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Quizz: Which Arcane Character are you?

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Take this fast and fun quiz to know which Arcane character and you have the most in common.

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被某某人翻译 Joey Sticks

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审核人 Tabata Marques

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Arcane is one of the biggest Netflix series nowadays, topping the most watched list in 38 countries.

For sure you also fell in love with the show!

So answer these 8 questions do know which character are you most alike.

And don't forget to share your results!

Which of these emotes best represent you?

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Everything is OkayCorrect symbol

Answer image

Poro PalCorrect symbol

Answer image

M'PenguCorrect symbol

Answer image

OkayCorrect symbol

Do you consider yourself to be...

ConfidentCorrect symbol

ImpulsiveCorrect symbol

IntelligentCorrect symbol

CreativeCorrect symbol

Do you believe that...

The ends justify the means.Correct symbol

All goals must be achieved, being good for others or not, because even great inventions can be used for evil.Correct symbol

It is not worth it to do something (even if it is good), if in the proccess that hurts people.Correct symbol

It is only worth it to go after something if it is good for me.Correct symbol

If you play League of Legends, pick a lane. If not, pick an RPG role.

Top/Tank (can take a lot of damage)Correct symbol

Mid / Mage (be it from afar or close, the focus is magic)Correct symbol

Jungle/ Melee (hold their own with their fists)Correct symbol

Bot/ Shooter (long-ranged attacks)Correct symbol

When someone betrays your trust, you usually...

Considers a lot and puts in balance how much the person did you good or bad throughout the times to think if it is worth it to forgive them.Correct symbol

Pretends to forgive, but actually only uses the person for your own good, even more so because they betrayed your trust, so they owe you that.Correct symbol

Never forgives them, you don't trust other people easily.Correct symbol

Forgives them, because you always must be the bigger person.Correct symbol

Which do you think is the best way to solve a conflict?

Communication is always the best option to reach a good conclusion for both sides.Correct symbol

Concede. Conflicts are never worth it, so throwing in the towel to make it stop is better.Correct symbol

The conflict will only stop when one of you gives up, but you will never do that.Correct symbol

Just pretend they don't exist the best you can.Correct symbol

Which of these Runeterra regions would you pick to live? In case you don't know them, choose a type of place.

Ionia (strong connection to nature and energies)Correct symbol

Demacia (kingdom focused in hierarchy and with no rights to magic)Correct symbol

Piltover/Zaun (steampunk setting where social classes are separated in two different regions)Correct symbol

Noxus (dominant region, which has for objective showing off power and conquering as much as they can)Correct symbol

Which of these Riot games is your favorite? In case you don't play any of them chose what type of game is your favorite.

Legends of Runeterra (Card Game)Correct symbol

League of Legends (MOBA)Correct symbol

Teamfight tatics (Auto Chess)Correct symbol

Wild Rift (Mobile)Correct symbol