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Top 5 Most Forgotten Demacia Cards That You've Probably Never Seen

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Today, we bring you a little bit of a challenge: top 5 most forgotten cards from a region - it's Demacia's turn! In this article, I brought 5 cards you've probably never seen in your matches, and might not even have in your collections.

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Carrying on with our series of "forgotten cards you've probably never seen", today, we'll take a trip to Demacia.

This article is part of a series I'm writing for Cards Realm; if you want to read the last one, about Noxus, click herelink outside website.

Below, I listed 5 Demacia cards you most likely have never seen in the ranked queue.

If you've ever seen these cards, leave a comment in our comment section, and tell us which Demacia cards you think are the most forgotten!


5 - Battlefield Prowess

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Not even when Lux was in Standard Demacia had any decks that focused on "spellslinger" strategies; this region has been the main home for Midrange decks for what seems like forever. Battlefield Prowess is a 1-cost spell that grants +1/+1 to only one ally, and as Demacia usually doesn't play that many spells, it is no surprise it doesn't see any play.

Battlefield Prowess was revealed in the Empires of the Ascended set, a very different time from now. At that time, Bandle City wasn't even in the game yet, and, even then, we didn't have any space for this spell in our lists.

What completely killed Battlefield Prowess' future was Inspiring Light, which was released in the Worldwalker set. Inspiring Light, for 2 mana, grants +1/+1 to all your allies, which is basically the same as Battlefield Prowess, but ridiculously stronger. Inspiring Light was incredibly popular in Scouts decks and among competitive players - which just gave us another reason to leave Battlefield Prowess behind, and forget it ever existed forever.

4 - Vanguard Lookout

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Vanguard Lookout is from the Foundations set, and, for many veteran players, it is considered a classic card.

In 2020, when many of us were leaving other card games and starting to play LoR, many players who came from Hearthstone, just like me, saw some small potential in this unit. However, unfortunately, Vanguard Lookout has never been in any deck besides those decks we built right after completing the tutorial.

The cards called "vanilla", that is, cards that don't have any effects, for a while were popular in Demacia, such as Cithria of Cloudfield and Loyal Badgerbear, but Vanguard Lookout, even though he is considered a "vanilla" card, has never been that popular. After some time, Riot even stopped releasing "vanilla" cards altogether.

The power level of meta cards and decks nowadays demands cards with effects, and not only some fair stats distributed evenly, like Vanguard Lookout. Furthermore, 2-mana units are usually better when they have 2 attack and 2 health, but this unit shuffles these stats and gives us a 1/4 follower. Not only he can't deal with Fearsome units, but he also can't slay most 2-cost units when he blocks them, which is the main reason why this card is so forgotten.

3 - Molten Breath

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This card is incredibly sad.

As we all know, Riot has been pushing Dragon decks for a while now, and this card would fit these lists perfectly if it wasn't slow.

And basically that's the only reason why this card is so inefficient. Maybe we're so used to using fast speed Strike spells that we have forgotten slow Strike spells exist as well.

To be fair, slow Strike spells are much worse because they need to be played proactively, which gives your opponent a huge window of opportunity to answer them. However, considering that this one, in particular, Strikes two units, and your own unit doesn't take any damage, to me, that is already enough to add at least 1 copy to my Dragon lists.


Let's take advantage of the fact Dragons are popular right now, and just won the last Open, and maybe start using Molten Breath in our lists... Maybe it can surprise us?

2 - Winds of War

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This card is Galio's Q ability in League of Legends.

To make it clear, we played this spell in Galio lists as soon as he came out, in the Beyond the Bandlewood set, but it was only at that time - and only until we discovered better lists with Galio. I remember that, at the time, we were very excited because Winds of War seemed quite interesting with Soraka, but this excitement was short-lived - because Soraka doesn't play that well with Demacia.

Another factor that affected this card quite heavily was that Galio took some time to be considered strong, and meta. He spent a considerable amount of time forgotten and only became relevant in 2023.

When Udyr Galio decks started popping up, and taking the meta by storm to deal with Sett Karma, around April 2023, that's when we really never saw Winds of War again.

It was swapped by Freljord's burst spells that give your units health points, such as Elixir of Iron and Troll Chant, and now, more recently, Sky Splitter. These spells fit this deck's Formidable units much better, considering they gain attack alongside health.

The more aggressive play style of these decks also didn't allow for a slow combat trick in their lists, which sunk this card deeper into the ground.

1 - Royal Decree

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As usual, our first place is always a card that I (after 4 years playing and also casting LoR tournaments professionally) look at in my collection and I have no idea what it does, and didn't even know it existed.

In Demacia's case, that's Royal Decree, a card that gives +2/+2 and Challenger to an ally or summons an Honored Lord.

Firstly, we can all agree this spell's effect doesn't match its artwork and name, not one bit, right? Not that this affects this card's position in our list in any way, but it is an observation I had to make.

Royal Decree and Confront are extremely alike. But Royal Decree costs 3 mana, and Confront costs 2 mana. Would you pay one extra mana to give +2/+2 to an ally? Most people wouldn't, considering Confront draws you cards.

The issue is Confront, a long time ago, didn't draw any cards, and, even then, we didn't use Royal Decree - which means, the problem has never been what it cost, but instead, its effect itself.

If you stop to think about it, Demacia is the region that has the largest number of Challenger units, and often you don't need to give this keyword to your allies. And, if you really need to give one of your units +2/+2, you play Form Up!, which costs 2 mana and is a burst speed spell, instead of focused.

Confront nowadays only sees play in Dragon decks as well, as it is a way to draw cards in Demacia, a desperately scarce resource in this region.

Its second effect, which summons an Honored Lord, is also quite weak, much because Honored Lord itself is a weak card that needs a very specific setup to work.


So, these are the reasons why Royal Decree is maybe the most forgotten Demacia card.

Final Thoughts

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If you read this far, thank you! I hope you had fun.

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