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Top 5 Champions that need to be rotated!

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Rotation is coming to LoR in 2022 and it will bring big changes to the game, but what are the champions that are in dire need of a vacation?

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About rotation in LoR

It is quite common for rotation to exist in card games, but so far in LoR we haven't had yet the introduction of this system. However, we already have a schedule for when this system will come and how frequently cards will be rotated. The first rotation will come in 2023 and the initial idea is that it happens once a year.

According to Dave Guskinlink outside website, an executive dev in the LoR team, there are many reasons that led them to the decision of bringing rotation to the game. Some of them are:


- An increase of randomness in cards with the manifest/create mechanic due to the release of a great number of new cards;

- The disappearance of champions with cool mechanics but low play rates due to the meta;

- The difficulty in keeping bugs down due to the exorbitant number of new interactions that end up being in the game as new cards arrive.

Like so, with rotation coming, there will be two game formats in LoR: Standard, in which most cards will be available to play (except those who will be rotated), and the Eternal mode, in which all cards in the game will be available to play. Dave didn't give many details as to how Ranked queue, Gauntlet and Tournaments will work within these two modes, but he guaranteed that there will be simultaneous queues and ranked seasons for each game mode.

Besides that, we had spoilers regarding which champions will already be saying their goodbyes for the first rotation: Irelia, Twisted Fate and Vladimir. Whether we will have more champions along with these three wasn't stated, but I believe it is very likely.

The idea for this article is to list champions that, in my opinion, would make LoR healthier and more diverse if they were to leave for a bit. So, let's check out the list?

5th place: Kalista

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Kalista's case is similar to Vladimir: she isn't played even when she is buffed. This champion fell into oblivion and it is very rare to see her played even in the normal queue matches.

She needs to leave the game's main mode so that LoR's design team can work on this champion and bring her redesigned for the future.

4th place: Pantheon

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Ever since his launch, Pantheon is still very meta dominant. This champion was even nerfed and went away for a while, but with the addition of equipment in the game he came back with full force and is still at the top.

I believe his leave would be beneficial to the game and we could finally see champions such as Taric becoming viable choices for this "target your allies" game plan.

3rd place: Nami

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Nami is a ticking time-bomb! She always manages to dominate the meta until something is nerfed, and then when a new card is released, she comes back into the meta and we are stuck in this vicious cycle.

I believe the solution for this champion would be to remove her from the game's main mode, so that she can let new strategies take her place.

2nd place: Akshan

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Akshan is one of the most well-rounded and versatile champions in the game, which makes him basically a perfect pair for almost every champion, so that it doesn't matter what his game plan is. Let's say he is a wild card, which can go in any deck.

As much as I like champions like this, it gets a bit boring when he is such a strong champion that does so much with so little mana, right? If we can compare him to Elise, who is a two mana champion card that fits this description of a wild card champion, she still loses by a landslide to Akshan, as he does way too much!


It's worth mentioning that Akshan is the main character in a deck that grinds the gears of many players: the infinite combo deck. So it would be very healthy for this champion to also be rotated.

1st place: Ezreal

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Seraphine isn't the issue, just like Kennen or Karma were also never the issue. Ezreal is the one to blame. He is the true outlier!

When I see people complain about Seraphine, I can even understand and agree, as she is also very strong, but the strongest deck with this champion brings Ezreal as her pair, as he is the one that can burst lethal your Nexus. It's not the first time this champion dominates a meta, as he has always been an issue, be it with Karma, Draven, Kennen and now with Seraphine.

The funny thing is that the other champions that have accompanied this champion are the ones that get nerfed and disappear, meanwhile he, even when nerfed, comes back, because his level 2 skill is one of the strongest in the game. This way, to make LoR healthier, rotating out Ezreal is a great choice.

Final Thoughts

So, do you agree with me? Are there any champions missing from this list that you would like to see rotated? Tell me about it in the comment section!