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Deck Guide: Jinx Ekko Burn, straight from Zaun!

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With a Burn strategy, this Zaun pair is causing a lot of destruction in ranked ladder matches! Check out a full deck guide!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Some recent changes to Jinx made this champion a little more inviting, and some decks with her started seeing play again in ranked, however her changes made possible new combinations such as the Ekko partnership.

Explosive Pair!

Jinx is roaming Legends of Runeterra ever since the game was released and she already had partners of multiple regions for her Burn decks, her mechanic at times being very strong and now with Ekko it can offer consistent burn and create new plays around the word "predict".


Deck Summary: So anyways, I started blasting

Jinx and Ekko's mechanics don't seem to have that much synergy, but we have many cards that together do a lot of damage! Among the most important plays, we'll try to fill the deck with Hexite Crystal, abuse predict to have copies in hand, clean the enemy board and deal as much Nexus damage we can.

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Ekko is an excellent unit and helps with card draw, besides being a self-made engine by helping with his own level up as he stays on board, which can change the course of the game. His downside is the additional cost to draw those cards, a con that is easily solved if he manages to level up.

Many times he will be summoned already leveled, helped by the many predict cards. One of the strongest traits found in this champion doesn't depend a lot on his board presence, which is the creation of Chronobreaks, a tool that will lead you to victory many times.


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A unit with stats equally interesting, and just like Ekko it can offer up favorable trades and can't be ignored for long. Its shine gets stronger in case you can level her, in which we will have constant burn every turn with Super Mega Death Rocket!

Its copy in hand allows for strategic plays, enabling a possible Get Excited! to try and save Jinx from any removals, declare lethal damage to the enemy Nexus, and also serve to further advance her level up.


This deck has just a few relevant units for its main burn dynamic, but these tools will set your path for your champions to arrive later.

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Treasure Seeker is a versatile card, most times used defensively to protect your Nexus, but the Waking Sands spell can be very useful as an attack unit and as possible discard fodder throughout the game. To make this choice demands a very keen reading of the game state.

As for Fallen Feline, it is a very important card when it comes to hoarding the most present tools in this deck: burn and predicts, and by joining these two mechanics we can have dozens of Hexite Crystals in hand and declare a lot of damage on board or to the enemy Nexus.

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Practical Perfectionist comes in as the second part of the plan to bring the Hexite Crystal to hand and cause the long-awaited burn, if things go as expected, the opponent will have a lot of headaches after we deal both direct damage to the nexus and the table.

Aspiring Chronomancer comes in as a good stats unit to block, holding off a bit of the damage to our Nexus, but its presence in the deck is much more related to the word Predict, which speeds up Ekko's level up a bit.

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Zaunite Urchin and Augmented Experimenter are very situational cards and are in this deck mainly for their card draw, and alongside a few predict cards, they can guarantee the perfect draw.


Spells and Landmarks

We have various tools among spells, which will be useful mainly to hold off the game as much as possible, such as Scrying Sands which can help you have favorable trades or a Feral Prescience which speeds up Ekko's level up and allows for a more interesting draw.

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Another tool to look for resources and speed up Ekko's level up is Time Trick, which besides being maindecked, will be generated later thanks to his passive.

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Some removal tools beside Hexite Crystal are Mystic Shot and Get Excited!, which will be quite relevant to take out any threats from the enemy board or target the enemy Nexus.

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Maybe the coolest card in the deck is the landmark Ancient Preparations. Many times it might look like a slow choice as it doesn't create anything immediately to the board, but it remains as an excellent tool for us to speed up Ekko's potential as much as we can.

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Mulligan and Game Style

It is essential to take defensive actions in the first few rounds, be it by sparing a bit of mana or removing potential enemy threats. Some of the cards that can come down as blockers in the first few rounds are Fallen Feline and Treasure Seeker, which also add up resource creation which is very important for the development of our game plan.

In the next few rounds, the presence of one of our champions is crucial to pressure our enemy into spending any desperate removals or forcing out an unfavorable trade to prevent them from creating value on board.

By focusing on any one of their level ups, we can declare lethal with the burn created by Hexite Crystal and Super Mega Death Rocket! or forcing some seemingly unfavorable trades for us, then baiting them into a Chronobreak and declaring lethal without much possibility for them to answer.

Favorable Matchups

Pyke/ Rek'Sai

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This is a deck that depends a lot on their low health stat aggressors, which are excellent targets for our removals and will suffer a bit to deal with our deck.


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This is a deck that got a lot of nerfs and still hasn't come back to its prime form, so it ends up a bit slower than our deck and sometimes depends a lot on fragile cards. A card that will be an easy target for our removals is Annie herself.

Unfavorable Matchups

Katarina/ Gwen

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A deck with a lot of health drain that makes it hard for us to burn them out, and when summed up with the recent changes to Gwen, our lethal attempts are even more complicated.

Vayne/ Kayn

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A very aggressive deck that ends up making us suffer with unfavorable trades in defensive turns and also our offensive turns if they use Tumble or Kayn's Shadowstep... Our deck has little to no chances of prevailing.


Switch Suggestions

A card that might match this deck's proposal well is Timewinder, being an excellent tool for discarding, removals and even as lethal damage to the Nexus, overwriting cards such as Ancient Preparations or Feral Prescience, which can make the deck slower.

Final Thoughts

A different combination for the good-old Jinx deck focused on Burn, alongside the many possibilities that predict offers us, which combined make for fun plays to melt our opponents' decks.

This is my cue, see you next time!