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The Path of Champions in LoR - First Steps, Quests, Relics and Powers!

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In this article, you'll find tips and strategies to help you face challenges and get incredible rewards in The Path of Champions. From Power and Item Selections to strategy building with Relics and Champions!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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First Steps in The Path of Champions

Welcome to Legends of Runeterra The Path of Champions (TPoC) Guide! If you're new to the game or just starting out your journey in The Path of Champions, this guide is for you.

Here, you'll find tips and strategies to help you face the challenges and get incredible rewards in The Path of Champions. From Item and Power Selection to strategy building with Relics and Champions!

Legends of Runeterra's Roguelike mode

"Roguelike" refers to a game or game mode with elements that change each time you play, guaranteeing each campaign is unique.


In The Path of Champion's case, the player starts with a champion that has fixed powers and starting deck, but throughout the campaign the player gets to choose new cards, powers and enhancements to improve their champions and deck until they conquer (or not) the campaign's Boss.

At the end of each campaign, the champion gains experience points, which will enhance your starting deck and free up Relic slots, this way progressing the game more and more each time.

How does The Path of Champions work?

TPoC is a PvE (Player vs Environment) mode, in which the player goes into a campaign against a champion. Throughout this campaign, they'll choose alternate nodules, between battle nodules and enhancement nodules, so they can enhance their deck, until they reach the champion which is the Campaign Boss.

Before entering a campaign, the player must choose a champion for themselves. Everyone starts the mode with the champion Jinx and, as the campaign quests are fulfilled, Chests, Fragments, Relics and Legend Levels are conquered. You'll be able to use Champion Fragments to unlock more champions or increase the Star Level of champions which are already unlocked.

By participating in campaigns, the champion used in the campaign also gains experience, which enhances that champion's starting deck more and more each time.

Chapter 1: Learning the Basics

But no more talk, let's go into the game! By entering The Path of Champions for the first time, the game will direct you to Jinx's campaign. On the screen below you can see which rewards this mode will give you:

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They are:

- Champion Fragments, used to enhance champions or unlock new champions;

- Legend Points, which increase the level of your account, unlocking rewards when conquering certain levels;

- Champion Experience, which will enhance the champion you're using and their deck.

By going into the campaign, the first nodule we'll face is a Power Nodule. Power nodules offer 3 powers for us to choose, which will grant bonuses during the battles. In case we don't like any of the options, we can exchange them for others by using the Reroll dice.

The first nodule is always a Power nodule, and usually that power will define how we'll play the whole campaign. By winning battles, we may choose cards to enhance our deck and, after the first battle, we can choose an auxiliary champion that will come with two extra cards.

This initial sequence of Power-Battle-Champion nodules always repeats itself and, afterward, nodules will give you two options of a path with battle nodules that show the reward nodules in front of them.

You must choose the next battle based on the enemy and/or the reward you want to get. Notice that your Nexus health doesn't reset after each battle as it is on the other Modes; it will remain that way until you heal in any way. But don't worry, because you may find cards that heal your Nexus or nodules that heal it in the middle of your adventure.


Notice as well that, after the second battle, cards start to come with items that enhance that and every copy of that card.

When you reach the end of the campaign, you'll have to face a Boss. Bosses are champions and are usually stronger than regular battles, so be careful!

After winning the Boss, which in this campaign is Ezreal, our Jinx will level up, and we'll get 1000 Legend Points, 10 Jinx Fragments and we'll unlock the Chapter Quests. The first quest is enhancing Jinx's Star Power to 1*.

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Follow Jinx's instructions by clicking the button that appears as an elm in the bottom-right corner; it will show there every champion available in this mode. In other guides, we'll teach about which champions to focus and which strategies go well with them, but, for now, choose Jinx, click on Star Power and read the description the game offers you.

Our Jinx unlocked its first Star Power: "By discarding or playing a card, deal 1 to the enemy Nexus."

Each champion has 3 unique Star Powers that will enhance your strength. These powers are permanent for the champion you've unlocked, and, after unlocking a power, that champion will always have it when you choose them for a campaign.

We also got some experience for Jinx, and now one card in our starting deck has been enhanced!

The card Zaunite Urchin now starts with an item! Effectively, it is a 3/2 from now on when we play with Jinx. As we level up our champions, more enhancements will be applied to the cards in their starting decks.

There you have it! Now you have given your first steps in The Path of Champions! If you already have another champion unlocked, the game already allows you to use from now on, but let's stick to Jinx, because she is one of the best characters in this mode.

World Adventures

Our next objective is to complete the Chapter Quests and fulfill the World Quest Adventures. These things we'll go hand in hand, so don't worry about doing them separately.

The first world adventure is against Teemo. It doesn't have a region restriction, which means it is possible to complete it with any champion and get the progress reward, which, in case, is 1 Bronze chest and 1000 Legend Points.

