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Pirates Aggro Deck Tech - From beginners to masters

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Pirates Aggro is a deck that has dominated the meta in several seasons, and even in those where it doesn't go S Tier, the deck still has great performance. Get to know it here!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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From beginners to masters, this deck shows its value and its strength. Even though it's not always at the top, it has been used ever since it was created.

The deck is cheap to craft and a lot of its cards are given in the game's beginners pack, and that's why it can be considered a beginner's deck, but it can be easily used to climb in the ranked ladder.

As its title says, it is an aggro deck, so in case you're not used to the aggro concept click herelink outside website to know more about archetypes. Because of that, it has a lot of low cost units, its most expensive units being only 5 mana.


The Deck

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This is the list we will discuss here, and the most used one. Of course there are variations, but we will discuss this particular list. With time, you can modify it your way, according to your own objective and game style.

How to Play

The deck's focus is to give as much damage as quickly as possible.

However, because it has a Gangplank and he levels up by doing damage in five different turns, if you can, avoid dealing too much damage in one turn. This isn't the primary focus, but if you realize the game will last long enough for the champion to be needed as a finisher, try alternating the damage in several turns, using your cards efficiently.

Avoid defending all opponent's attacks to not lose any units blocking, and have more units attacking. The objective is not to maintain yourself with plenty of health, but to kill the opponent before he kills you.

Card by Card

1 Cost Cards

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Legion Saboteur: It's one of the best 1 cost units to have in the first round, specially if you start attacking, in case the opponent doesn't have a one cost unit it's three damage guaranteed, and even if he has a creature and decides to block, it's certain to pass one damage from her effect.

It is necessary to avoid at all times to use this unit while blocking, because she brings advantage only by attacking.

Crackshot Corsair: It is rarely used while attacking, because even though she is in the "backrow" she guarantees one nexus damage, when allies attack.

Legion Rearguard: This card will always attack simply because it can't block.

Jagged Butcher: The focus is not to activate the "Plunder" effect in this card, this card's effect only must be activated in case it doesn't slow your game plan too much. Sometimes it's more worth it to put him on the board as a 2/2 to have a stronger attack, only because you have more units.

Of course making it a 3/3 brings great advantage to the card, making it better as defensively as offensively, but it is necessary to weigh out when it is worth it and when it is not.

2 Cost Units

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Legion Grenadier: it is a great attacker because it has 3 power, and a great blocker because it deals one damage to the nexus as it dies, helping level up Gangplank by dealing damage in a defensive round.

Imperial Demolitionist: it is great to use it in a defensive round to help level up Gangplank as well. It is extremely strong because it deals two damage to the nexus and has three health, but it is not always advantageous to start with it in hand, because for her effect to occur it is necessary to deal one damage to an ally.

Make It Rain: it is a great splash damage spell, and brings a possibility to deal damage to the nexus, besides clearing up an opponent's board. Brings a lot of value in the first rounds because of the low health enemy units will most likely have.


3 Cost Cards

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Miss Fortune: Rarely will be the times where the objective will be to level this champion, because when it's favorable she will be put to attack as well, to deal the maximum amount of damage possible. Her "Deal one damage to every blocker and the nexus" effect is extremely strong in this deck, considering it increases the damage dealt and "protects" a few attackers.

Iron Ballista: The strong point of this card is it has 3 health to keep itself alive for more time and overwhelm, making it easy to deal nexus damage.

Noxian Fervor: When you can, use this card directly to the nexus and avoid using it in a proactive way, that is, use it responsively.

For instance, when the opponent is using a spell to kill one of your units, instead of clicking "OK", use fervor in this unit and pick the nexus to deal damage, because even though this unit was supposed to die, now it died and dealt nexus damage.

P.S.: Using a Fervor in a Powder Keg deals additional damage when used the exact same way. That is, in case you deal damage to a Keg to deal damage to the opponent, instead of 3 damage, you will deal 4.

Example of Fervor-Keg Interaction
Example of Fervor-Keg Interaction

4 Cost Cards

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Zap Sprayfin: The only elusive unit that the deck has. And besides having the "Attune" effect, it will always guarantee the draw of a Noxian Fervor or a Make It Rain. This card should only be a blocker for other elusive units, as to guarantee a bigger value to your board.

5 Cost Cards

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Gangplank: Normally it is a good finisher, and must be put in the board already levelled or very close to, because that way it guarantees a good board clear and a lot of nexus damage.

Remember that this champion summons a Powder Keg, and because of this avoid summoning him when you already have 5 units on board, otherwise you will burn the Keg.

Double Up: Because it is a fast spell it is quite good, able to guarantee you a turnaround in your game even in battle, but remember it only deals damage to the nexus in case it kills the unit chosen. Because of that, wait for the opponent to have very low mana or just a few cards in hand to use it and have even more certainty it will deal its damage.

Decimate: The disadvantage of this card is that is is slow, but it is extremely strong and a great finisher. If necessary, you can use it with a Keg to increase your damage.


Ideally, you gotta have as many low cost cards in your hand as possible. Avoid keeping Gangplank in your starting hand, but don't shy away from keeping Miss Fortune.

As for spells, the best to keep is Make It Rain, because it is a great tool to eliminate the opponent's first units, because normally one cost units have less health.


Remember to adapt the deck to your game style. Each player has their style and Legends of Runeterra doesn't have rules about how to play each deck.


But be careful of your opponent's cards to know what to expect in your game. And look to train as much as possible. But above all have fun!

Any questions regarding the deck and the game, I'm at the disposal in the comment section. See you next time!