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About Standard Maokai // Nautilus

Belonging to the metagame from Standard, Maokai // Nautilus is a deck with the following key cards: Deadbloom Wanderer, Watery Grave, Undergrowth, Sea Scarab, Jettison, Dreg Dredgers, Maokai, Nautilus, Devourer of the Depths, with an overall win percentage of 83.3% in 6 games in the last 6 months. . In recent appearances CaricaOficial#1146 made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 334 - 4.600 Moedas and LTS iKitsu#LTS made 3V-1L at Runeterra Royale 315 - 4.600 Moedas.

Main Deck cards Maokai // Nautilus


The "Maokai // Nautilus" deck in Legends of Runeterra is a deep-sea themed deck that focuses on controlling the board, milling cards from the opponent's deck, and summoning powerful sea monsters. **Strategy:** The main strategy of the deck is to use cards like Dreg Dredgers, Deadbloom Wanderer, Salvage, and Jettison to mill cards from your deck and level up Maokai. Once Maokai levels up, he can obliterate the opponent's deck, putting them at a significant disadvantage. Nautilus serves as a late-game bomb, summoning powerful sea monsters like Devourer of the Depths and Abyssal Eye to overwhelm the opponent. **Good Points:** - Strong control elements with cards like Vengeance and The Ruination. - Powerful late-game potential with Nautilus and sea monsters. - Maokai's ability to disrupt the opponent's strategy by milling their deck. **Bad Points:** - Relies heavily on a specific combo (leveling up Maokai) to reach full potential. - Can struggle against aggressive decks that can rush it down before it sets up. - Dependency on drawing key cards for the strategy to work effectively. Overall, the "Maokai // Nautilus" deck can be a fun and rewarding deck to play, especially for control-oriented players who enjoy a more strategic and long-term game plan. It requires careful planning and resource management to execute its win condition effectively.

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