As it is a preliminary adventure, you should be able to pass it with no difficulty. Enemies have low health, and Jinx's power and starting deck help you clear it easily. If you're lost with the selection of powers and cards, try to get something that your starting deck already does, as, for instance, with Jinx, try to select cards that discard other cards or cards that create other cards to take advantage of your Star Power. Soon we'll have more guides on specific champions to help you understand how each works.

By winning against Teemo, we already get Legend Points enough to reach level 3 and unlock Weekly Challenges and Daily Quests. In TPoC, we have 1 Daily Quest with no real issues which consists in winning 5 battles. It gives you 4 Wild Fragments, which can be used to unlock or enhance any champion.


As for the Weekly Quests, we have 2 different quests: the first is to complete 2 adventures in TPoC, and it rewards you with 1000 Legend Points and 1 Silver Chest, which gives you 10 Fragments of a random champion and, when we fulfill this one, the second will appear, which is winning 3 more adventures, and it will give you 5000 Legend Points and a Bronze Chest.

Now, to complete the first Chapter, we have to complete a 1 star World Adventure. We have as options Garen and Lulu. Both can be completed with any region and both are quite easy with Jinx, so you shouldn't have problems so far.

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By finishing the first 1-star campaign, we clear Chapter 1 and unlock Yasuo. Don't forget to click the R in the top-right corner and then click the present box to get your reward - and we'll move on to Chapter 2!

Chapter 2: Unlocking new champions

To start, let's unlock Yasuo. Go back to the elm in the bottom-right corner and unlock your new champion.

Our goal now is to complete the Chapter 2 Quests, and, as we complete them, win 1.5-star adventures which have unlocked for us with 2 champions of any region. Let's focus on the first quest, which is reaching level 5, as this way we'll be able to equip relics.

If you're with me so far, we have 500 points and to reach Legend Level 5, and we need 3000 more. Let's use our new Yasuo to do his 0.5* star campaign, fighting against Zed.

By completing that, we'll be conquering 1000 points for defeating Zed, 1000 points for fulfilling the quest "Chosen by Spirit" and 1000 points of the weekly quest. So, let's go!

Notice that Yasuo's game style is quite different from Jinx. He is much more defensive, which means plays are a bit slower and well-thought-out, but we shouldn't have any trouble against the 0.5-star adventure.

Unlocking Relics!

After completing that quest, don't forget to get your reward by clicking the R in the top-right corner and then clicking the present box. By redeeming all Rewards, we reach level 5 and unlock Relics. Alongside level 5, we get the relic "Guinsoo's Rageblade".

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- To equip this relic, go to the top-right corner, click the elm, and select your current champion. Click the green diamond just next to the champion and the game will explain to you everything about relics.

- Click the two arrows on the right side of the screen and equip "Guinsoo's Rageblade" on Yasuo and then do the same for Jinx. That will complete one more quest; don't forget to go to the present box to unlock your reward

Further on, we'll talk more about relics, but, for now, let's finish Chapter 2. As Yasuo still doesn't have any stars, let's move forward increasing Jinx's level to Level 7, by completing the next mission, "Venturing Forth".

With her reward, we'll be able to enhance Yasuo to 1 star, so he can get a bit better.


Let's take advantage of the fact Jinx is stronger to complete Lulu's campaign with her. Afterward, choose between Ezreal or Gangplank, and complete a 1.5-star adventure.

Notice that this world Ezreal is different from 0.5 star Ezreal from Jinx's campaign.

Notice as well that these quests aren't as simple as the 1-star quest, which can make it a bit hard - but don't worry, this shouldn't be anything impossible.

Winning or losing, if you managed to level up Jinx to level 7, we can already enhance Yasuo to 1 star.

Let's do that and now let's level up Yasuo to level 4, so we can unlock Lux. You can repeat the 1-star adventures if you prefer as well, as that is enough to reach level 4 with him.

After that, if you're still with me, that will complete the weekly quest that gives you 5000 Legend points, which levels up your account to Legend Level 7. Get the rewards for level 6 and 7 from the present box to unlock the first Weekly Adventure.

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You can then do a Weekly Adventure, which rewards 1000 Legend Points and a Bronze Chest, which will give you a random green relic. Now, we only need to complete another 1.5 star World adventure with Jinx to finish this Chapter!

By completing this chapter, you'll get 30 Wild Champion Fragments which can be used to unlock a new champion or enhance the ones you have. Supposing you got this far with Jinx, I recommend you enhance Yasuo or Lux to 2 star, as that will help with Chapter 3 quests.

With 2 stars, any champion already starts adventures with 2 mana, which is essential for the game style of these champions. There you go. Now we can move on to Chapter 3!

Final Words and a Glimpse Beyond

From now on, you'll have a little bit of independence regarding how you should spend your champion and chest resources. Notice that the Event Passes also give you plenty of resources for TPoC, so you might already have plenty of goodies in your account.

In the next guides, we'll discuss a bit more about Relics and Champion Campaigns, which champions to focus first and many other things. See you there!