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10 new decks with Beyond the Bandlewood's Champions

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The metagame after "Beyond the Bandlewood" hasn't been stabilized yet, so this is the best time for you to try out new decks. We've brought you some brand-new lists!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Recently, Legends of Runeterra received the “Beyond the Bandlewood” expansion, which features around 130 new cards, bringing with it new decks and mechanics. We've separated 10 new lists for you to venture into the new cards and have fun.

In case you're not too savvy with archetypes, we have prepared in this articlelink outside website a brief explanation, so you don't get lost in some of our descriptions.

Let's check out the new lists:


Tristana/Teemo - The Bandle Tree

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The first deck is to take advantage of those Tristanas that are available in the expansion pass.

The deck aims to win with the monument, The Bandle Tree. With the help of the evolved Tristana and low-cost units, you should delay the game as much as possible until you can win by completing the Monument by summoning creatures from the 10 regions.

Draven/Sion Discard

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Previously we were used to discard being a theme for aggro deck, but with Sion's inclusion, we now have a discard-oriented midrange deck.

With the new cards, the interaction with the "discard" now generates more value for the hand and for the board, making the game last longer.

Sion is usually used as a finisher on this deck, and because of its high mana cost, the deck needs to stretch the game, which it can consistently do.


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This is a combo deck, where the main cards are Nami and Fleet Admiral Shelly because they buff other allies on the field depending on how many spells you play.

The objective is to have a board with enough units, mainly elusive, to use several spells to buff the allies and thus end the game with an overwhelming attack (and often, impossible to be blocked).


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Here the goal is to have a great board. The deck features cheap units that grow with the aid of Lulu and attacks from Poppy.

It is a midrange that has more than one method of "mobilizing" to buff allied units multiple times and empty the enemy board until it takes you to victory.


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A monument-focused midrange deck. Due to the large number of monuments it takes/generates, it is possible to evolve Ziggs and Talyah relatively quickly, consequently having certain damage to the nexus guaranteed in attacks.

The Arsenal is a card is of utmost importance here, as he manages to come into play with enough keywords to become a finisher if necessary.


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In this control deck, the objective is to hold the game long enough until Veigar is evolved and Darkness has a large damage boost so that you can end the game using the spell multiple times targeting the opponent's nexus.

Senna assists in this evolution with the constant creation of Darkness and the fact that she can turn it into fast speed.


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It doesn't differ from the mechanics that Teemo and Ezreal already had. Here the objective is to undermine the opponent's life with mushrooms.

With the addition of Caitlyn, it has some damage to the board at random due to the Flash Bomb it generates on the enemy deck. But since the enemy must draw cards for this, you must make them do so with the monument Hexcore Foundry.

Senna/Ezreal - Go Hard

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This is a control deck, where the main objective is to use the Senna to use Go Hard/Pack Your Bags at fast speed, making it easier to win the game, but it has several winconditions if you level up Ezreal, for example.


It has several spells that help in leveling up your champions and in removing the enemy's board.

Fizz/Poppy - The Bandle Tree

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Here the objective is to hold the game long enough to win with the monument The Bandle Tree, because of that, it's a midrange deck.

It has several low-cost units to facilitate building up the board, and Poppy to buff the units and help them stay in the game.


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With the gameplay very similar to the Fizz/Twiste Fate deck, its key card is the Mind Meld, and winning with elusive.

The difference is that, while in the past Twisted Fate had the possibility of eliminating the enemy board, with Nami on the field, this deck has the objective of buffing allies to have the strongest possible attack.


These are some new decks for you to enjoy at Legends of Runeterralink outside website. Remember that you can also create fresh lists and new deck ideas, don't get caught up in its metagame and have fun!

Any questions, I'm available in the comments!