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Top 5 Lineups for the World Qualifier Runeterra Open - October 28th

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In this article, we'll discuss the top 5 lineups you can bring to play in the Runeterra Open, World Qualifier edition! I'll also give you some tips regarding the meta as I discuss the various decks in each lineup in this list.

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The second Runeterra Open in the Fates Voyage: Onward expansion is close, just around the corner on October 28th, and, as usual, I bring you my meta analysis, alongside the top 5 lineups you can bring to play in the tournament.

Remember that the content in this article is based on my 3-year experience casting and playing LoR tournaments. Let's dive in!

The Tournament Meta

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The current meta is centered around Janna lists, which are currently the most consistent lists in the entire game. Competitive players can adopt two game styles with that in mind: you can either ban Janna, or win against her with your three lists.


These two strategies have weak spots, because if you prepare a lineup to win against Janna and don't match with someone playing this champion, you risk not being ready to defeat your opponent's lineup.

And, if you ban Janna, you'll have to guarantee your three decks will win against everything else in the meta, which makes your lineup quite common, once there are only a few lists that do that. Not to mention bringing popular decks in big tournaments increases the odds of being countered.

Let's check out the lists:

Most Popular Lineup

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These are the 3 decks that have the best record in grassroot tournaments and on the ranked queue. These lists may be considered the safest ones to bring if you're having trouble with building a lineup.

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Janna Nilah - This is currently the strongest deck in the entire meta, with no other close comparisons. This list recently went through a series of changes that enhanced its consistency, and prepared this deck to play better into some matchups which were unfavorable before - we're talking about the addition of Wizened Helmsman.

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This deck wins matches that, in theory, it wasn't supposed to have an advantage against, and that is the greatest factor that makes this list so popular in all players' competitive radar. Its ability to draw cards is unmatchable, and the amount of damage that it can deal is out of this world.

That being said, consider this the list that is the strongest deck in the meta at all times - and even when you build your lineup to win against this deck, remember that winning against this list all the time isn't something you can guarantee.

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Gnar Darius - This deck is a menace on the ranked queue, and is Janna lists' greatest nightmare. Currently, it is the list that best performs against archetypes that bring the Piltover & Zaun champion, Janna, and also wins against most Midrange lists that are strong in the meta.

Gnar Darius can, from very early on, pressure the opponent with a lot of aggression, and with big units that go out of the range of removals in other lists. This deck's goal is to literally Overwhelm the enemy with your units, in an extremely explosive way, and catch them off guard with a lot of damage.

As most aggressive lists in the meta don't play units with a lot of health, it is common for your opponents to not have good blockers to stop your offensives.

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Miss Fortune Quinn - Scouts came out of nowhere in the competitive meta as they are extremely strong against everything that is popular nowadays. This list can compete with other Midrange decks, and also competes with other Janna lists.

As a result, Scouts might be the safest choice of all when it's time to build your lineup - you just win against everything.

Recently, many competitive players have been having success with this archetype, and that is why this list has been gaining notoriety on social media, making it even more famous. For that reason, this rising deck will likely become one of the most popular lists in the entire tournament.


Aggressive Lineup

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This lineup is focused on winning against other Midrange lineups, which in turn want to win against Janna. You must ban Janna if you intend to use these decks.

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Annie Jhin - This is a great option if you want to check-mate Midrange players. The interactions this deck has with Stuns are one of the best strategies to stop decks that hope to win against you by attacking with strong units.

As the meta is full of Midrange lists (as they are the best option to win against Janna decks), it is almost guaranteed you'll match against them in your tournament journey.

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Teemo Elusives - This deck has risen in popularity in the competitive meta as it is one of the few decks that can bring the Elusives mechanic once more into the metagame.

This list's strength comes from the absence of Jax Ornn decks in tournaments and the ranked queue, considering Jax has been heavily countered by other Midrange decks at the moment.

This Teemo list is quite similar to Janna decks in the sense that it can draw countless cards, besides dealing a lot of damage. The difference is that the attacking units are Elusives. As this keyword was heavily targeted by last patch's nerfs, many players stopped playing with this strategy as it became a bit too weak.

But the truth is that Elusives are still quite strong, and this deck is the living proof of that.

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Miss Fortune Quinn - I don't like repeating decks in these articles, but it was very hard to think of a third list for this lineup that wasn't Scouts.

Scouts really match this aggressive game style, and, as it is a deck that, in general, has good matchups against everything in the meta, it is the safest option to complete your aggressive lineup.

Control Lineup

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This lineup is focused on having good matchups against Janna lists, and also Midrange decks. The issue here is that Control lists aren't the best options currently, because even though these lists are quite strong against everything, they easily lose by themselves if you don't play perfectly, or if you draw suboptimally.

You should ban other Control lists, besides lists that bring Shurima.

