old Status: 1/1, Overwhelm.

New Cost: 3 mana.

New Status: 0/4.

New Text: I have +1 | +0 for each time you've Frostbitten enemies this game.

Now this card has an "Aura" effect, which allows it to grow while it is on board. This change is quite interesting and puts Freljord as a region back into Frostbite decks, which is one of the region's identities.

This change goes in sync with two more cards we'll discuss soon, as this card, actually, isn't collectible, and previously we could only increase her stats with the effects of units that summoned Rimefang Pack.

Frozen in Fear

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Old Text: Frostbite an enemy. Summon a Rimefang Pack. Grant it +1 | +1 for each time you've Frostbitten enemies this game.

New Text: Frostbite an enemy. Summon a Rimefang Pack.

The effect of increasing stats is now an Aura effect in the Pack card, and that is why it was removed from this card.

Rimefang Denmother

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Old Cost: 6 mana.

Old Status: 5/5.

Old Text: Summon a Rimefang Pack. Grant it +1 | +1 for each time you've Frostbitten enemies this game.

New Cost: 5 mana.

New Status: 4/4.

New Text: Summon a Rimefang Pack.

This change follows the pattern of previews changes of transferring the increasing stats effect to Pack's Aura effect. However, this card got a cost reduction, followed by an adjustment in its stats.

That allows it to go down on the board much earlier, bringing Pack as a bonus. Only time will tell if these changes in this set of cards will really be relevant, but one thing is certain: it is very inviting to test these cards even in a competitive setting.


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Old Text: Strike: Create a Coin in hand.

New Text: Strike: Create a Coin in hand. When you refill mana, heal me 1 for each mana refilled.

With Coin nerfed, Jack is nerfed by association, and that is why it is very pleasing to see this change to the champion. Now, possibly, he will become an "auto-include" card in Bilgewater lists, as it is a champion with very solid stats, a great keyword, and which creates a lot of value on his own.

Not to mention, the champion itself creates the resource which makes him heal himself, and that helps Midrange Bilgewater lists come back into the meta big time. This is one of the most exciting changes in my opinion, considering the hype that Jack had in his launch, followed by the disappointment of seeing him perform badly in matches right afterward. Now, he'll have another shot at breaking through the play-rate barriers.


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Old Status: 6/5.

New Status: 5/5.


New Text: Plunder: Create 3 Coins in hand.

This card is amazing, and is one of the best changes in the patch. Angel was one of the promotional cards in her set, showing up in most of the artwork from that time, but it never really saw any play. Now, with this super strong effect, it might just be that Angel becomes a common card in emergent Midrange Bilgewater lists.

This sort of archetype has already been pushed by Riot for some time now, but it never really became strong after rotation, when Gangplank was moved to the Eternal format.

Baccai Witherclaw

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New Text: Play: Grant an enemy Vulnerable.

This card might be a great force for Shurima lists. The region requires special attention after Nidalee's kit came out a bit too weak. As a result, this card is much welcomed in any deck in that region as an alternative way of controlling the board.

Shurima is already based on controlling the board through Vulnerable effects, and this card goes well in all decks which benefit from this archetype.

Faithful Wolfdog

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Old Status: 2/3.

Old Text: Play: Equip me with an equipment that costs 2 or less from hand.

New Status: 1/3.

New Text: Play: Equip me with an equipment that costs 2 or less from hand and Forge me.

This change is one of the most different and unexpected ones in the patch. Forging isn't a Demacia mechanic, usually, and it also doesn't go with this unit's Flavor. But, it is a strong effect which can make a difference competitively, and can enable Vayne's followers back into the meta, as they are all very forgotten right now.

Aurora Porealis

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Old Cost: 6 mana.

New Cost: 5 mana.

Poros were presented with a champion of their own, and that wasn't enough to make the archetype competitive. Though they still make for a relatively weak kit of cards, Poros are still quite popular, and this change might make the life of players who love lil' Poros easier a bit.

Warden of the Tribes

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Old Cost: 9 mana.

New Cost: 8 mana.

This card can now be thought of as a finisher in Neeko lists, though it is still a very expensive card, but maybe this cost reduction will finally push it into a new deck with this champion.

Crested Lionhawk

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Old Status: 5/5.

New Status: 6/6.

This change is quite strong and makes this card a solid choice in slower Demacia lists. The Control archetype in that region was completely rotated, but there's still space for cards such as these to go in decks as an alternative for value generation, something that region desperately needs.


Glacial Saurian

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Old Status: 5/5.

New Status: 5/4, Overwhelm.

This card is the most significant change in the Patch when it comes to buffs. This card was already strong, and quite common in the meta, in more than one list. Now, it can be even too strong.

The good side to that is that Freljord is needs strong cards urgently, and the bad side is that it is very bad when that region becomes the most dominant in the meta. This card can dominate the meta completely, and become an unstoppable force in many lists.

Final Words

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If you've read this far, now you have my full analysis on Legends of Runeterra's July 2023 Patch Notes (4.7)!

Don't forget to share and comment on this article on social media. See you next time!