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Heart of the Huntress' First Runeterra Open: All 3 Winner Lineups!

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The first Runeterra Open in the Heart of the Huntress season happened last weekend, July 15th and 16th. Take a look at the winning lineups from all three servers!

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Though the meta might have seemed mostly resolved in the week before the first Runeterra Open of the Heart of the Huntress season, a few decks came up just two days before the big tournament to make it even harder for competitive players to get a grip on the situation.

Siren Song was the #1 most played card, with several different decks counting on the +1/+1 markers strategy to beat their opponents. A few different variations which sprouted just before the tournament include the Champions' Strength variation; Other staples with the song were further refined and adapted in the hands of all players who brought it to the tournament.


Without further ado, these were the 3 winning lineups for all 3 Runeterra Opens held this weekend (one for each server):


The winner of the APAC Open was 놈는리걸암! Congratulations!

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The winner of the EMEA Open was ragnarosich! Congratulations!

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The winner of the Americas Open was iannogueira! Congratulations!

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Next Scheduled Open Tournament

The next Runeterra Open will be held on August 5th and 6th, and will be a World Qualifier Event, which means the tournament will guarantee spots directly into the World Championship, which is set to happen in December 2023 on an unannounced date.

With a big balance patch coming this week, mid-July, players hope the meta game will be changed and refreshed, to clean out the aftertaste created by Siren Song, Karma Sett, and other dominant decks.

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