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Sett Seraphine - This list is Control players' newest favorite currently. This deck is filled with everything you need to win a match. Karma is a bit too slow as of now, and, for that reason, Seraphine takes her spot in this list to provide the first few turns with a bit more dynamism, considering they are this archetype's weak spot.

Another factor that makes this list quite strong is that Ionia is a very good region to deal with this meta in general - even though it doesn't fit any other list besides this one currently.

This deck is the hardest one to pilot in the entire meta, so be careful if you intend to bring it, because you need to practice.


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Nautilus Maokai - Deep is the Control option which has a very consistent win rate, averaging around 50% against everything in the meta.

This list is also an archetype that asks its players to be a bit more experienced if they intend to bring it, as it is a very conditional deck. This means that most of the things your list does only work if you're Deep. And many times you must sacrifice a bit of health, or board, to toss half your deck, and finally win matches this way.

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Teemo Caitlyn - The classic Trap archetype has never been so well-positioned in the competitive meta. This list can disrupt the card draw strategies in Janna decks very heavily, and can also stop strong attackers in Midrange lists with its Frostbites.

Shrooms have always been a famous strategy in Runeterra history, but it has never been a competitive deck. This time, it is likely that this list is the list which is best-positioned in the entire competitive meta.

However, this list can still be refined up to the day of the tournament, so test this archetype thoroughly, and swap cards you think are performing suboptimally.

Anti-Meta Lineup

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This lineup is made of the 3 best Midrange decks in the entire meta. These lists are the most consistent lists, and the ones that, in general, win against all other Midrange decks in the game. You should ban Janna if you intend to bring this lineup.

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Jax Ornn - This deck is the Midrange archetype's greatest martyr, and it is the strongest list within this archetype currently. This deck can win matches just by playing on curve, and attacking with your units without a care in the world.

This list is so strong it is the main target of other Midrange decks in the format, but, even so, it is possible to build this archetype in a way you can still win these matches, as it is an extremely flexible list.

Jax is no longer as famous, because players are actively targeting this deck in grassroot tournaments and the ranked queue. But, with new Elusive lists becoming popular, and as you can ban decks in tournaments, Jax Ornn remains one of the best competitive options in the format.

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Ashe LeBlanc - This list is extremely strong as it brings Freljord's support package in an archetype that really matches these cards, and it also wins against most Midrange decks in the format.

This deck is, currently, the second most played deck on the ranked queue, with Janna Nilah as the number one most played deck. And the reason is simple to understand: Frostbites are extremely strong against everything in the meta.

Preventing your opponent from attacking is very trendy right now, and this is the best list to do that.

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Shen Jarvan IV - In the same way Ashe's deck is great at stopping any Midrange player, Shen lists are also like that, but in a different sense.


This archetype is a bit more responsive and dependent on its champions to win matches, but that doesn't prevent it from being extremely strong in the current context of the meta.

It is common to see players banning this list, because, out of all decks in the format, this is the one which can protect its units the most, making it almost impossible to remove them from the board.

Adventurer's Lineup

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This lineup is for those players who want to play cool decks that aren't the best lists in the entire game, but which can win matches. They are focused on winning against Janna Nilah decks particularly, and, if you face another lineup that doesn't bring this list, you can struggle. You should ban any deck that brings Freljord.

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Vayne Aatrox - This archetype is very consistent against lists that bring small units, which is the case for Janna Nilah lists. Aatrox is a champion that really helps you heal your Nexus, and makes you healthy against these decks that are filled with Burn elements as well.

Another important factor this list brings is that it can deal with Elusives as well, because of Blocking Badgerbear, which can be a very strong unit in this Runeterra Open.

Unfortunately, it is a list that loses against all other Midrange decks in the meta. You lose to Barriers and Frostbites. So, if you face these lists, you should ban them.

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Pantheon Akshan - This list is great at protecting its units and controlling the opponent's board. It is a deck that can also thoroughly monitor the enemy's game rhythm by playing removals early in the match.

This list's problem is that it loses to itself. This deck would be perfect, and the best deck in the format, if you could somehow have your champions in your initial hand every single time, guaranteed, because this archetype is very dependent on them.

If you draw your champions, that drastically increases your chances of winning - otherwise, you can barely do anything in the match.

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Garen Jarvan IV - Elites is an archetype that is once again rising in popularity in the competitive meta, and it is one of the lists that wins against Janna Nilah as it curves out better.

This deck is the most consistent one when it comes to mana curve, but it isn't the best list in the game even when it does curve out well. That title goes to Jax Ornn.

Champions' Strength is your greatest win condition, and if you don't draw this card, you'll be in trouble. Other than that, it is still a deck that catches your opponents off guard because it is so easy to play units on board all the time with it.

Final Words

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If you've read this far, now you know which are the top 5 lineups to bring to the World Qualifier Runeterra Open on October 28th.


Don't forget to share and comment on this article on social media. See you next time!