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Domination: 5 Decks with Seraphine!

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The Starry-Eyed Songstress arrives to LoR this Wednesday and I've selected very interesting lists with this champion!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The second part of The Darkin Saga, titled Domination, comes to LoR this Wednesday (12) and brings 3 New champions: Varus, Seraphine and Vayne.

I will bring articles for each champion and the main lists I've found with them so you can get the decks that catch your eyes the most and play them in the New expansion. Today is her day, the most popular Runeterra songstress: Seraphine!

About Seraphine in Lor

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Seraphine brings a mechanic that was already in the game, but didn't have as much highlight. The term "New" refers to cards you haven't played yet in the match (whoever played the Back Alley Bar list is quite well-versed in this mechanic) and this champion's kit revolves around this term.


For this champion to level up, you need to have played 6+ New spells in the match and her leveled form is quite powerful! Seraphine copies the effect of all New spells that cost 2 or less. Keep in mind that there are ways to lower the cost of more expensive spells, so you can do unexpected combos with this champion leveled!

Without further ado, let's go to the 5 decks I've collected:

Seraphine Karma Viktor

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If Karma Viktor was already good without Seraphine, imagine with her and her followers! I took my own list and I added 3 copies of Seraphine (for that, I took out 2 copies of Viktor and 1 copy of Karma), I took some cards out and added some New ones that might elevate the Back Alley Bar to New levels!

Among the New stuff, we have Acorn, the Hextechnician, which lowers the cost of the most expensive card in your hand every time it strikes the enemy Nexus. The longer this unit is alive, the cheaper your spells get, which can make some of them cost 2 mana and therefore combo with a flipped Seraphine.

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Speaking of 2 cost spells, the Fanclub President manifests spells that cost 5 and lowers their cost to 2. Can you imagine casting a 2 cost Withering Wail and have Seraphine double it? It is a very powerful combo, so I believe this New unit will give us a lot to talk about in the matches!

Regarding the New spells, we have Drum Solo, which draws 2 cards and if flow was activated the previous round, these cards come with their cost reduced by 2 mana. Finally, there's 2 copies of Unworthy Soul, which is simply an even better Will of Ionia!

Seraphine Viktor

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A region that can create spells in a very fast and cheap way is Bandle City, so here Seraphine joins forces with Viktor and goes to the yordle region, a place where we have Conchologist and Trinket Trade, which create New spells in your hand and help Seraphine level up.

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This list also brings back Curious Shellfolk, which take advantage of pranks and create New, discounted spells in your hand. These spells can be doubled by Seraphine and cause a lot of headache to your opponent!

Seraphine Zoe

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Another champion that benefits from seeing New cards is Zoe, which levels up when she sees 10 different cards being played. Accompanied by Seraphine, both champions can level up easily, as there is a lot of card generation in this list that also uses Back Alley Bar, Back Alley Barkeep and Fanclub President.

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This deck goes beyond and tries to make Purrsuit of Perfection a thing, as after the use of 20 different cards, it is possible to use this spell and summon a very powerful Catastrophe. In a world in which this spell can be set to cost 2 mana, Seraphine can double this spell's effect and summon 2 Catastrophes.

Seraphine Master Yi


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This one is quite similar to the Seraphine Karma Viktor list, so this version also brings Back Alley Bar, but now Seraphine joins forces with Master Yi, which lowers the cost of spells in your hand permanently at the start of every round.

This way, Master Yi can make a lot of your spells cost 2, and then same old story, right? A flipped Seraphine loves 2 cost spells, so Master Yi can be this champion's best friend!

Seraphine Nami

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Finally we have a combination that might make a lot of players very anxious: Nami and Seraphine! Nami is a champion that takes advantage of low cost spells being played, as it buffs her allies. With Fleet Admiral Shelly summoned then, it is madness! Imagine this scene then with a flipped Seraphine on board, doubling all spells and killing Shelly and Nami of happiness, while they all buff their allies!

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Of course this list won't leave Coral Creatures and Wiggly Burblefish behind, because they create 1 cost spells in your hand, which can make Seraphine level up. And speaking of spells, this list has a lot, like a LOT of spells! For those who like playing a lot of buffs and buffing allies, this is the ideal deck!

Final Thoughts

Are you excited to play Seraphine? Which of the decks I've introduced in this article were you most interested in playing? Tell me about it in the comment section! <3