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Domination: 5 Varus decks to play!

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The owner of the Arrow of Retribution arrives in LoR this Wednesday, and because of that I've selected some quite interesting lists with this champion!

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The second part of The Darkin Saga, titled Domination, comes to LoR this Wednesday (12) and brings 3 New champions: Varus, Seraphine and Vayne.

I will bring articles for each champion and the main lists I've found with them so you can get the decks that catch your eyes the most and play them in the New expansion. Today is his day, the most revengeful Darkin of all: Varus!

About Varus in LoR

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Varus has a similar Origin as Kayn's, and when you build decks with him, you can also add in any Cultist card. The difference is that Varus is guaranteed to be drawn when you play 3 cultist spells and Kayn is guaranteed to be drawn when you summon 3 cultist units.


Varus' mechanics are centered around targeting allies, so he has synergy with champions such as Akshan and Pantheon. He is fated to be played with the game style of buffing him and having him become gigantic so you can deal as much damage as you can with his 2 great level 2 keywords: Quick-Attack and Overwhelm.

Without further ado, let's see the 5 decks I've selected:

Varus Pantheon

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Pantheon is already quite strong in the meta! He has shown up in very consistent lists with Fiora and Akshan and it is very likely that Varus will become his newest best friend.

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This list has many ways of targeting allies, be it with units such as Wandering Shepherd and Iula or with powerful spells such as Momentous Choice and The Expanse's Protection.

It's worth mentioning that this last spell gives Spellshield for the round for just 2 mana and it is a burst spell! So it is a great way of protecting your champions or you can also use it aggressively when declaring a lethal attack.

Varus Akshan

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Another champion that has a lot of synergy with Varus is Akshan. The landmarks that this Rogue Sentinel summons have their countdown reduced as you target your allies, so it is the same level up condition that Varus has, so this list with both of them will work around equipment and spells that target your allies and also making your champions level up and get even stronger.

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The deck's equipment is Treasure of the Sands, which comes from the landmark Buried Armory and it is quite strong early game; and the The Darkin Bloodletters, which are also good early game, and late game can cause a lot of trouble if you opt to summon Xolaani.

The last two highlights of this list go to Ruin Runner, which can be an alternative win condition and Rite of Negation, which can be the key to getting out of dangerous situations and guaranteeing your victories.

Varus Kayn

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And why not bring a list with both Darkin champions in the game? Varus and Kayn have a lot of synergy and both work with Cultists, so it is quite viable to use both in one deck.

The only negative side in this is getting stuck in Runeterra and not being able to bring any other regions in this list. Though the Cultist cards do a lot, we do miss that protection or negation spells that might be more efficient when coming inside another region, but still, it is a very consistent list.

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My highlight goes to the 3 copies of Heedless Resurrection, which can make your opponents quite mad and Utter Devastation, which is a better The Ruination, as it doesn't kill allies which are Darkin or are Equipped.

Varus Renekton

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This Varus deck with Renekton is centered around dealing damage with Overwhelm units. As I've talked about previously, Varus has Overwhelm at his level 2 and keeps his Quick attack too, which makes him even stronger.


Renekton is a champion that if he is well-protected, he can cause a lot of headache, as he grows in power a lot and also has Overwhelm. It is worth mentioning that he is based in Shurima, so we have Rite of Negation in this list and because of Varus, this list also brings the aforementioned The Expanse's Protection, which can protect even more Renekton and make him a fatal threat.

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To finish, we also have 2 other units which have Overwhelm and are very strong: Xolaani, which comes from The Darkin Bloodletters equipment, and Ruin Runner, which goes very well with a new equipment from this expansion called Swinging Glaive. There are 2 copies of this equipment in the deck and it can make all the difference as it creates buffs and/or keywords that come from the Lucky Find it generates when the ally who is equipped with this spell strikes.

Varus Riven

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Riven and her units have the Reforge mechanic, so they create a bunch of blade fragments which are used by targeting your allies to create the Blade of the Exile, which is also a spell that targets a chosen ally and grants it permanent buffs. This way, this champion can help Varus level up quite quickly.

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This list is quite centered towards aggression, so there are a lot of low cost units and also free attacks that are created with the Ruined Reckoner. The best angle is to use the spell Midnight Raid on Riven or Varus, as they will be the units in which you will concentrate your buffs.

Final Thoughts

Are you excited to play Varus? Which of the decks I've talked about in this article were you most interested to play? Tell me about it in the comment section!