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Domination: 5 Vayne Decks to Play!

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The Night Hunter was released to LoR today and I've selected some very interesting lists with this champion!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The second part of The Darkin Saga, titled Domination, comes to LoR this Wednesday (12) and brings 3 New champions: Varus, Seraphine and Vayne. I've brought articles for each champion and today, to finish up as the icing on the cake, we have her, the newest Sentinel in Town: Vayne!

About Vayne in LoR

If I were to define Vayne in a brief way to anyone, I would say she is a better Quinn.

For starters, she has almost the same status as Valor's companion, the difference being that Vayne has 1 health point less than Quinn, but she costs quite a lot less than Quinn too: just 3 mana. Of course, Quinn at level 1 already summons Valor, but still, Vayne creates more value (and no, I'm not being funny on purpose), as she arrives earlier and creates the spell Tumble, which allows for an ally to start a free attack.


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The way that these two meet their level up condition is the same: they need to see you attacking 4 times, and at this point it might even seem as if Quinn races ahead, because of Scout, but Vayne creates a Tumble at each Round Start (or lowers its cost when you already have one in hand), so you can "rally" on your opponent's attack turn many times and level up quite quickly.

Though I don't like comparing, I believe after having done that, it becomes quite easy to understand this champion, right? So let's see her decks:

Vayne Jax

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As Vayne interacts with equipment, nothing more fair than to pair her with Jax, right? Because of this champion's Origin, it is possible to put in many Weaponmasters in the deck, so in this list we have many copies of Wandering Shepherd, Ionian Hookmaster and Combat Cook.

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On the other side, we have Vayne's followers, which interact nicely with equipment. Among them, my highlight goes to Faithful Wolfdog, which can be summoned costing 1 mana and also equips itself with a 2 cost weapon in your hand; and Bloodcursed Harpy, which is a very powerful Scout unit, has great stats and has a "second life", because the first time it dies, what happens is the destruction of the weapon it is using, and not only does it stay alive, as it also fully heals.

This deck is focused on summoning many equipped units and wins through direct hits or free attacks created by Vayne's Tumbles.

Vayne Pantheon

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It seems as if Pantheon will be in the meta for a while, ok? This known deck with this champion, in its Fiora version, has found its home in the meta, suffered alterations and now brings Vayne instead of the French gal. Basically, this list has the same idea as before: summoning units and targeting them each round with your spells or equipment, so Pantheon can flip quickly and finish matches.

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The new cards come alongside Vayne, which offers an alternative win condition and her Tumble, which Pantheon can take well advantage of when he's flipped. There's also new equipment and some new spells from the new expansion in this list. The new weapon comes in the form of The Darkin Aegis, which offers the option of summoning Joraal, which makes all enemy spells cost 2 more when it's attacking.

As for the new spells they are: The Expanse's Protection, which gives a unit Spellshield for one round for just 2 mana and Fish Fight, which has the same effect as Single Combat, but also offers the option of an equipped ally only strike an enemy (without being struck back).

Vayne Gwen

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As Vayne is a consistent source of free attacks, the Hallowed units benefit a lot from her, as every time they free attack they will grow their own attack points and deal a lot of damage. With that, Gwen, which has Quick Attack, can level up rather easily and drain a lot of health points from the enemy Nexus.


It's worth mentioning that the Eternal Dancers is also an excellent target for those free attacks, as they bring another attacker when they attack. And to top it off we have the Golden Aegis to attack even more and finish matches!

Vayne MF

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The Scout deck got another upgrade with Vayne! This time Miss Fortune says goodbye to Quinn and pairs up with the new Demacian champion, which brings a lot to the table in this quite known and consistent list.

Aside from that, nothing else really changes, as it is following the pattern of recent versions of this archetype. Besides Quinn being replaced by Vayne, there was the addition of the unit Bloodcursed Harpy instead of Genevieve Elmheart and the addition of The Darkin Aegis equipment, which does make the deck stronger.

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Finally we have the new spells Icathian Myths, which creates the equipment Golden Spatula in hand and Condemn, which is a very accessible removal (costs 1 if you've attacked 2+ times that round). It's worth mentioning that this is Vayne's champion spell, so if you have extra Vaynes in hand, you will have extra copies of this great spell.

Vayne Kayn

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Another champion that loves being placed with Demacia because of this region's combat tricks and rallies is Kayn! Now with Vayne, this Darkin can get up to more bad deeds because of the free attacks this champion provides.

Besides, Kayn's blue form, The Shadow Assassin, which is always very criticized by the community, might be a good choice in this list, as not all decks have answers to elusive units and considering that Vayne provides many free attacks, The Shadow Assassin can finally become a real threat to enemies.

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This list is quite common, as it brings basically many cultists and some powerful Demacia spells such as Golden Aegis, Concerted Strike and Sharpsight.

Among the units, it's worth highlighting Buhru Cultist. She is a great 1 drop unit which deals 1 damage to the enemy Nexus every time equipped allies attack. Considering that Vayne will create many attack opportunities and we also have rallies in this list, the constant damage that Burhu Cultist provides might be the difference between Defeat and Victory!

Final Thoughts

Are you excited to play with Vayne? Which of the decks I've presented in this article were you most interested in playing? Tell me all about it in the comment section! ;)