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Rumble and Ahri: First Impressions

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With the end of the Spoilers Season for this new Legends of Runeterra expansion, Magic Misadventures, we have the last two revealed champions: Rumble and Ahri, and can predict quite a bit about them.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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For the last part of the new cards revealed, we have Rumble for Bandlecity and Noxus and Ahri for Ionia. With that we have all the cards for this new expansion and a new season being launched on the 8th.

Rumble, The Mechanized Menace

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Rumble is not a champion with a lot of history, he is a frustrated yordle because he was judged by his size and personality. He thought humans didn't treat yordles as they should. To show the world the power of yordles, he created a scrap robot and went all out. His cards show a new part of the story, in which we have other yordles who like mechas and compete amongst themselves in an arena.


In League of Legends, this champion has two abilities that have become cards: Flamespitter and Electro Harpoon

Besides also having another ability in his Scrap Shield, which presented itself in this champ as a Spellshield. His passion for scrap became represented in the discard mechanic, showing that he makes use of discardable junk. The biggest news with this champion is his second region becoming Noxus, which was justified by the arena battles that they've created for the mechas, as they did with Zigg's story so that he could be in Shurima.

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The champion seems very versatile, being able to be in more aggressive or midrange decks, as he has a strong body if he can manage to get his three keywords. However, he is very dependent on you discarding cards, so expect to see him matching Noxus or Piltover. It might be that we see him discard Bandlecity fodder as well, such as pranks, spells and units created by other cards such as Bomber Twins or Conchologist. In Noxus he must be matched with Draven. Sion or a combination of these two.

The rest of his Bandlecity set includes cards that might be good without him, such as Arena Promoter and Bilgerat Rascal which create mechs that can be used without Rumble or together with his level 2 which improves mechs in hand significantly. Besides that, Bandle city Mayor reduces the cost of most of the mechs, which can also help complete The Bandle Tree's win condition and can be buffed by Tristana.

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Rumble seems to be a good and quite strong champion. If you like this character he will be a good investment which must be well explored in the first few days of the new expansion and will find a home very soon.

Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox

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Ahri must be one of League of Legend's most emblematic and famous champions, which is a surprise because she was only released now, two years after Legends of Runeterra's own launch. The Nine-Tailed Fox has a very mysterious story, she doesn't remember anything from her past, but eventually finds out she was from a tribe called Vesani and goes to Bilgewater to find out more about them, as it tells in the game "Ruined King: a League of Legends Story". Besides not knowing her past, Ahri suffers from a more terrible problem which is she needs to feed on the memories and vital energies from creatures, so she needs to constantly watch herself when she is around humans.

This champion, in League of Legends, is a very agile mage and an assassin which takes advantage of quick blows with dashes and crowd control. Her Charm was adapted to work well within her archetype giving vulnerable to an enemy whilst returning an ally. Her ultimate, Spirit Rush, became represented on her level 2 Elusive, since it makes her able to go in and out of combat easily.

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Ahri offers a game pattern very different and complicated, but seems to be a good champion. She has incredible synergy with Return, reducing the cost of returned units after leveling up. Her units are great to be returned, creating effects when summoned. Some of the strongest options for that are Kennen and elusive units such as Dancing Droplet and The Mourned which allow Ahri to attack without being blocked.

Besides that, Ahri offers a new champion option for the Yasuo deck, which can be built now without heavily depending on the stun set. In this case, Yasuo is an alternate win condition using a few cards such as Arachnoid Sentry and Concussive Palm to create stuns every turn.

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Besides seeming to be a very good champion, Ahri can be quite hard to play. I wouldn't recommend her to beginners, even more because it will probably be hard to find a deck that can deal well with the next meta.


Now that the reveal season has ended, we have two more months before a new game expansion which will have two more Bandlecity champions, a Demacia champion and a Freljord one. We will still have a patch a month from now, in January, in which we will have a lot of changes in old cards that must reshuffle the meta. But until then, we have these new cards to enjoy. Which was your favorite champion? Are you excited for the new season?