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Deck Guide: Vayne Rumble, making a blast with Mecha-Yordles!

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The greatest Mecha-Yordle in Runeterra comes along to make a blast with Vayne's and Equipment's help! Come get to know a bit about this deck!

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Vayne came in strong to Runeterra, but we didn't know she would have so many interactions with so many different champions.

As she brings excellent support tools, Vayne brought Rumble back into the meta in an aggressive deck, and to top it off, weapons that abuse Overwhelm and Impact also came alongside her to help him.

Rumble finally found his home

Rumble was released in the game for some time, but he never found its home in particular, as Noxus has always had more interesting champions compared to him. However, some interactions that Vayne introduced opened up space for him to have a moment of popularity.


General View of the Deck

We want our champions at any cost to be summoned and stay on board, so it is very important to find Vayne early on. With her created card Tumble, we have some interactions with the weapons created by Ionian Hookmaster, and in the middle turns we can summon Rumble and force out multiple attacks that most times will be the potential finishing moves in your matches.

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He is an excellent unit and has many keywords when he is properly summoned on board, but his late presence on board made this card a little bit faded in matches that demand quicker actions. In the last few expansions, with the release of equipment, he got a little more space in the meta.

In many situations we will try to add keywords to this champion, mostly given to him with weapons with Overwhelm or Scout, which make his participation in combat more impactful.


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Here she has a role centered around supporting her allies. In this strategy we want to summon her on board as quickly as possible so she can enable Rumble to attack more.

By summoning Vayne early, we can enable Tumble with a lower cost for the moment Rumble needs to attack.

In her level up, we enable even more attacks, now costing zero, which allows for Rumble to put on a lot of pressure on the enemy board.


In the first few rounds we will try to find Blade Squire, Rune Squire or Runeweaver, which create excellent spells to help increase the damage output in offensive turns and can also be used as discard fodder to summon Rumble.

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Fallen Rider might come into the board as a good offensive unit due to the Fearsome keyword, but it can also be a discard target to create Risen Rider.

If all these are missing, we can use Fleetfeather Tracker or Petricite Broadwing in the first few turns to remove some enemy units that can put in risk some of our more important units, such as Vayne.

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Ionian Hookmaster will have a vital role to create weapons during the match and it will be important to summon her on board to put some pressure on your opponent and enable some weapons to Rumble in case you don't have the other equipment in your deck.

As for Ruined Reckoner, it will get in later in the match, as it is important to put more pressure on the enemy board or propose a lethal attack finish.

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Spells and Equipment

It's always good to keep Great Hammers in your initial hand to guarantee it is available for Rumble to equip and become even scarier.

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Single Combat comes in to remove some problematic enemy units. Legionary Charge will be of great importance for those times Rumble is shy and takes a while to get to your hand, as it forces his draw due to him being the only 5 power unit in your deck.


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Cataclysm and Golden Aegis will serve to force out trades with Rumble, many times being used in defensive turns, and, when the damage is not enough, Whirling Death will help guarantee a favorable trade.

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Mulligan and Play style

This deck doesn't require such an aggressive stance early on, but it is nice to pave the way for when Rumble arrives. It is important to summon Vayne quite early, as Tumble will enable more attacks when the Yordle comes along, and the Reforge cards are a nice substitute until he does. Units with Reforge are also very important units at those times as they create buff tools for units that will come on board later.

After Rumble attacks twice, usually he will level up, and become a powerful damage engine, very hard to ignore. The cards created by Reforge will help make him even stronger, either with Overwhelm or more power points.

Once on board and proposing one or more attacks each turn, with a lot of pressure put on, we will reduce the enemy Nexus points with Rumble attacks that are each time more aggressive and bigger in damage output.

Favorable Matchups

Viktor Seraphine

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Though it is a deck with a lot of removal spells, Viktor ends up being a bit too slow to deal with the frenzied attacks that Rumble proposes, and thus leaves a lot to ask for when we compare it with other strategies that have Seraphine.

Twisted Fate Swain

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Another deck that can suffer a lot against our strategy, as Rumble can be quite aggressive to the fragile aggressive enemy board that Twisted Fate/Swain constructs. In many matches Swain won't even have time to be summoned on board to represent any danger.

Unfavorable Matchups

Ezreal Seraphine

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A definitely strong deck that has just a few counters as of now.

There are many removal tools in this deck and it creates a lot more value than our deck in the time frame that we usually have to finish matches.

Zed Vayne

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A deck that draws out a lot of value from Zed's attacks with Tumble, which at long term might become hard to deal with.

As it brings Ionia in its strategy, this deck has a lot of tools to protect and deny our answers when we try to deal effectively with the offensive units on board.

Card Swap

We can remove some lower cost units, to add in the spell Whispered Words, which speeds up the draw of units for those critical moments in the game.

Final Thoughts

It is a more aggressive deck, but this time it brings a champion that never really had much space to shine, and when accompanied by Vayne, he can get a spot in and really come into his own with his keywords, as he deals massive damage to the enemy Nexus with his equipment and spells that make him even more powerful.

Hope you like this article! Any questions, I'll be at your disposal in the comment section. See you next time!